August 31, 2009

"That was plums!"

Where to even start?!
It has been quite awhile since I have blogged.
Last week at this time I would have been (well, working) but looking forward to seeing
Modest Mouse.

It seems like one thousand things have happened since then. I suppose that is pretty accurate.

The highlight would have to be the wonderful weekend I spent in the city.
I got whisked away to the W on Lake Shore Drive!
What a unique and fun experience.
I have never done anything like that.

The weekend included some of my favorites!

1) Spiaggia. Two words. Damn Delicious.
3) Lake Shore walking. Especially because on Sunday the waters were quite rough!
4) Room service!
5) A lot of good laughs
6) Fantastic room view (31'st floor overlooking the lake)


It was something to gush about that is for sure! It was hard to snap back to reality today and drag myself to classes at 9am this morning. My classes really do seem like a joke.

I say this because they are 50 minutes long. If there is any form of discussion, what we actually need to learn gets pushed off. I also hate that I ordered my books online because I really need them and feel mentally unprepared for a class unless they are in my possession.

You know what I do not get? Why people buy books aware of the fact they are not going to read them. I also do not get why people sign up for classes if they are just going to sit and text or walk in 20 minutes late to class. I try and make the most out of it. I feel good about that atleast. Anywho, I just hope my books get here soon!

I am exhausted! Hopefully I can squeeze in a quick skate tomorrow and head to work at two. I am excited to get back to decorating :) It seems like it has been forever!

Have a wonderful week! Hope you have something exciting planned!

August 26, 2009

You should be more Modest, Mouse!

A good amount has already happened to me this week.
This is not a bad thing I suppose. I like having a set schedule and something to do each day.
Note; I will regret saying this I'm sure at some point during the semester.

Let's delve into the early part of the week:

Monday: I started classes. I normally am really excited for school to start, but I was just not really in that mode of thinking. I will get acclimated and things will work out fine. I am taking five classes this semester, but only have four classes on Mondays and Fridays and five on Wednesdays. They are short and sweet so that is a huge perk, plus they all mildly fascinate me--the subjects that is. I can dig history, especially stuff I can remember or things I know a good deal about already. Nutrition? Of course, that's right up my alley. Ethics, business math, geography--all applicable things. I also am glad that I am out early. After school, I headed to work where I unexpectadly got out at twelve twenty a.m. That turned into a late night, but I'm glad I worked the long hours. I need the dough.

Tuesday: A day off. A day to really do nothing, except Modest Mouse at night. So I slept in a little bit, headed to the mall, scoped out an outfit, and headed back home to get ready for the show. I did so, got scooped up, and headed to the city. We arrived midway through the opening band which was a smart move. I never feel compelled to see first act unless I know it's going to be really worth it. We had a few drinks and found a good spot on the floor. The show was REALLY good. I was really happy with it. I was not a huge Modest Mouse fan a few weeks ago, I will be honest. I was asked to go to the show and I really wanted to check it out. I am really glad I did. I also am glad that I listened to a good deal of Modest Mouse a few days before the show to prepare myself. I like to atleast be exposed to an album or two than going and not knowing what to expect. It was a wonderful night and I would see them again if they came around :)

Today: Goodness. Up at 7:10, classes from 9-1, Whole Foods lunch, nutrition class, home, ballet, home, long walk. Ballet takes it out of me. I practically releve'd for forty five minutes. Poor legs. Oh well, it's worth it in the end. I am exhausted. I am pretty determined to get some good stuff done for classes. So hopefully I can utilize tonight.

I have an odd desire/craving right now for cheesecake-a good solid cheesecake. YUM! I haven't had good cheesecake in awhile--maybe years! Or a orange vanilla smoothie kind of thing. Good thing we have oranges and Vanilla ice cream! Bonus! Because it's just the worst when you want it and it's not readily available. I guess that will be the easiest craving of the two to cure.

OOOO! Tropical Storm Danny? A little tropical action and the weather channel is on that and only that until it disapates. This seems to be a quick one though. It might not even organize properly, but if it does it will definately affect the states. It might either way. I love tracking these things, seeing the impacts along the way. It's just interesting how weather moves in such large systems and how one system can cause so much destruction. Storms are beautiful and devestating. Anywho!

I should get some work done. Have a great night and enjoy the week!!


August 21, 2009

Tropical meteorology;You're great!

Looks like it's that time again.
Yep. That time.
The time where I start kind of freaking out about school.
Summer is over.
School starts the twenty fourth.
I am normally a really relaxed person, but school stresses me out.
I really want to get A's.
Math alone. Scares me senseless.
Good God. Who are they kidding?!

I will admit I am mathematically INEPT. I cannot comprehend math. I like geometry, but that's shapes and shapes are everything we see. Geometry is way easier for me to conceptualize. Algebra? x-y? WHAT? When counting, my fingers are a necessity. How sad. I wish I were a math phenomenon.

However, I'm right brained. Give me an open stage, a spotlight, and some music or lines.
I'm too energetic for things like math. It's just how it goes. BUT I WILL TRY!

I have some other courses I am anticipating besides my Business math (which really should be a snap).
1) Ethics. BONUS. Bring on the debates.
2) History in depth from 1945 to present.
3) Cultural Geography
4) Nutrition for food professionals.

I'm looking forward to it I guess. I have to get some notebooks and pens/pencils. I am a little disappointed. See, I really wanted 2009 to be the year of the pencil. I came across these AWESOME glitter pencils (see here)

So I buy these pencils and I declare "Hey, everyone! It's the year of the pencil!". I ditched the notion of my previous mechanical pencil adoration and love for ink and moved on to the trusty pencil. Yeah, so NONE of the pencil sharpeners at C.O.D. work. Really?! The toilets flush on their own but you cannot install adequate sharpeners?! Weak Sauce. New pens and pencils are to be bought very soon.

So I have completely ignored my Phish concert experience.
IT WAS PHENOMENAL. This was a great show. It was Tuesday Aug. 11.
I know awhile ago, but I feel it definately deserves a little recognition.


I: Kill Devil Falls, Sample in a Jar, Ocelot, Paul and Silas, Windy City, The Curtain With, Train Song, Gumbo, Heavy Things, Time Turns Elastic
II: Backwards Down The Number Line> Carini, Gotta Jibboo, Theme from the Bottom, Wilson, Also Sprach Zarathustra> Chalkdust Torture, Harry Hood, The Squirming Coil
E: Loving Cup

This show was packed full of great songs and the crowd was a great one. They were in a jammin mood for sure and they played some great songs. WILSON! I cannot even believe they played it! Loving Cup too, WOW! Harry Hood! GOTTA JIBBOO! HEAVY THINGS! AH! I get so excited just thinking about it (I am sure you noticed). We were in Toyota Park and since it's a soccer field, we opted to buy seats because the floor would all be level, we wanted to really see the show. This was a GREAT move. We were able to have an angle view down onto the field and see all the activity. The whole field was covered and all the seats were filled and it was a perfect night. We were really lucky! During a piano solo everyone had the lighter flick goin and to look down at the crowd and see all the lighters and glowsticks in the air, I love seeing music bring people together and how it makes you feel so powerful and part of something. It was such a wonderful evening.

Wow. What an all over the place post. Sorry about the un-organized thoughts. But if our thoughts were all organized then what's the point of blogging? So all in all' I love Phish, I am nervous/anxious about school starting again, and I thought I loved glitter pencils but sharpeners hate me.

Enjoy the weekend!
Hope classes don't start just yet for you & you can still enjoy more summer freedom!


August 18, 2009

these are my twisted words.

It has been too long.
What happened to my determination to type out my thoughts 3 or more times a week?
I don't know where that determination went, but it's starting to tap on my shoulder again.

Today is a day for all times. A real summer day. I just put Quadrophenia on.
See what I mean?

All I can really say is that A LOT has happened to me in the past week. A rather whimsical situation if we are finding words for it. I am not sure if whimsical is the right word, but the word brings to mind magical little things, a serendipitous occurance, or something you would find in a Disney movie. Where all is happy, bright, right, and sing-songy. So whimsical it is. Things have made their shift and I feel everything that happened is for the best. I am more than content.

I am truly living in a movie.
The script is all made up as we go...
but everything seems to flow so well as if it were strategically pieced together by the best writers & directors.

I have heard it all before, but I haven't felt it all before.
It was so easy to decide yet so hard to be sure.
I feel good. I will trust my instincts.

Places I have been in the past two weeks: (including pics from N. carolina)

three. for my beloved tea I feel that this deserves a few words. I am so glad that I finally went here. I love their tea. It's really unique and all of them are delicious. I have only ordered online from them before but I am glad I actually made an in-person visit. That way you are able to smell the tea and have it all right away without shipping and handling.

North Carolina:

A random hike we took. Near the Indian Reservation in that area about an hour from Hendersonville
This was taken in Greenville, South Carolina.
The waterfall was in the middle of town.

Under the waterfall
Overlooking the waterfall

Coyote Ugly!

Updrafts were a big part of my trip.

Those are the ones worth seeing, I suppose.

I'm glad I took a long walk today to soak up a few rays today.
I'm off to enjoy the rest of my day.
I hope you enjoy yours too!

August 11, 2009

accidents waiting to happen.

Summing it all up...
(N. Carolina trip minus pictures.)

Wow. I feel like I need to update--finally. It's been too long. So last week was spent in North Carolina. Meredith and I took off in her '93 black accord with no A/C to North Carolina. Minimal stops were made. 1 stop for gas and we ate across the street at Steak 'N Shake. We ended up getting to our destination (her house in the Smokey's) around 10:30 pm. It was very odd because I felt like I knew this place so well. There was no fault in my memory of what the whole town/area looked like. I enjoyed the trip so much last year. I was excited just to return to the place that was so perfectly imprinted in my mind.

I was dying to get out of my town, get a change of pace, some new scenery for awhile. I think that this trip was a little different this year because last year it was all so new to me. I had never stayed up in the mountains or really even gone up in any mountain ranges--ever. I was enthralled with all the trees that grow so sneaky from the rocks that are pushed up high over the ground, the trails that weave so nicely through the woods, and the open land that graced the surrounding town. I was also happier last year. Happier in the sense that I was refreshed from returning from Malta & Germany. I was so in awe with new experiences and new territory. I wanted to explore it all. When I had a chance to go to North Carolina last year to stay in the Smokey's, I couldn't wait to see what lingered there for me. This year has been very redundant, not just on this trip, but this summer. Given, I fill my time with things I enjoy, it's just the same things I enjoy--all the time. This strips the fun away. All in all, second times around fall short to the first times. But of course, there were some great times on this trip. Some highlights...

Meredith and I headed to Asheville for a day, ate at the amazing Mellow Mushroom Pizza, and visited shop after shop of funky clothes, handmade accesories, decor, and unique shoes. I love the surrounding of Asheville. Very laid back/hippy-esque. Good, Good.

Of course we found the hookah bar in town. We got acquainted with the owner and enjoyed the space of the place. It was a really nice hookah bar. I have been in some nice hookah bars, but some of them are more dim, music blasting, black furniture, etc. This was different because the decor was all different but went together so well. On every table were conversation/coffee table books and games to play while you enjoyed the smoke. It was very well ran. We made two stops there on the trip.

Eating at a lil place called The Purple Onion. Meredith and I came across this because I wanted to go out to eat and get a Greek Salad somewhere and she searched food places in the area on her GPS. We were curious to see what kind of food they served so we called and found out they were a Mediterranean Cuisine. PERFECT. It was such a nice little place, great art on the walls from local artists, and they had a great staff of people.

We saw Funny People. It was enjoyable. Very long, but good. We spent a good amount of time in Wal-Mart, just to pass time. Another thing about this year was that it seemed like last year we stayed in more, had more things planned with her family, and didn't spend nearly as much dough. This year was mostly Mere and I getting away for awhile to explore towns around and new scenery. We hiked so many of the surrounding trails last year that we just kind of wanted to avoid it and go out more. We skipped across the border and into South Carolina for an afternoon. We went to Greenville and spent time in the downtown area. Very beautiful, especially the waterfall that is in the middle of town. It's gorgeous. The shops in the downtown area are all very unique and the restaurants looked amazing. I would go back.

On the way back we decided to stay in Nashville for the night with her sister. I've been to Nashville before but haven't realy explored the downtown area. Let me tell you now; I hate country music. I think it is awful. So going to downtown Nashville was interesting, but a good experience overall. One of my favorite parts of the trip?? DANCING ON THE BAR IN COYOTE UGLY! Loved it. Love performing/entertaining. If I would have known I was going to danced I would have dressed up better and brought my cowboy boots. Oh well, such is life. Spur of the moment is better.

A good trip overall. I enjoyed myself and it was good to get away. I need a change of pace once in awhile. However it is good to be back. Work resumed today and it went really well. Tomorrow is ballet and Phish! I am very excited! I just hope the rain stays away!

Have a Great day!


August 1, 2009


North Carolina calls!

I am so excited!
I will be leaving tomorrow morning for North Carolina for one week.
Road tripping with one of my best friends, Meredith, to stay at her house there.
I am so excited to get away and be some place so different from here.
My whole mindset changes.
Thank God.
I need a change of pace.

pics from last year:

View from the Harner's porch.

Waterfalls we went hiking to. I hiked up there!

see here.

Fair Oaks Farm on the way!
Hope all goes as planned!

Have a great week everyone!