September 30, 2009

Vogue. Absolutely Positively.

The other day my friend Meredith and I were hanging out.
She said to me "You need to update your blog more!"
Meredith; this one is for you.

Things have been great since the last time I posted;

Work has been going well. I feel really lucky that the environment is so great. I feel that that the people that I work with have just the right personalities to all mesh together to compliment. I love how it's not all customer interaction so there is time for silliness between the decorating. The things we talk about, laugh about, and complain about are just hilarious. I think the fact that we rock out to 93.1 (XRT) is just fantastic. I really don't have any complaints.

School School School! I am shocked! Well not really, but let me explain. When it comes to school there are two sides of me. There are the high school Tessa days where I did nothing and got the grades to prove it. Then there is College Tessa. College Tessa works hard for A's, most of the time gets them, and is always putting in at least 80% effort. WOAH. Talk about a huge change. So anywho; it's the last semester. I am excited for it to be done but I have a feeling I will go back in time and get a degree in something for baking or perhaps Broadcast Journalism (for meteorology). So since it's the last semester, I took fairly easy courses; variations of courses I had taken other times and did well in. So here I am in classes that are loaded with first year students. Gag me with a spoon! This makes class drag with stupid comments/questions or people that take forever to say what they are trying to say. It's easy; compose an answer, raise your hand, say it. Not hard--learn it. Besides the annoyance in the classroom, these classes are short and sweet but sometimes I find that even just a 50 minute class can drag. However, since this IS the last semester, I'm half in half out. Of course I'm going for good grades, but I'm just there for the paper at this point. Shockingly enough, I've been doing way better than I thought. I did well on a history exam, got an A on a math quiz, a B on a nutrition exam, and composed a 4 page essay very quickly and feel confident about it. THANK GOODNESS. So I'm shocked that I'm not doing so bad at all and I think I've got this college thing/what to study for all in working order. What a relief!

Eric and I spent another great weekend together. Kind of a low key weekend, but we did eat at some fantastic places and we went to the gym together. That was a fun experience! I haven't been to the gym since and perhaps before I wrote this very entry. It was good though. I always like a good workout and to do anything active. Again, after another great weekend it was time to snap back to reality and face the world of the upcoming week which so far has been good. Classes, work, skating, nothing outstanding. Although something out of the norm was that on Tuesday I decided to go skating at 7:45 a.m. I have not done a morning skate since I was about 10 years old. I used to go before school in the days of being a competitive skater. I got a good hour + 15 minute skate in. I am really glad I decided to go. Originally I was going to skip out because I had a dentist appt. at the normal time I skate. I needed to skate more than once a wee k though and it's such a good workout that it is a bummer to skip. But alas! Ballet was tonight. I had to miss last week due to the AMAZING Phoenix/Chairlift show Eric and I attended last Wednesday! The class went well this week. I really, really like it and feel like I have progressed. Unfortunately my lower back has been really hurting me these past few days :( It shall get better soon.

AHH! Fall temperatures are approaching! It is almost here people! I am nervous for it's arrival. Every year I am in TOTAL denial that it is going to get as cold as it gets every year. EVERY winter I say many, many times that "I HATE THIS PLACE! I AM MOVING OUT OF HERE!" Normally it's when I'm running to the car to avoid the frigid weather. I admire those warmer winter nights. Where it doesn't seem as cold and the sky appears to be and orange shade. I love walking around on those nights. Especially real late at night. I also adore that extra hour that creeps into our lives--the one that we welcome with open arms. I love to see the leaves change and fall from their beloved branches--where they hung out at all hours during the late spring and summer months, and just letting go so easily. I love wearing boots and some select fall pieces from the trusty wardrobe. I love the spirit of the holidays. It's already starting; Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are starting to be talked and thought about and I love the pre-holiday excitement, but when it's going on it just seems like too much. I don't have definite plans for Thanksgiving, but I hope I can get a few days off work :)

Wow; the night is young. Not even 11pm, but let me tell you, I am thinking about going to bed in about 15 minutes! How glorious that would be :)

These upcoming days are simple; skating and work tomorrow followed by a little studying hopefully, and Friday is class, straight to work, and then I'm being swept away again :) A new CURB is on Sunday! YAY!

Have a great rest of the week and weekend!

September 24, 2009

it's a meal in itself!

Anyone who watches CSI knows that you have to see it from the very start.
CSI is my current background noise/main focus when commercials aren't on.
I love this show, but ONLY Vegas. Miami does not do it for me, but I don't loathe it.
However, I disdain New York. I will never watch a CSI New York. Although I love this show, I will most likely never be watching SVU, NCIS, or any other thing that is like CSI. I just love it.

I naturally find myself going against mainstream. Music is really the only exception (some clothes/shoes of course). But most of the time if it's popular, then I immediately do not like it. Let's give a few examples of things that are just way to overdone for me to even bother to start to trying liking them now.

1) Twilight. Forget it. I don't care HOW good you tell me it is, I just have no desire to be a part of it. I am willing to pass it up for the sake of everyone being obsessed.

2) Harry Potter: Yeah, sorry. I hear these books are amazing, but lets get real, I'm not about to start settling in for a 6+ book series just because everybody else tells me "I just have to".

3) Peace Signs: This USED to be great--when no one wore them. Now you can't go anywhere without seeing peace signs all over it. They are all over every girls shirt, pants, jewelery. I'm just done with it. It doesn't work out to my advantage because I used to wear a ton of peace sign stuff. Now it's hyped up like crazy.

The list goes on, but you get the idea.

This week has been pretty good. There were a few (+) & (-) things.


1) Seeing Phoenix and Chairlift and front row last night! Eric and I saw them at the Aragon and it was such a GREAT show. It has been awhile since I've seen a show that great!

2) Having a good skate on Tuesday. It's important to me that I skate at least once a week, even though thats not nearly enough. I would like to be skating 3-4 days a week for at least 2 hours a day. Unfortunately, it's not possible at all with my schedule. My jumps are getting more height and spins are pretty good.

3) I purchased my favorite bread from the bakery today. It is scrumptious even though it's just normal white bread. They have such a variety though that I'm always tempted to get something like Apple Cinnamon or Strawberry Banana. Next time I will :)

4) Curb Your Enthusiasm premiere was on Sunday night. Eric and I went to his parents house to watch it. I love that show and I'm glad I have a new season to tune into every Sunday!

5) GOING TO HENRY'S HOTDOGS! So good. I've been going here for years and I love it. Eric and I went on a Sunday on a daytrip :)


1) I had to miss ballet. I love ballet and only have it one day a week. However, it was skipped to go to the Phoenix/Chairlift show. In retrospect, missing ballet was totally worth it. I will just have to practice more to try and makeup for it.

2) Classes. Enough said.

3) Only have one day of skating. Like I said, the more the better. The lack of working out kills me. I'm pretty active and eat pretty healthy, but still, I like a workout here and there to make me feel better. Especially skating.

4) Already having spent a lot of my paycheck. Of course $180 went to a bill and other things (food, unfortunately!) Oh well. I worked some good hours last week so that will make up for it!

Overall, the week was pretty good. Complaints are small and were overridden by better.
Classes, work, and weekend bliss starts tomorrow!

Cannot wait! Have a great one!


September 16, 2009

the best times happen while wearing red.

a neat music vid I found this morning ; enjoy!

Ballet starts in one hour.
Actually less than that--it starts in 57 minutes.
Here is me starting a blog post.

I've been caught up in habit. I do the same things over and over without intending to.
I try to do a lot all at once. My brain is scattered. It's okay--I'm happy as a person,
it's just my brain that's all over the place.

If I were able to get into my car, start it, get out of the driveway, pick out a CD, and put on sunglasses all at once we would be getting somewhere. Unfortunately that is not the case. I am so picky about my music that I will sacrifice promptness in order to have great tunes for the road.

Classes consumed my day today. They were kind of a snooze. I am glad I do not have work tonight because I need to get crackin on some readings. My classes are JUST starting to pick up. Unfortunately I've gotten in this nice little groove where I don't have a ton of work to do and can mostly just get by with little to no effort. I knew that would change soon. I just need to really start focusing and things should be fine.

On a completely different note; I am DREADING winter yet somewhere in me wants to welcome it with open arms. I think it will be a cheery winter. I am looking forward to Christmas and everything looking gorgeous outside after everything has been sprinkled with snow. I also am excited for my winter wardrobe. Not that it's anything snazzy, it's just a change of pace and I love pullin out the boots and sweaters. However, I will REALLY miss opening my windows to let the breeze pour in or taking long walks. That is what I will miss the most is my long walks. Maybe I will find the desire to bundle up and trudge in the cold, but probably not.

I don't really know why I posted. But yeah. YAY! Ballet soon!

check this out: kinda cool

September 15, 2009

"...with club sauce."

Another great weekend was had along with a good week.

Last week was pretty much the usual. Nothing too exciting happened.
The week ended with me having class all morning on Friday, going straight to work, and then going out afterwards. Eric and I grabbed a bite to eat and headed back to his place Friday night.

Saturday was great! I convinced him to go to Greek Islands with me. He had gotten really sick at the downtown location and I was so worried that I would talk it up to much and something would happen to make it a bad experience for him--(don't you just hate it when that happens?). However, instead of the bad happening, it was a great experience. I love that place and just knew that everyone that goes there just loves it. I haven't been going there since I was months old for nothing! After lunch, we decided to get some walk action in at Oakbrook Mall. We bopped around--not really shopping for anything in particular but of course we bought things--I must admit, some very wise purchases were made! No regrets on that end. After we left the mall 2 or so hours later, I had an odd desire to both play some mini golf and get some batting cage time in. So luckily we were able to find a place close to Oakbrook and did that for awhile. I guess you would be able to say we were the front runners in the Acura Championship for golf. It was rivals with the BMW Championship that goes on the same weekend... It was a good game for sure and it has been forever since I have done batting cages. I was glad we were able to get out and enjoy the sunshine on Saturday. Not too many gorgeous days left this summer! Gotta utilize!

Sunday was fantastic because we had all day plans in the city. Rodan--our new found breakfast place in the city would be our first stop. It was more like a brunch because we arrived in the city around 12:30. After breakfast we cruised over to the beach and had a few drinks at the restaurant there. There were so many sailboats on the lake and everything was so blue. I know it's silly, but everytime I'm on the lakefront, I can't help but think of it as a sea. It's really enjoyable and I love spending time down there. After our drinks we just walked along the lake and we had the idea to rent some bikes and see lakeshore that way. I had so much fun with that! I have never ridden a bike in such nice scenery! Normally I'm just going around my neighborhood which is always a snooze. It was such a great day out too. We got lucky with a beautiful weekend! It's funny how the mundane becomes so exciting when you are in a new and unfamiliar place. I ride my bike all the time, but change the background and it makes all the difference. After our bikeride we went across the street to make our 6:00 pm reservation forCafe Spiaggia. A few weeks ago we went to Spiaggia. The cafe is much more laid back, quicker, and very affordable. Spiaggia on the other hand is a 3+ hour meal, very classy, and not what you would call cheap. It was a nice change of pace. I am ABSOLUTELY in LOVE with the gnocchi they have with the wild boar ragu. I love everything about that dish. We both enjoyed dinner, spent a little more time together, and then it was time to head back to Naperville.

I didn't have to much going for today. I had classes in the morning and I knew the only big thing I had to do was get some laundry done and clean up my room a bit. I HATE doing laundry. I don't think anyone really likes it. I get irritated with myself when I see the stack just getting higher and higher and I just keep putting it off. It's not a good habit, but in the end, I get it all done. I like maintainence and efficiency. I also get irritated when these two things are not always going on. Oh well--it got done today!

Tomorrow is work--yay! When I have a few days off, I really enjoy going back. I also get to skate tomorrow which will be good! I am exhausted right now . It's been a busy weekend. I'll leave you with a picture from Sunday :) See what I mean about how blue it is?!

Have a good week!

September 8, 2009

"I think of having tea everytime I see the shoes too."

Hello there!

I am starting to forget what the weekends look like in Naperville. Trust me, I'm not complaining!
I spent this weekend in Indianapolis. Eric and I stayed at the Westin downtown.
For dinner was Capital Grille.
We were both expecting it to be better for its reputation it has of being a great place.
It was a good night overall though.
In the end we'll probably blame it all on Indianapolis and it's cluster of chain restaurants.
Ha ha. Poor Indianapolis--It hasn't been doing too well on the score card...

However, Greenfield, Indiana was quite the pleasant suburban area. Pretty Indiana. There we go! There was a suprise party for his cousin and that was a good time. It was nice to meet family, mingle, and see different faces. It was nice to spend a weekend away somewhere new too. Last weekend was Chicago, this weekend was Indianapolis, and we're still trying to muster up something for this weekend! I'm determined to pick out something fun to do because it's my turn to pick. EEK! Pressure, pressure! :)

So I've been dying to talk more about my adoration for tea. It has been increasing more and more. It's most likely because that visit I had to Tea Gschwendner got me all crazy hooked on seeing it and smelling it before I buy. It's also a huge perk not to have to pay shipping like I was when I was ordering offline. I've tried about 4 new teas in the past two weeks.

Anna's (a raspberry yogurt flavor)

I love getting people on the "tea train" too, as I like to call it. I think it's much easier to drink than water most of the time and with all the unique flavors I've been getting my hands on, I'm practically boiling a new pot of water every hour when I'm home. I think I should wait awhile before I head over to Teavana or Tea Gschwendner anytime soon considering I have about 6 tins of tea in my cabinet...not a bad thing!

I am also an official member of the American Meteorology Society; the student chapter. Today was our first meeting. There is a symposium coming up in November--a 3 day event. I really want to go but I just am not sure if I could get work off and it's kind of pricy. However, it's all related to severe weather so I think I would really dig it. We will have to see. If I request off now, i might be a lucky duck and get the time off. I bought a new radar (RADAR SCOPE) application for my phone. That makes 6 weather apps. It's making life a little easier. I was always wanting radar on my phone, especially with base velocity. Good stuff!

This week brings the usual; classes, ballet, skating, and work.
Ballet and skating are both going pretty well. I'm happy with ballet especially. I have really fallen in love with it. I love the movement and how tough it is and how much strength it requires, but how beautiful it looks. I am going to start going to a school for it and take longer classes. I have ballet tomorrow night. I skated this morning though for an hour and a half. I guess it went pretty well. My jumps were really good today and my spins were just okay today. I'm focusing a lot more on edge work these days. I feel that if I rely more on my edge and learn how to use them more efficiently then I would be able to make things more sharp and consise with elements. I want to get into ice dancing. Take a look at some good ice dancing HERE. Impressive stuff, folks!

I'll anticipate the weekend for a nice break from the usual! Have a great night!