November 29, 2009

No turkey on turkeyday! :)

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

I did. It was exactly what I wanted--Intimate with a splash of loudness & memories.
Eric and I had dinner at this parents and it was great because
most of the dishes were vegetarian.
This made things easy. I hate making a fuss.
It's a big bonus when it's accommodated for, especially on a big food day like Thanksgiving.
It was odd--my parents didn't do anything fancy for Thanksgiving.
It was the first year there was nothing planned.
So after we had dinner we scooped up Meredith and headed over to one of our
best friends houses.
We hadn't seen Erin in a good 2+ years. We had great catchup time & got a lot of laughs.
Her whole family was there so it was buzzing with a good holiday spirit.
(Which I'm a huge fan of)
I've been close to that family for a long time & it's always good to see them.
I am also glad I brought Eric over (and I'm grateful that he came with!)
It's important to me for him to know my friends.
I know that's a tad annoying, but different friends bring out different sides.
I guess its like he meets my friends and a different side of me.
That's not so bad.

So basically leading up to and after all this Thanksgiving hoopla we just took it easy.
Eric got an Xbox which allocated a large amount of time in front of the TV.

I really had no complaints about this. The thing that sucks is that I suck at this game.
I'm getting better though, I have to admit.
But I have a long way to go on this. The most I could get out of 50 was 30 something.
OH well. We also played some Puzzle Fighter HD & some old school Paperboy.

We got Season 4 of How I Met Your Mother.
Someone told me this is our generation of 'Friends'.
It is and I really like it. We watched a lot of it.
New episode on tomorrow :)

Gosh what a relaxing week.
I do not want to go back to reality of school, work, and just daily life.
This past week was like a well needed vacation in a very familiar environment.
No doubt- it would have been GREAT to get away, but I needed the rest.
I was thankful for the similarity. No one likes to be sick someplace new.
Right?? I just like being in the comfort of things I know when my heads all iffy.

I made some good purchases. Friday I was feeling a tad bit better.
Eric and I slept in till 12:30pm and made fun of all the people who got up at 4 am.
We hate big crowds anywhere.
Let alone the thought of people trying to fight them at crazy hours in the morning.
You know I used to be able to get right up at all hours of the morning.
Now I really enjoy getting up late.
Although the earlier you get up the more you accomplish.
I needed to make a trip to Oakbrook.
I didn't enjoy the thought of going to a huge shopping center on Black Friday but...
I was reading Allure the night before (ha ha rhyme!) ;) and...
I saw this beauty in an ad;

A huge makeup kit at Sephora for only $48. It's a "$400" value. I don't know if that is true..
but I can't see anyone plowing through this kit immediately
...unless you do makeup for a living.
It includes eyeshadow, lip gloss, blush, lip liner, eye liner, and brushes.
It's just too good. Plus it's all organized in perfect little color families.
Makes it easier for blending.
It feels like I'm a 2 year old that got a makeup kit.
I'm so excited about it and just want to use everything.
Don't worry--I don't think it looks like a 2 year old applied it ;)
I always liked unique eye makeup
this gives me the perfect excuse to do it more often.
This thing is so cheap! Get it if you have the spare cash!

I also made a stop into Lush where I got
I'm always curious about moisturizer.
I never use it but I always feel like my skin could be better.
However--I breakout easily when it comes to face products.
This is made with lavender, orange flowers, and tiger lilies.
Among other things...
All natural things get me going. Plus it's not tested on animals.
I like how soft my skin is, but am not sure how the pores are taking to it.
A few more days shall reveal its true self.
Although I am dying to get back to lush to get this;
The best hand cream ever.

Unfortunately I have to get back to real life.
School tomorrow. I do not think I have work.
I hope I do not have it.
However, I look forward to going back Tuesday.
I just have a lot I want to do tomorrow.
Sorry for the long post.
I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing week and Thanksgiving!

November 24, 2009

"I tremble...they're gonna eat me alive"

South Carolina, we shall be seeing you in times of health.

The trip we were both anticipating got cut due to my diagnosis of Acute Bronchitis.
Okay, okay, I guess I can't hate on all those sick people schlumping around getting
the mainstream sick.
Well, actually I CAN hate on them because it's just plain rude.
But I know I didn't "catch" bronchitis from any of you swine flu-ers/flu havers.
So I rest my case with that.

I NEVER make trips to the doctor.
As Eric jokes, I could be turning green and I would refuse to make a trip to their office.
However, I wanted to take every precaution especially if I knew we would be going on our trip.

If you even walk into a Dr. office with a cough or any flu symptoms;
this is required;

(warning; NOT A GLAMOUR SHOT!!!)

I think my eyes say it all.

Anywho, I cannot stand the whole process of a Doctors office.
First a really nice nurse comes in after 10-15 minutes of waiting, she takes my info, we chat.
Then I wait another 10-15 minutes and see a overworked doctor come in.
I tell her what's going on, see her for two seconds
and then I wait another 10 minutes for a nurse to come in.
Then I get a flu test.
I wait fifteen minutes for the results.
Then the doctor comes in, tells me what I have, writes a prescription, and leaves.

And people wonder why I avoid that shit at all costs.

So after giving Eric the news (we were both very relieved it wasn't the flu)
we tried to figure out what we were going to do.
Since it wasn't the flu, I would PROBABLY be okay in the car ride down to SC.
But after my temp still being high, my coughing persisting, my periods of hot and cold,
my body aching, he made the right choice, which was a bummer, but he cancelled the trip.
I was so disappointed because I knew how let down he would be.
He needed this trip more than I did. He was SO excited.
I love when he gets excited about things.
He went through so much work to plan it out.
But in the end we ultimately decided to make plans for sometime in late spring
at a time when we both had our health.
Luckily, the band we were so excited to see in Georgia (we were going to spend a night there)
is playing in Chicago at a really intimate Venue.
We were planning on seeing them twice,
but I snagged tickets last night so we could see them for their Chicago show.

After laying in bed all day and home alone, he came over with Popsicles,
a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, and some black licorice.
Also, he bought an X-box with a few awesome games so we could have something to do this week. We decided to just take it really easy this week and
I'm just going to kick it at his place since we both have no work
and I'm just bummin around anyways.
We are going to split Thanksgiving with both of our families instead
which will be good.

I am thankful for such a wonderful boyfriend who is extremely caring and understanding!
(sorry to gush, he has just done way too much for me for it to unnoticed!)

It definitely sucks being sick, but I need the rest.
Although I feel like crap, it feels REALLY good to just relax & watch some TV--
because it NEVER happens.
I hate just sitting around.
But in times of low health, I shall cherish it.
I am always on the go. And for now, I have to go get ready for the day.
Although it will pretty much be spent doing nothing, which I have no complaints about.
These little lungs need a rest!

If I don't post again, have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!

November 23, 2009

ranting and raving. (mostly ranting)

Does anyone know what time it is??
(resist the urge to say "TOOL TIME!")

I hate to do this, but I'm really upset and disappointed.
Why, you ask?

I have been drying to rid this horrendous feeling by downing a few shots of scotch by the hour.
This is out of being extremely desperate.
I have done EVERYTHING to prevent getting sick.
Washed my hands obsessively, especially before I eat, I take vitamins, I've been gurgling with Listerine, I brush my teeth, I drink a ton of tea and water, I eat healthy, I get adequate sleep...

Why maybe it is people ignoring their symptoms and heading to class, work, the gym, wherever.
I despise this. But in a sense I understand it. I think half of it is denial or ignorance.
But for all you College of DuPage students...hacking everywhere you go.
Sick joke.
But as I was talking to Elyse about this, she said that she only skipped class when she was REALLY sick. "Teachers are not understanding enough to it and sometimes missing a class because you're sick is not an option."
Unfortunately it is totally true. People take advantage of it. I never miss class. I have to have a really good reason. However, not going makes me look lazy and like I do not care about the course. (This is mostly true) but I have never let this get in my way.
I like to look attentive.

So here is me...feeling awful and about to head to class.
I have good reasons; I have to turn in my 8 pg term paper that heavily impacts my grade
and I'm also getting my math test back that I took last Wednesday. These are my first two periods and after those I am going to head home and chill out until work, yes, WORK.
I have never called off before. I don't know if I will.
But I feel like if I didn't I would be going against EVERYthing I cannot stand.
I would just be getting more sick in the process, and perhaps pass on these germs,
but I feel awful. I will give them a call soon.

This also does not help because I am expected to be seated in a car tomorrow night for 13 hours for the trip to Hilton Head, SC. I am not driving, but I don't think that will make it better.
I just cannot even believe it. I think I am going to go to the DR.

Okay, okay...
On another note. I don't think this is a rant, so you can relax.
I know you're probably either saying;
"stop bitching or I agree 100%"

So moving on to a subject I hair :)

So some of you may know that all I have wanted to do with my hair I say;
"Rapunzel that shit."
About three or four years ago, I cut my hair MEGA short courtesy of a razor blade.
see here;

my senior year of high school.

I enjoyed this short style for awhile.
Then it hit its awkward phase...

Then I started wanting long, long hair.
During my "awkward phase" I was around one of my best friends at the time...
she had super long hair and I always envied it.
Lets also mention how my hair seemed to grow SNAIL PACE.
After a bit of patience and years going by...flash forward to now.
These were taken last night.

[ keep in mind..the hair is the issue..not my no makeup face ;) ]

see, but since my hair is so thick, I'm constantly fooled by its length.
People with thin hair appear to have longer hair because it falls straight and flat. Mine is full of odd placed layers (done by me of course) and volume.
I am not complaining. It would just be nice to have it look as long as it really is.
I am excited for my hair because it's finally getting that that "long length".
I want it down to my waist. Seriously..think Rapunzel or Jasmine from Alladin.
I want to "wear my hair".
Hopefully summertime will be starring some long locks on my head.
I cannot wait!

So back to what I was saying..I'm going to be heading off to school any moment now.
gag me with a spoon, I feel awful.
but on the bright side..the Doctors office line just opened.


a sickly tessabee.

November 19, 2009

"Fashion! Turn to the left!"

"Hey guys, I think I've come to a conclusion. It's a big deal and I'm pretty excited about it" what I uttered at work the other day to the girls decorating around the table.
Elyse goes, "So..what is it?" I'm sure she thinks its something important.
Then slips from my lips...

"I'm going to subscribe to Vogue because, well, I've been a long time reader..."
Silly girl thinking it might have been important ;)
But I guess it is kind of important to me.
I don't know why I didn't get a subscription my freshman year of high school when I first started adoring the fashion filled frail pages of couture.
How could you go wrong?
I have loved Vogue for so long it's not even funny.
I used to love creating outfits trying to mimic what I would see between the covers.
Some say they are all ads. A lot of them are.
But they are beautiful and carry inspiration.

There are some issues I remember perfectly.
Like this one. March. The Power Issue.

It's mega huge and it's always in March--my birthday month! :)

There are some issues I could re-order so I could just cherish them.
Like this one with Natalie Portman on the cover
I think it was like..2003? I know I was a sophomore in High School.
This issue was the best ever. I think it was February (cant find the cover anywhere!)
It had the best layout featuring Natalie with to-die-for hair.
I was so tempted to go with that kind of look in high school.

Her ensembles where phenomenal.
It's nice to see her all spruced up because her roles tend to be plain jane-ish.
It is also way easier to like her even more because she is vegan/vegetarian :)
I really respect her work and it's good to see great people among Vogue's pages.
But a huge reason why I loved this issue so much is because the fashion spread was AMAZING.
It featured crazy patterned Haute Couture dresses.
I remember being IN LOVE with an Oscar De La Renta dress.
Of course, I don't know how to find it now. I like this new fall collection though.

I remember being absolutely in LOVE with fashion.
That desire to follow it again is creeping back up and tapping me on the shoulder :)

Yikes! So I had two exams today. Business Math & Nutrition.
I finished them both extremely fast and that makes me VERY worried.
I think I did well on nutrition (I'd hope, it's a big passion of mine)!
But math. Yeaaahhhh. I dunno.
I finished and then I looked back and its like I didn't even remember I did it.
It just all went down on that paper so quick.
I don't even know if I knew what I was doing, but I got an answer for everything so I cannot complain. I even looked over it and still finished second. That can be good...or very very bad!

People have been saying the best things lately.
I have awesome friends. Even if they are away at colleges and located all over the place.
Awesome message I got today from Danielle.
It brings me back to the good days of weather class;

Danielle Rachford:
TESSSAAAA i miss your tessa-ness
umm life is pretty fucking fantastic. no complaints really.
i think about you all the time too, i miss the shit out of you.
there is no one here that openly threatens their own lives for a good grade hahahaha.
also, i miss your need to become an assassin. these are the things i love about you.
not many women can hold a light to your tessaness. its an energy all its own.
i need some of it, can we get together sometime while im home next week?
i think a drink is in order.

I cannot wait until summer so I can hang out with everyone when they come home.
For now I'm excited to get out of here for awhile myself and head down to the beach!
There will be more where this came from; but located in a much warmer environment!

(two weeks ago in Lake Forest)

I'm exxxhausted. It's been a good day, but a long one!
Have a great night!


Song currently playing: Metric (Gold Guns Girls)

November 17, 2009

The weather channel says...

Wintertime requires a wardrobe.
& mine is getting there!...

Ah. Finally. Another shopping day.
& I got a purple clothing item which is just fantastic.
I've been trying to expand on my purple clothing and accessories.
I had to pay my Macy's bill & while I was in to do so...

Well, I decided to take advantage of the awesome sales going on right now.
Over the past few years I have been trying to establish a winter wardrobe. It has gone so poorly due to the fact that I always saw just long sleeves that I liked or T-shirts that were on sale.
Forget those days.
I have been so good about getting realistic winter clothes.
The ones that will actually keep me warm when it is 10 below zero.


Cute sweaters, great cardigans, and good long sleeve t shirts.
It's all very good. My winter wardrobe is now rockin!
The thing that I really like about Macy's is that they carry great colors & a wide variety of styles.
They also have really good sales and I always find something. It's all pretty basic.
I like basic clothing, but I also like some funky prints once in awhile.
I also enjoy the store because I like picking up things for Eric when I'm in there.
I got him a sweater today.
I love getting him little things here & there because he's always treating me to things (:


Hockey and their album Mind Chaos.
Ratatat and their album Classics.
The Flaming Lips and their newest Embryonic.

Tomorrow is skating! I am so excited.
(The same sweet pink blades I have. I love them!)

Now that competitive season is in full gear, it's great to get inspired every weekend.
I cannot wait to watch the Olympics!
I just wish I could skate more.
I miss the times where four times a week was alloted for skating.
Now it's narrowed down to two days. It's sad for sure.
I cannot wait for school to be done!
I am really trying to finish strong.
Classes are just starting to get interesting and I'm enjoying them.
Actually it's just History and Ethics I'm really enjoying right now.
I want a good GPA for my final semester.
I wish I had this motivation in high school, but my motivation comes & goes thats for sure.
I need it to remain a constant, I guess it just depends on what we're talking about.

Off to bed for me.
I'm so tired and need to catch up on my ZzZzZ's!
Have a wonderful night!
Stay healthy! :)


Song playing now: Imogen Heap (canvas)

November 15, 2009

" you can love me on the sly"


Another great weekend.

I had a great day at work on Saturday.
I guess we could talk about how much I'm really starting to love that job.
Sometimes the hours get really long, sometimes I hate the cookies, but most of the time..
It's awesome.
I literally get paid for doing something rad. I decorate cookies, people!
I sit around with some of the coolest people, laugh, and listen to tunes.
I feel really lucky. I really like what I do.

I also feel really lucky because I am with someone who is awesome in every sense.
I had another great weekend with Eric. It was pretty laid back. We need the rest.
We had a busy weekend last weekend and we will shortly be having another weekend;
driving to Hilton Head for Thanksgiving! How awesome! It will be a blast.
You know what road trips mean?!
...road trip playlists! :)
Two peas in a pod, I'm telling you.
We caught up on our CSI, Curb, & Always Sunny & we grabbed lunch out today.
All in all...
Very enjoyable weekend (:

Anywho, I made this good dish tonight for dinner and Eric loved it.
I will admit, it was pretty tasty. I'm just grateful he likes my cooking!
It was an Angel Hair pasta with basil, garlic, tomatoes, and fresh Parmesan.

Here's the recipe!
(I made small changes- but not many)
It is really simple but pretty tasty!
try it!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


song on right now: Phoenix (1901)

November 14, 2009

Tomorrow = sleeping in!

Wow. Lot's of work in the past few days.
I am so exhausted, but I'm about to leave for the rest of the weekend.
It should be a good one. They always are (:


. . .

November 11, 2009

Autumn has got me inspired!

What a lovely day.

Today was rather pleasant--as noted above.
I had my normal classes; Cultural Geography, Business Math, and History.
No ethics today. I found all my classes interesting today...

There was a solid debate in almost every single one. You know when you're well into the semester and there is suddenly that change in the room where people stop caring what people think and just start speaking up more because they are comfortable at this point? Yeah, well this is that time. I really enjoy it. I like when people have things to say and we can bounce thoughts and ideas off of each other and it becomes a student led discussion. If anything--that's what college should be about. Discussion with peers, because that's how its going to be in the real world. We need to learn how to respectfully discuss issues and inject our thoughts and opinions in others and learning how to do it effectively. Student led discussions should be encouraged in classrooms more often. Take charge in your classes people! :)

It was a great day outside and since Cady and I have history and ethics together (and ethics was cancelled), we decided to take a little trip to...


I am always picking up stuff there.
Especially through my vegan/vegetarian phases which I seem to be in right now.
[I can't really see eating meat any time soon though or even milk or other dairy products]
She had never been! I couldn't believe it. It is just down the road from our campus...

I love taking people there for their first times because it gives me such a fresh feeling being in there and I go there so often I can explain different products and give opinions on what to try. I really should go into nutrition, I just wish mathematics wasn't such a setback in everything scientific I want to do. I'd like to just learn more about it all as an interest. Anywho; I made a delicious vegan flat bread pizza today! The vegan cheese I bought is so delicious. I cannot even believe it. And trust me, I have had BAD vegan cheese. This stuff is great though; plain or melted. I've really just been trying to eat as vegan as I can. I don't know why, but it's extremely simple for me. However, I am not calling it my lifestyle. I really enjoy going out to dinner and frankly I've done "the vegan that loves to dine out" and let me tell you it is way too difficult. I much prefer to eat that way as often as I can and not include meat in anything I eat. I am just glad that Whole Foods has so many GREAT vegan/vegetarian products. A little pricey, but they are worth the $$$$!

I love this healthy kick that I'm in. I do feel so much better and I'm enjoying fruits and vegetables so much. They have so much more flavour and they seem to be more filling to me. This has been a good autumn ::knocking on wood!:: I feel really lucky. I think that I have been making some good decisions lately. I feel like I am really becoming healthy in more ways than one if that makes sense. I just feel mentally happy and I feel good physically. You really cannot go wrong with those two things in your grasp.

. . .

I am doing well in school, but I'm nervous for math as usual. I've been doing much better than I thought I would in some instances. I just really want to get a good grade and pass out of it. I loathe math and I just want to be done with school!

me doing my favorite spin--the hair cutter.

Skating went okay the other day. I am going again tomorrow. Eric is awesome and showed up unexpectedly to watch me skate on Tuesday. That meant a lot. I am so sore because I have been off the ice for awhile but I know once I get on the ice tomorrow my body won't even hurt. I love skating, I just with my technical ability was better.

However I am tired and will require a good amount of zzzzZZZZ's this evening
That is a fact.
Off I go!

Have a great night!


November 9, 2009

the weekend of weather and adoration.

Oh, I love you, Autumn!
-A picture from my walk today-

What a fantastic weekend! My weekend started Thursday morning.
I had my severe weather symposium. It was great!
So many big names in meteorology were there.
Josh Wurman was there which I was quite excited about.
He on the show Stormchasers on Discovery Channel.
Let it be noted he is the scientific brains of that show & an MIT genius.
I feel like I learned a lot.
Meteorology is such a difficult and conceptual science.
It's so mathematical and scientific and it has so many different aspects to grasp.
I should more so say that I was exposed to a lot.
Only taking one meteorology course doesn't get you far. AT ALL.
Which is all I've done in a classroom with it.
I shall love it from a distance.
Although, there IS that little spark that makes me want to go for it & push myself.
Yes--through the dreaded math & science. If only it were a more job dependent field.
What's up broadcast?!
I want to teach myself what I can though books & really dig into it all when I'm done with school.
for now I have decided that I cannot be graded on my passions.
I take it too personally.

Josh Wurman presenting on tornado structure and tornadogenesis.

Besides the weather symposium, I spent time with Eric Thursday-Sunday. I love our long weekends. I love any time we spend together in fact. I could never get sick of him. We crashed at Hotels this weekend. Embassy Suites on Thursday and Friday (my symposium was being held about a mile away from there). We headed down to Wheeling, IL to stay at the new Westin on Saturday afternoon after my symposium had ended. We wanted to see a movie that had very limited release. We had to travel to Highland Park for the small scale showing.

We made it happen and it was REALLY good. An Education was the name of the movie.
I loved so many things about it. After the movie we decided to go out for a bite.
We ended up going to Abigail's located in Highland Park as well.
It was phenomenal! Really unique dishes with great flavours and ingredients. Everything was pretty much locally brought in and it all had great quality.
It was more quaint and romantic like with a trendy feel. We both really enjoyed it and I highly recommend it!

*I have learned that if I really like something--I become a natural promoter for whatever it may be.

While staying at these hotels, Eric and I talked about our trip to Hilton Head Island coming up for Thanksgiving where we will be staying in a slew of hotels once again. I'm excited because I've never been there, but also because Eric is so revved for it. It's adorable. I love seeing him happy and him get excited about something. It will be my first Thanksgiving away and I'm looking forward to it! Especially when I'm escaping to a more beautiful location! (: We are road trippin' down there because flight fares are ridiculous. I'd prefer to drive though. It will be a great time!

So aside from our excitement banter, we went to Lake Forest and spent the day outside because it was absolutely gorgeous out (southerly flow and ridges!) We strolled around downtown and went to the lake front. Ah. I love large bodies of water. Even though it was just lake Michigan, I'm telling you, you feel like you are looking out to sea. After spending time around the beautiful scape, we headed back home and had dinner with my parents. I hate coming back to reality after such wonderful weekend getaways!

Picture from Sunday!

I hope everyone got off to a good start to the week! Tomorrow starts back skating again! I have been off for a few weeks (what seems like forever) because I punctured the top of my foot a few weekends ago. It was dreadful. But it's healing and I cannot withstand figure skating any longer. I must go tomorrow. I need to release emotions on the ice! Normally I am my best when I have a long break because I think about it more. My body is able to fully rest and I can apply what I've thought about over the break. We shall see!


November 3, 2009

Purple is the color of the season--EVERY SEASON.


It has been too long since I have last blogged.
There are many reasons for this, I suppose
first off, I'm totally playing up the excuse that I've been pretty busy.
With me not being home on weekends, taking five classes, and working 25+ hours a week, it gets tough to sit and blog when all I want to do it study or simply just relax instead of re-hashing various events that occurred over the weeks.

What to talk about?
I could talk about my feelings about going into the winter months
I could talk about the adoration I have for a few new apps.
I could talk about my choice to stop eating meat.

I guess I can roll these all up into one--I mean, it's not like anyone reads this thing! heh

First I will start off by saying I am enthusiastic about the winter months. At the same time I am dreading them. I love the way the snow rests on the limbs after a heavy system moves through. I love waking up and seeing things sparkle. I look forward to bundled winter walks and the refreshment of the cold air. Things that make me want to get out of here faster than a bullet are things such as remembering how long it takes my car to heat up and how my hands, even when placed in gloves, will be freezing while gripping the ice cold steering wheel. I will not look forward to shivering violently after walking from here to there in 10 degree weather. I also do not anticipate the constant thinking of "WHY THE HELL DO I LIVE HERE?!" I will never know. I hate the cold weather, but I adore a change in season and everything that goes along with it. Hopefully, just hopefully, my excitement for the winter spirit will ward off my feelings of disdain for the frigid. Unfortunately, I just do not see this happening.

Apps. Apps. Apps. Can you ever REALLY have too many? Well, yes, which is why I carry out my strict rule of deleting before adding. Its been working, but when you have so many applicable apps, deleting becomes a little emotional. iTouch/iPhone get me on this. I only wanted an iPhone in the beginning for its conversational texting layouts and the use of radar on the damn thing. After being surprised with receiving it, I have fallen in love with the device. So after going through that "app crazy" phase, you learn to dwindle it down to what is worth it. A few really neat ones I have come across have been

1) HELLO VINO: This one is so neat! It's so good if you're looking for new wines or into pairings. It has lists of reasons of why you will be purchasing wines, for dinner, occasions for gifts, for anything. You can punch in what kind of dinner you're going to have (pizza, pasta, salad, meat, whatever) and it will get a little more specific until it gives you a list of wines that would pair with your meal. It will give you three recommendations where when you click on them it will show you the label of the wine, the price, the year, and what flavours it has. It's remarkable and convenient for those Saturday nights staying in where all you need is some company , good cooking, and vino.

2) GRATITUDE: This app is adorable and it's such a great idea. It basically is just a little list page where you list five things throughout the day you are grateful for or good things that have happened to you. It allows you to rate the day and it saves them so you can go back and instead of reflecting on the bad, you can reflect on the good. It also is equipped with cute/spiritual little quotes to get you back up on your feet :)

3) GOOD GUIDE/VEGEBLOGS: Perfect for the activist, vegetarian, or vegan. Good guide categorizes various things (food, personal care, household cleaners, etc.) and it will tell you which products haven't been tested on animals, natural products, and environmentally safe. This is just useful and promotes a better choice, I suppose. Vegeblogs is neat because it is just a blog app that allows you to read blogs of vegetarians, vegans, and news regarding the issues. Very interesting and very.. Applicable if I do say so myself :)

Also check out; Urban Daddy, Awesome Facts, & Shazam if you have not already :)

Ah. Now on to the big one. A simple change driven by random force. I've cut meat out of my diet once again. Once again was really about two years ago when I went vegan for a very short period of time (2 months), but cut meat out of my diet for about 5. Now, back then I went vegan for the main purpose of cleaning out my body and it being healthier. Now the picture is a little different. I have never really thought meat was "healthy" for us. In fact I believe it really slows our system down and is just dirty. I mean, have you SEEN the way those animals look before they get slaughtered? It is just repulsive. Of course, notice how I'm not linking PETA videos like a nutcase here. I don't think that is what I'm trying to push. I am choosing not to eat meat for two reasons; because I don't believe its very healthy and also because of the mistreatment the animals undergo. But more specifically how run down, sore ridden, and sickly these animals are at time of kill. I'm not against animals being killed for meat, PER SAY. If you are a farmer and have fifteen cows grazing on open land, and he kills the cow, breeds two more, and then preps meat for his family, that is one thing. But mass breeding lil moo cows and piggies so we can torture them like crazy and then kill em to fill our stomachs doesn't scream appeal to me.

It's kind of topsy turvy with me. I'm a big food person, I love to try all different kinds of foods. Luckily, I feel like I have tried so much in my young age (my parents always were taking me to different restaurants growing up). Although there are things that contain meat that I absolutely love, I just cannot bring myself to eat it right now. One thing for sure is that I go in phases. I talk something up, I devote myself 100% to it, then it gets old and I change. I cannot say that I will never eat meat again, but for the time being I'm definitely content with not doing so. Plus, I just FEEL better. I am not into pushing anyone in vegetarianism. I believe it is your body, your choice. I just feel bad for the animals and I just wish people cared more.

Ah--this weekend brings some exciting things! Thursday kicks of the College of DuPage SEVERE WEATHER SYMPOSIUM! I am pretty revved about it! I cannot wait until my school ends where I can really crack open my weather text and notes and delve into it. I also want to get some good books on winter meteorology and mountain meteorology. The symposium is three days, T, F, Sat. Eric and I also plan on seeing An Education this weekend! I really want to see it and it has such limited showing and it's quite a trip to the theater, but we are going to make it happen because he is the best :)

Work tonight for the last time this week. I am so tired today, but it will be a good always is. I love trying my hardest to progress on each cookie and fill in. I put a lot into it--most of the time. Heh.

Enjoy your day and your weekend!