December 27, 2009

Where are all those snowmen?!

It's always a little sad to see Christmas go...

But then again it's fun to get into the mood of a new year.
I love those weeks of building up the holiday hype.
The stress we welcome in with open arms.
My Christmas Eve and my Christmas Day were just wonderful this year.
For Christmas Eve we went over to Eric's parents house for dinner and gift exchange.
They got me some awesome gifts and seemed to really like what I got them :)
For Christmas Day my parents, brother & sister-in-law, & I
do our gift exhange in the morning
That normally takes about 2 hours to get through.
There are a lot of gifts to go around.
I was so grateful! I got so many great things and all of them are useful.
Another year of good gifts and I got a lot of gift cards! This was very good.
A particular favorite which i have not used is...
my new Crayola Glow Dome courtesy of my mom! See here!
It was such a random gift to get that brought upon great results ha ha ha.
I cannot wait to use it.

Normally we go to my Cousin's house after our family exchange
and do the exchange all over again with my mom's side.
We hadn't had it at our house in years and Eric would be spending the day with my family.
We are a pretty crazy bunch, but I knew he would have no problems getting along.
I was so excited that we were having the Christmas party at our house this year.
I mean, it's always more comfortable to spend Christmas in your own home, right?
I even got a bit dressed up for the occasion!
So all in all we had about 15 people at our house on Friday.
I love when our house is filled with laughter and loudness.
It's such a contrast to the norm.

Here are a few shots from Christmas Eve/Day:
(thank you again, Eric for having to go through the pain in the ass process of converting the file!)

(Christmas Eve --what's up, mermaid legs! ha ha ha.)

(Christmas; Side profile of me sporting a new scarf my Uncle Dave gave me
& of course, my Santa hat!)

(Christmas; an awesome shot Eric took of the festivities!)

(Christmas; our festive wear with a little pizazz on my feet!)

After all the holiday hype was done we retired to Eric's for the weekend & did not do much.
We even slept in until 2pm today.
Which is absolutely disgusting but it was awesome at the same time.
Today was a day of football (bummer, Colts) and Saturday was a day of cleaning.
It was a productive, yet relaxing weekend & it doesn't get much better than that.
Although, with the snow we got, I was a little bummed we didn't make a snowman.
But let's be honest, I cannot stand the cold for more than 2 minutes...(or less)
So it's really my fault. Maybe I will have to throw on 5 sweaters and get crafty.


iPhone/iTouch users!
Don't ask questions!

Tomorrow I am seeing my friend Adam who is on leave from the Navy.
We are going to lunch with my friend Cady & that should be a great time!
For now I must go to bed if there is any hope of me heading into the gym tomorrow!

Don't forget to drink lots of water! ;)


listening to: (nine) by Ratatat

December 23, 2009

broke as a joke (for good reason)

Why hello, hello.
You better have all your holiday cheer together!

Christmas is just around the corner!

Things have been so busy!
But the good news and the bad news?!


This is good because I know I have gotten people gifts I think they will really enjoy/use.
But it's bad because well, I've got like no money.
Oh well I will survive!

I have everyone's gift and its all put nicely into baskets and appropriate
things have bows tied neatly around them.
I love giving gifts.
The stress I could do without.
Work got out super late last night and the night before (after 12am both nights).
Now I have quite a nice little break from it all.
I cannot wait. I'm revved for Christmas!
I am deciding to dress up a little more this year.
(who doesn't love a reason to buy another piece of clothing?)

Anywho; I hope everyone has an AMAZING holiday and please-- enjoy yourselves!

December 17, 2009

M is for Metric & Mathematics!

It has been awhile since I have written.
I can blame finals for that.
I devoted the weekend/monday/tuesday to feverishly studying.
My biggest concern was my math exam. Business math that is.
It makes a world of difference what kind of math it is.
(I actually passed this final and got a B in the class)! <--groundbreaking.
I have a really shaky history with mathematics, but algebra more so than any other math.
I have gotten D's and failed math classes MY WHOLE LIFE.
(and I get good grades in everything else! I just lack math/science)
Except when I got to Geometry where I got a B with ease.
But once I had to go to college I had to retake this god damn algebra.
I took the first part of the math series which is 16 weeks called 0481.
I passed this class easily with a C.
Whatever. I didn't want anything to do with math so I took a semester off from it.
(so I forgot everything of course)
Then I had to finish up it's ugly little counterpart 0482.
This class was a load of bullshit. People fail this class 2-3 times AT LEAST!
Most people have to keep paying the most expensive course fee at the school
It a made to fail course and every teacher there knows it.
(and yes, I have personally yelled at the head of the math department)
So then I jumped around the requirement and got to take business math instead.
This means I had to change my major (from arts or whatever) to general studies.
This is actually perfect.
I have the best major (if that's what we're calling it)...
When people ask me what I study, my answer is literally without saying;
"I'm basically just studying a bunch of random shit."
I'm all over the place--no one really knows what I'm doing.
I'll enjoy the mystery too, because...I don't know either!
It's good though.
I'm good with just working and having my focus elsewhere for a period of time.
I have a feeling I will get that academic need and take a few classes randomly in the future.
I just hope I did well this semester!

Another fabulous thing happened yesterday (besides school being over)
I saw Metric! I love this band so much.

Video One: "Twilight Galaxy" Live. (acoustic)
Video Two: Favourite Metric song #1
Video Three : Favourite Metric song #2

Eric turned me on to them a few months ago.
We were supposed to go see them in Atlanta over the Thanksgiving break I got sick for.
Since we did not go, I felt bad we couldn't make the concert
and bought tickets for the Chicago show.
I find out one of my good friends (Cady) was going to the same show I was.
Due to Eric's work, he met us up at Cubby Bear (the venue).
We were also with Cady's friend, Anna.
So the doors open at 8pm and it says concert starts at 9.
(this was posted on tickets and websites)
So we get drinks and we start waiting...and waiting...and waiting.
So 10:30 rolls around--no Metric.
People kind of get pissed, but Eric got really pissed (rightfully so).
It's one of his favourite bands and he turned me on to them.
He starts to fret because he had to work early this morning and
had to still get home after the show had already been 1.5 hours late.
He asks someone that worked there what time it started.
was the answer he got back.
He walks back and said there was no way he could stay.
I was extremely bummed. We would have to wait another two hours to see them.
But Cady, Anna, and I braved it out.
Let me tell you, it was the worst seeing him go. I knew exactly how he was feeling.
I wanted him to have a great time, I wanted him to see his favourite band.
It just sucks that he didn't get to.
I understand though. His job is really important! :)
So after he left and we had all this time to kill we got some food in the restaurant portion.
But keep in mind--people were PISSED.
Many people left and everyone thought it started at 9.
How do you have a midnight concert on a Wednesday night?


The concert started up around 12:15am.
We were SO excited at this point.
They were great.
They opened with Twilight Galaxy.
I would love to see them again in a bigger venue.
and I would like to see them with Eric! (wasn't the same without him)
We actually ended up snagging a good spot on the side stage area.
I got a few pictures as well!

So now that all that excitement is over...I've got work tomorrow and Saturday.
I'm seeing the Nutcracker with Eric's mom on Saturday.
That should be good, I'm looking forward to it.
I just hope work tomorrow doesn't go too late.
Hopefully before midnight.
All in all...

I hope everyone has had a great week! :)

December 10, 2009

the best hat in world.

Today was a beautiful bright sunny day.
Even though the temperature was in the single digits.

I had to snap this shot this morning of my backyard:

which officially makes it time for



I got this hat last year. I saw it and knew it needed to be mine.
I had longed for a hat like this for such a long time.
I don't know what it is about it, but I LOVE hats like these.
One thing for sure is that they keep you warm.
Anything extra to keep me warm is always welcomed!
Even more so, I love it when guys wear these hats.
A few months back I saw a fur earflap hat laying around at Eric's house.
A guy I was dating ALREADY OWNED a hat that I loved!
I always wanted a boyfriend who wore one.
(of course, mine is WAY cooler)
But it is still exciting none the less.
Just another thing I love about him.

All in all, earflap hats are where its at!



one short of a bakers dozen!

12 random things about me (at the moment & in general).

1) I walk terribly fast. Anyone who knows me can defend this very statement. Nobody can keep up with me. Unless you're a figure skater. We are fast walkers. I'm telling you, when you're spending your entire youth gliding around like rapid fire on blades--you better believe you get used to the speed. Plus, I just like the exercise.

2) Call me George Washington but I cannot tell a lie. This is true. I am very uncomfortable with lying. I think I might have been better at it in my younger years. I feel absolutely horrible if I do not tell the truth and just cannot justify it. This keeps me out of trouble in the long run and it doesn't complicate anything.
George couldn't tell a lie either!
(remember the apple tree story!?)

3) I'd like to think I'm a considerate and sometimes a very sensitive person. I really do think of others. I don't want to intentionally hurt anyone, unless you intentionally hurt me--then it's on. I always think of the golden rule. I treat people how I want to be treated, it is so important. I believe in karma and try to always keep the good karma going. Sometimes my sensitivity gets the best of me. It's the Pisces in me (born on the Aries/Pisces cusp!) Sometimes I think I am too sensitive for this world. I think the things that happen in this world make us cold people and it's depressing. I'd like to see everyone happy. I want there to be no suffering. It's just unfortunate that the day will never come where that happens.

4) What I eat is extremely important to me. I like to view food as fuel. I like to eat when my body is hungry but I want to fill it with something that is good, yet beneficial. I am currently a vegetarian and really enjoying it. I really love when I'm eating healthy. Everything feels so much better. I even include a ton of vegan products in my diet. I feel good about eating it and I know it's actually useful to my body. Seriously; why do people drink soda? I don't understand! I hate America's issue with food. We have so many different people shooting out their ideas. People are hit with all this conflicting information and don't know what to follow. You're better off reading studies that are available rather than listen to people such as Dr. Oz. I just want people to be informed about nutrition. It's so important. You eat THREE times a day and you should know what you're consuming and what it's doing to you or for you.

5) Sometimes I wish I could go back in time to anytime when I was between the ages of 5-10 years old. I would be skating everyday, jam-packed with activities (ballet, off ice training, weight training, gymnastics) and competitive in a difficult sport (and doing well with it). I wish I could just go back and give a damn like I do now. I threw that potential career away. I threw it away for a lame middle school/high school life. Don't get me wrong, I had fun, but giving it up wasn't worth it either. I think everyday about where I could be now if I just showed a little determination in those ages. I feel like I wasted years of my life droning along in high school. Of course I did school activities (theater, cheerleading, etc.). It's just not the same for what I could have had. I'm sure there was a reason for it. I just don't know what yet.

Me when I was about 6 or 7.
I won three events in my group that day.

6) I listen to everything you tell me. I will remember anything you will say. & I never forget a face.

7) Music that is able to make your mood change is remarkable. This is going from any state of mind to another. Songs that make me feel sad when I'm actually happy are amazing. I love music that makes me move; when I hear it and actually have to get up and do something to it. I also love when a song makes me feel more strong or powerful or brings a great image to mind. I love when you hear a song in a movie or a show and always associate that scene with that song. I guess I love song imagery. I think I should make music videos. I always have a vision for a song--and a dance! :) Music is so powerful and has the ability to bring so much to people.

8) I love my job. I talk about it all the time, but I decorate cookies. I love the idea of having a specific trade and just getting really good at it. I was thinking today as I was making tea; "wow, those people at the tea shop (that I go to in the city) have a great job, I mean--they work with tea!" and I thought...wait a second! I have a cool job! I work with cookies! I am extremely lucky. I really want to perfect it and progress. It will just take more time and practice.

9) All this talk about approval ratings is driving me nuts. Perhaps this is my overload of CNN/Fox news this week. They keep projecting that Obama's approval rating is low, blah blah blah. Really?! Is this the same president that everyone stood so excitedly behind last year? The one who was going to make change, create jobs, and love the whole world?! Now, since change hasn't been made right away, people get pissed and ::hands on hips, 5 year old voice:: "Don't approve!" Get over it. Things cannot be fixed right away. Don't get me wrong, I am NOT defending Obama. But people tend to be more harsh against the president in times of a bad economic state. Bummer.

10) I am infamous for starting/butting into random conversations with people I don't even know. I know it could be annoying, but why not? I've met/chatted with really cool people that way. Plus, what do you have to lose? A few words is better than an awkward silence or a missed encounter.

11) Having good study music is essential. Be sure to have Pink Floyd, Phish, Radiohead, & Ratatat in your "study" playlist. I'm very specific about what I have on when I'm doing homework or studying. I'm telling you; Radiohead's OK Computer album got me an A in Earth Science. Phish gave me great grades for environmental bio class. I'm telling you that you cannot go wrong with these bands.

12) I love when my thoughtful/creative side comes out at full force. Those days where I'm driving home and immediately get the urge to stop at Hobby Lobby to pick up a canvas so I can make a collage of some sort. Or those days I pull out the yarn and make a scarf or gather up my beads and throw them around my barrettes. I feel productive and like I'm releasing good energy. Get crafty!

I don't know what inspired me to do that.
I guess I've just been thinkin' about random stuff and noticing/acknowledging it.

I hope your week is going well!


December 7, 2009

dear snowflakes; you ROCK!

Ah, finally.
I'm stepping away from math for awhile.
I've had suburb concentration today as I went over two chapters of review.
I have two exams this week; math & history.
Math is priority right now and as the end creeps closer--I get more and more nervous!
I have not passed a math class in ages.
Algebra is one thing, but this math (business math) I actually understand.
It's more relevant. But it is always at the end where you regret not putting in more time.
I should have. Oh well, Life is full of "should haves"
and I only assume that great things got in the way of my studies.
Of course, this isn't a justification by any means, it's just the truth.

[This is a picture taken about two years ago in a math class.
I had this class with a guy friend (not in the picture)
and I'd bring wine glasses and a bottle of Perrier and we'd sit in the back & drink it.
My teacher hated us. It was hilarious.
Of course--we both ended up dropping. heh]

I cannot believe school is almost done.
(I hope so--have to pass this math!)
It seems that it went by so slow yet so quick (this semester that is).
It feels like I've been in college FOREVER.
It will be an eerie feeling to be done. Kind of unsettling perhaps.
I've been going to classes at least three times a week for the past 3 1/2 years.
I've been filling my mind with tons of new information.
I have to admit, I didn't mind the material I was learning (most of the time)
Looking back at it, I enjoyed most classes I sat in.
I enjoyed the debates, the people I met, the professors I had...
I enjoyed doing well on tests and finding determination to get good grades.
It will be weird omitting this from my life for a period of time.
I think I will eventually go back for something.
The time away will be good for me.
I will enjoy working and mustering some savin' money!

Today I woke up to a fantastic sight of snow lingering on the tree branches
& just coating the ground. I love waking up to that sight.

When it snows I have a huge desire to stay in,
drink hot cocoa (or wine!), read magazines, and hang out.
Unfortunately today I had to schlump to class.
Things weren't bad today.
After I had my classes I went to Whole Foods
(conveniently located less than a mile from my campus)
and picked up a whole bunch of goodies.
I love when most of the stuff I end up getting is vegan.
I also love getting stuff for the week and knowing that it's healthy.
I hate spending my money on fast food (panera, noodles, etc)
and I find myself doing it ALL the time.
I'm glad I was able to stock up!

Today I also put a good amount of time into figuring out
what I wanted to get people for Christmas.
This is a tough call. I feel like I have so many gifts to buy.
I like to get creative. I hope I have the time and the money to do so.
I'm really excited about it.
I'm actually really excited about Christmas in general this year.
My mom's whole side will pretty much be at my house.
I love a full house on Holidays.
It just makes it all feel complete & cheery.

Tomorrow brings fantastic things.
Mainly because--it's skating time once again!
I've been off the ice for over two weeks.
This kills me. I like to be skating as much as I can.

This has to be one of my favorite views.
I anticipate it tomorrow. I just have to take it easy and get back into it.

However, I must get back to my studies :(
Just a few weeks left of school and just a few more hours before I step out on the ice again.
I look forward to both!


December 2, 2009

radiohead & cleanliness.


I could not be more excited. I worked up a little inspiration & did some heavy cleaning.
I took down a lot of the posters that were in my room that I still liked, but could do without.
I felt so cluttered in my room. Small things everywhere.
Of course, I am organized so I always know where things are.
But I like to feel like my room holds no clutter.
I even tackled my closet. I have a big walk in closet.
This accumulates a lot of random stuff and it's been years since I've actually gone through it.
Perhaps I'll snap a few pictures...


I know, I know.
These pictures really don't do it justice. Plus, it was a complete train wreck before.
I'm sure some of you have much cleaner rooms than this, but it's still exciting none the less.
I have cleaned my room a few times in the past few months,
but nothing so in depth in awhile.
I'm also going back in fourth because I want to hold on to certain things.
like my Led Zeppelin poster and my Pink Floyd one.
But I'm trying to class the place up & they still make the cut :)
I kind of want to reorganize things, but my room kind of makes it hard--lots of odd angles.
My entertainment center is kind of wacky, so it has only one spot it can go.
I did the most with what I have.

My day was pretty good today. We have to fill out teacher evaluations this week.
My teachers are pretty good this semester so it's really easy to fill them out.
Classes are pretty simple right so that's a relief.
I'm all for not a lot going on in the academic aspect in my life.

I ended up at whole foods for lunch. I love Whole Foods.
But I was quite irritated at the checkout lines.
It seemed to take forever for me to get through even though in both instances
there was only one other person in front of me. Whatever.
I have this system when I go there...
I cruise around the store and find items for a good lunch.
I pay for it and sit in the cafe area and eat them.
Then I go back around the store to see if I need to get anything while I'm there.
This way I can walk off my lunch a little bit and look for something new,
but it also ensures me going through checkout twice.
Any other day than today this is no problem.
But I got some goodies so no complaints here.

The weather is getting colder and I am not excited about this.
I love a good Christmas-y spirit and getting bundled up...
but the cold sits in my bones for hours.
I'm ALWAYS cold.
It's the worst when you're in a classroom trying to pay attention.
The sky had a thick grey blanket over it today. It seemed so dark out at only 3pm.
It makes me want to crawl in bed and sleep until tomorrow.
I have ballet at 5:30. I'm so tired, I hope it goes well.
Dancing should put a little life in me...I hope!

Time to get ready!

sorry for the boring entry!


listening to: Radiohead (Nice Dream)