October 25, 2010

But I can explain!...No. I really should cut up my credit card!

Damnit, self! You have done it again!
I find myself...in a contemplative and perhaps regretful state. I drove home nearing the edge of my seat wondering what the hell I'm going to do about all this money I've been spending in recent months. EEEK!!! I blame it on the seasonal change. I believe that this period of time reigns in the greatest amount of shoppers (besides Christmas and of course Black Friday) at one time. Maybe I am completely wrong with that statement, but this time of year gets the best of the plastic cards found disheveled between the walls of my wallet. Poor things, they just get plain overused. The drive home allocated some good time to think about the wonderful, wonderful (but really shouldn't have bought them) things I had just bought at Nordstrom & Urban Outfitters at the Oakbrook Mall, which are pictured here;

Items here are,

Mens checkered socks $8.00, Aztec sunglasses $4.99!, Headband: $4.99, 80's Music trivia $2.99 all from Urban Outfitters
The Kiehl's Lipbalm $7.00 and facial wash $18.00 are from Nordstrom.

So Yeah, sweet, except I shouldn't have bought them, so I am therefore cutting off my spending. Until after Christmas. My only exception is groceries and gifts for others.

It just doesn't seem fair. It's not that I need to spend, I'm no addictive shopper and I'm not compulsive either. I believe that all of my purchases are justifiable, but everything can be justified. Everything I buy, I use/wear/apply, give, etc. Plenty of people spend beyond their means, but I don't want to be one of them. I am so good about putting things back and passing up purchases. I make exceptions, but I know that I can do just fine without many of the "things" I find myself buying. Example, I am done buying tights. I have enough crazy patterned tights for now (but can you ever really have too many???) There are a few reasons for this, I suppose;

1) I am in my early twenties. For now, I am allowed to be a broke ass. I work for my money to spend it (don't worry, I pay my bills and am responsible), but I just don't have the income to supplement my "early twenties" phase. If there is such a thing.

2) Like I mentioned before, the seasonal change is among us. Autumn sparks the spending in me, the best stuff is out during this time to gear us up for the Holiday spending spree. It's nothing I'm proud of, but it's just how it is.

3) I tend to get the most I can for my money. I snag a sale if I can or spend when the purchase seems practical. Sometimes, things are so cheap that you think "Why wouldn't I buy this?!?" and that's what gets me. Places like XXI, Target, H&M, Good Will, American Apparel, & Urban Outfitters (sales rack only!) always cause me to throw down the Mastercard hard. It's just too easy. Damn you, good stores for being so cheap...and accessible ::sly grin::

So that is it. I have gotten a few new fall pieces and if I need anything else then I'm sure I can find it at Good Will. I am done, done, done spending!

This is where I mention the Tessa Fund....

So I am excited about all this Kiehls stuff that I got. I have only been reading that it is the best product for most of my life. The lady hooked me up with ton of samples! YAY moisturizer! I am now equipped for the upcoming brush we will have with below freezing temperatures. Yippy Skippy. I never regret sauntering into Urban Outfitters, either. I always forget how much I love this story, but I remember why I forget when I see their price tags. Their sales rack always makes me feel like I'm thrifting and you can get some sick steals.

The real dream shades are these bad boys;

Original Wayfarer
but for now the Urban Outfitters Aztec Shades will suffice. I couldn't believe they were only $4.99. I thought they were $14 (which was a steal enough for me) and then the cashier stated that they were cheaper in a way that it might disappoint me. However, I was elated! Woohoo! Saving money while spending money...or something.

knick knack paddy whack.

I actually saw this on a fellow blogger's site (Bonjour Girl) and LOVED it.
The socks reminded me of it.

October 20, 2010

Hair is the story...You will want to dye.

The hair debate. It will always be there. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS.

Autumn always makes my inspiration soar, and I tend to take that out on my hair. Although, I tend to take a lot of things out of my hair. When I don't, it manifests itself in other ways. I recently chopped off my almost belly button length layered hair and traded it for an above the shoulder one length bob with one longer strand on the right in the front. Since I made a huge cut, part of me doesn't feel the strong need to disguise my natural dark blonde hair, but the other part of me wants to pour light blonde dye all over these locks. I've had every hair colour in the book. I can pull any of them off, but there are only two where I feel most myself and that is, blonde, and well, lighter blonde. This kind of makes me sound like a Dult, but blonde doesn't have to be associated with being an airhead, just like being brunette doesn't have to associate you with being mouse-y and boring (see, no one likes it.) The whole reason I resist pouring this bleach-y potion over my head is because I fear the colour that will creep from my roots in two months time. This is when you're faced with the ultimate decision; keep dying or dye back to natural. This is where the fun sometimes has to end. It's hard finding a great colour that works for you, but nature didn't put it in your gene's agenda.

Here are some of my past colours/styles (in order starting from my senior yr. in H.S.)

unfortunately I don't have any pictures of my latest cut :(

This came up at work when one of my co-workers was sporting super cool, but "in-the-process-of-going-back-to-natural" locks. While the hair may have looked jarring to some people, but I thought it looked righteous. I wish I would have snagged a picture of it. Unfortunately (she hated it and felt the need to wear a hat)/fortunately(it was awesome) for her, this is the process one needs to go through in order to acquire what nature gave them in the first place. I've had some unfortunate "in process" hair debacles that always seem like forever to get sorted out. This is the problem with straying from your natural shade. I feel like once you dye, you're kind of locked in for life (heh). I fear sporting 80 year old looking hair when I'm 42, but at times, the urge to modify remains too great.

Another desirable hair trait I long for is the straight across bangs. Something that I always think will be a great idea and then I cut them and add five pounds to my face and take on the looks of someone with 6 candles on the birthday cake. I say this, but I've never had hair like this before. It could look different and totally bad ass, but I'm not for looking years younger and not necessarily in a good way. My manager recently trimmed her bangs for the definitive straight across look and she now looks 60's hippie chic again. I love it when people find their look and it almost gives them that edge, or that character where you almost think it wouldn't work any other way. I told her to check out the Aquilano.Rimondi spring collection because the collection matches her hair and yes, that makes perfect sense. I work with people that have good heads of hair! Anywho, I think my long strand will have to do for now. These people can continue to rock the straight-away.

Who knows what will happen to these little hairs in the next few weeks. Looks like a hairy situation...

October 11, 2010

the denim downfall and some pizazz to go along.

la la la. Jeans!
Various shades of denim can be found on the racks of my Ikea closet unit; about twelve pairs of jeans total, maybe fourteen. I have come to hate jeans. I have a boyfriend that hasn't worn jeans in about 10+ years. I am rather fond of the notion and I don't blame him one bit. Sometimes when I'm wearing jeans, I look down and I think "What the hell was I thinking?" But other times I think they are the perfect essential, the classic, clean cut, all-american element to your wardrobe. But those exact things lead towards my lack of interest in wearing them. I have a unfortunate love/hate relationship with jeans. I wish I could just pick a side but I feel that both sides have so much to offer. I feel that my interaction with jeans is far less in the winter time, but that they are more integrated into my fall wardrobe. I just get cold looking at them. They seem to offer little to no heat benefit unless you're loading up on the leggings under them. And then you get...

Jeans make me think of Kate Moss and the '93 Calvin Klein ad or some lame frontiers commercial promoting us to "go fourth" by wearing the same brand of jeans...? This has to be one of my favourite ads of all time;
Which brings me to that old 80/90's denim craze. Once in awhile I see a jean vest or sleeveless jean button-up shirt in the mix at Good Will and I am immediately brought back to the days where all-denim outfits were part of the rage.

balanciaga 2010 fall/winter

tights = one of my favourite fall essentials.

perfect. I want this outfit.

Alexander McQueen

Ah. The denim.

Cookies I did at work. Woohoo! Bringing the spook!

Ann Demeulemeester fall 2010 RTW

As for now, I will do my best trying to avoid jeans and sporting tights and leggings as often as possible. It looks like I am on a denim hiatus.

October 7, 2010

Yeah Yeah Yeah so I hate the uniform.

Ugh. It happened. Again.
I shouldn't use the word 'again' because it makes me look irresponsible and/or forgetful. I'd like to think that I am neither. I have my moments, but that's not really the point here. Or it is...or something.

I forgot my work polo at home yesterday.

This never happens.
I hate wearing a uniform, but I always have it and I wear it M-Th when it is required.
This one particular day, I dressed to change into a uniform and
realised that I had forgotten the one I left in my car as a backup, in the dryer.

and of course it was the day my shoppe owner came in. greatttttt.
If you know me well, you might think this was done on purpose due to the face that I find uniforms to be a complete abomination. I find few people really agree with me. I seem to be the only person, at most of my jobs, who cannot quite grasp the idea of a "daily uniform". If you look at my previous jobs, you will see a definite trend of disdain towards whatever uniform I was handed my first week of employment. The visors I've had to wear in the past have caused the most problems with me- and the managers. I feel putting on a visor slapped with a big company logo is the last thing I ever want on my head. I am forever grateful that those days are long behind me. I have an extremely difficult time not having any choice in what I chose to leave my house in that day. Well, technically, I am able to wear whatever I want to work, as long as I meet the black or khaki pants option and no color anywhere else. This is rather restrictive, well, extremely restrictive. As you can see, this is a problem for someone that likes to bring the funk to an outfit. I think this is the whole reason why I cannot adapt a "signature look". I feel my creativity becomes stifled at the slightest mention of a uniform. The greatest joy comes to me when Friday rolls around and we can dress in what we'd like. Don't worry, I take full advantage of this.

I read an article that struck rather close to home that can be found in the autumn/winter edition of Pop entitled "Working Class Chic" by Shala Monroque. This highlighted uniforms, mostly ones found on people roaming around Europe, where the daily ensemble is rather, well, chic. It is seen as something that forms a unity between people. As she mentions, some people love the idea of having a uniform and adopt them even when work doesn't require them to. It was reassuring to read this article and knew that someone else felt the same way I do; someone that could admire people that embraced the required threads. Perhaps it has everything to do with the polo itself. If my uniform were something nice, slimming, and could be tweaked to allocate a little creativity, I probably wouldn't be so resistant. But it's not, it can't, and I am.

It is increasingly difficult for me to look like someone else. If I see another person in a shirt that I own, I am most likely to never wear it again- regardless of how it looked on them. It's just the facts.

I hung out with Cady today before work and we dissected Vogue over bites of food at the local deli after meandering around Target for forty minutes. It is time well spent. Finally, a friend that shares my adoration of the wonderful, wonderful publication. She is one of those friends I feel I need to hang out with at least once or twice a month (I secretly hopes she decides against moving to New York in November, even though it would be awesome at the same time). But I'm glad we added the art of fashion to the conversation.

All in all, a shaky day yesterday made up for itself today. Thank goodness for great lunches and casual Friday. I'll post my outfit tomorrow.

I listened to the Yeah Yeah Yeah's 'Fever To Tell' album all day today.
I love the Yeah Yeah Yeah's & Karen O rocks.

October 5, 2010

Trick or Tweet; Chanel 2011 + the envy of actors.

"You know what keeps me from acting?...fuckin' auditions" -Mitch Hedburg

This line from one of his sketches popped into my head today while I was sauntering along on my walk. Even though I was listening to music and not comedy. I love Mitch Hedburg; that perfect stoner mentality and his unique delivery method. It got me thinking about acting and creating and building a character that fits the part like a god damn puzzle piece. Then it made me, once again, realise that actors have the best job in the world. I feel like actors are empty vessels waiting for the next role to fill, the next person to create, the next figure to portray. I think about this often (particularly at a certain part in my drive to work). However, it takes a certain something in someone to be a very good creator of character. I think it would be so fun to step into another life and be someone else for a short period of time. To wear clothes you wouldn't normally wear or be made up in a face you would normally never have. It seems like it would be quite the day to day agenda, but I guess it looks perfect from far away.

This thinking about acting sparked the idea of costume and character, and with the frigid air grazing my showing skin, it all made me think of Halloween. My thought flow will always take me to interesting waters... So really, I was wondering why I don't get more into the whole dressing up thing. It's rather peculiar since I'm such an avid fan of the idea of stepping into another person for awhile and carrying different mannerisms. I would really like the idea of being Margot Tennenbaum this year. Since, after all, I am sporting the hair and could smoke a few cigarettes throughout the evening and blow smoke past my thick black eyeliner. The unfortunate downfall occurs when I became aware that I do not have a perfect mink coat like the one she sports throughout the movie as one of her trademark essentials (what a perfect essential). I also have so many coats hanging all over this house and don't want to necessarily have another, but if I see something before Halloween, it might just be way too hard to resist. And yes, I hope something comes up.

I have been in love with this weather lately. When the high for the day is 57, it is a good one. A day that calls for shorts, but only if paired with a pair of outlandish tights!- my favourite spring/summer/fall addition to outfits. Ah fall, I love you.

All the tweets poured in this morning of people gushing over how fabulous the Chanel show in Paris was. That would be one show I would have loved to attend. The gift bags looked pretty rad, too. All in all, I was way to early to judge the little blue bird that is the logo of the twitter world. I love getting hot of the press information, especially when it regards Fashion Week. Sadly, all this "awesome, hip, totally cool" technology makes me long for the times of handwritten notes to friends folded strategically and passed along in the halls and phone calls to friends houses where you had to ask their parents if your friends were able to speak. Those times are gone, unfortunately, unless you're in fifth grade, but even then so, you probably still have a cell phone. But, I shall bow down to my Evo 4G that fetches information at the drop of a hat and keeps me informed on all that is going on around the world, whether that refers to Karl Lagerfeld's latest creation or Time's informative article, I just have to be lucky that I get good news quick.

Speaking of Karl Lagerfeld...

I checked out this 2011 Chanel spring collection and it looks like there are so many inspirational pulls, but they are all so different, but work together really well to create a really bold look. Most things were able to strike a certain character to me, in a way that's like "Oh, so and so would wear that dress". I love that there was a 90 piece band present at this show. I can just imagine how wonderful it was--how powerful. Hans Zimmer style, although I doubt it was as dramatic. I had a lot of fun looking at it. However, I wasn't a huge fan of the models or the make-up. I just thought that some outfits were so light and pretty and then the model was so dark and made for a juxtaposition that I did not like. I know that models are more so hangers than anything else, but sometimes they can really make or break the look. Enough babble, I will slap a few pictures up;

this looks like something Dorothy would wear if Oz produced couture

M.I.A meets J. Lo.

this would be Wednesday Addams wedding dress

makes me think of what would happen if Gwyneth Paltrow's 1999 Oscar Dress fought with her 2002 Alexander Mcqueen pick and then threw in some western flare.

I think Florence Welch would wear this to an award show.

High end version of Pocahontas meets up with Proenza Shouler

Jaqueline Kennedy-esque.

On one last note...

I think Starbucks is so extremely overrated and if their coffee doesn't make you feel extremely janky after you consume it, then you have a stomach sewn together by the gods. That is all. Have a lovely day! Go Caribou!

October 2, 2010

arousal of autumn and all of it's inspiration.

Today I got my first "real" taste of autumn. We woke up to grey skies, winds gusting, and rain streaming down the windows. It was beautiful. I love overcast weather and in fall it just seems so appropriate. It seems appropriate in spring as well, but it's more of a nuisance since you just dealt with the onslaught of winter precipitation. I had to wear not one, but two sweaters with my jacket to keep me warm today. The Chicago winters are brutal to my body, but for now it is fall so I'm inspired and ready for change, not only weather wise, but wardrobe wise. Fall is my favourite season to dress for since you don't have to be totally layered up, but people aren't expecting you to be clad in next to nothing (I hate the expectations of summer). Plus I get the same excitement about pulling out my fall boots as people do over their stupid flip flops in the late spring time (I hate "flops", as I call them--get some self respect).

The arrival of autumn also inspired another great change; that would be me cutting off all of my hair. For the past four years, I have vested great interest in me growing my hair to my waist so I wouldn't have to "wear shirts anymore" (I was joking, people). I wanted to "Rapunzel that shit". So once my hair finally was super long, I cut it all off. That is so like me.

It was like, I put all my pride into my hair and I loved brushing it and "wearing it". Then one day I woke up and decided I hated my layered mess. I was sick of my hair hiding my clothes and hiding that edgy-ness that short hair brings upon me. When I was in high school I cut all my hair off with a razor blade, and what is even better was one of those change-able Gillette style razor blades. Heh. I mean..I cut it ALL off and it totally worked for me. Of course, I would never, ever go this short again. I like it right above the shoulder or longer on me. It's just too thick.

Me my senior year of high school.

But I loved what it did for my style. This was kind of like that, my hair provokes my outfits these days. Of course, wanting only long hair for years and then once I achieve the dream I cut it all off into a perfect just above the shoulder bob. Yes. I will eventually post a picture. I am in love with it and it is perfect for me right now.

When it comes down to it, that is what it is all about. It's not picking up a magazine to see what is "in" right now, it's about looking at the past three years of your Vogue collection and gathering inspiration from all of them to create your own look. You just have to do what works for you and what makes you feel best. I disdain when people say "I can't pull that off". Although, I have to admit, I'm probably guilty of throwing the five words around myself. It's not about pulling anything off, it is about taking it and making it your own. Of course, you have to allow the right for people to deny clothes they know will not be most flattering to their shape or personality, even. I have to respect when people know what works best for them, but when someone says "I can't pull that off", it sounds like they aren't even bold enough to try. In the end, if you're asking Leo Tolstoy anyways, he will say that art is considered art if the creator is able to transcend the same feeling to the viewer as he felt when he was painting it. That's what fashion is like. It is about being able to make a statement or hopefully transcend a feeling through your clothes, and hopefully that feeling is the same one you had when you put that outfit together. It's about walking through the door and knowing that you feel perfect in your outfit and getting either the intrigued stares or the glares.

I don't know how my haircut story turned into a "pulling it off" broadcast...but it did.

So now that fall has been here for a little over a week, I'll post other things that are provoking my style and latest wants. In the colder months, I always prefer all black. On the contrary, I like to throw some crazy patterns in the layered mix or wear wild, colorful jewelery, or wear layers of colours or prints, but there is something about the classics. But my favourite fall accessory are probably funky print nylons/leggings. They always bring the funk to the outfits. Here's some juice to getcha goin for fall...

I came across this really cool site. Thought this doll was snobby in all the right ways.

Laura Kranitz Headband. Awesome accessory

YAY! It's autumn!

Mary Janes. One of the best shoes you can own in the fall months.
I need a pair to feel like I am six again.

Perfect tights! I love them.
(Left to right) Topshop.com, Urban Outfitters, Miss Sixty.

Black roses are my favourite flower.

Dolce & Gabanna

The girl on the right reminds me of the young Margot Tenenbaum

Love these tights, too.
(L to R) Express, Scout LA, Wolford Shade

Love this Delfina Delettrez Fendi piece.

I am in love with these Dr. Martins. I love how big and chunky they are but even better because they have a great pattern. I want.