November 27, 2010


The chill has made its way to this section of Illinois. While I'm constantly cold, I was getting annoyed with those few warmer days that crept their way into the start of November. Cold becomes appropriate. I can deal with the cold. Until February comes, then it has no place in my life.

I'm watching a White Stripes rockumentry. I envy Meg's quiet demeanor. Ugh. If only.

Thanksgiving was enjoyable. It's always good to see family that you don't always see. Thanksgiving always involves no one using an inside voice and playing endless games of pool. There were two great football games (Patriots/Lions) & (Cowboys/Saints) and the food was great. Everyone stayed occupied and had a good time. It was pleasant.

I don't know how I've been feeling lately. It was good to see my best friend from middle school/high school again the other day. It's always nice to catch up and There's a sort of comfort or ease to it. The same kind you don't necessarily get when you're telling someone that has only known you for two or three years.

As the colder temperatures make their way into our lives for the next few months, I want an awesome pair of boots, something you can wear almost anywhere. Like THESE. I want a pair so bad. Finding the right shoe each day is always a conflict. Shoes aren't something I buy obsessively like some girls, but I should start picking out more well rounded shoes.


I've been obsessed over a movie I have not yet seen, but I want to so badly.
I listened to The Virgin Suicides soundtrack a bunch when I was in Japan.
I know what the movie is about, but I lack the ability to see it.
I know it will be my new movie obsession, like The Royal Tenenbaums is/was.
The opportunity has not yet encountered my life. I need to get it in Blu Ray.

Alexander McQueen tribute.

yay. I love the little tinies.

Pleats are making their way back for spring. Get some.

November 17, 2010

I cannot forget the construction paper.

It finally happened. There is finally Christmas music in my iTunes folder. I never really needed it when I lived at my house because my mom went overload on Christmas music from December 1'st till the arrival on the 25'th. Now that I no longer live at home, I found the strong desire to hear that music and I also found the need to spruce up the house with little decorations that I picked up. I like the whole concept of simplicity when it comes to...well...certain things. Christmas decor is one of those. My mom decorates extremely well, but there is so much of Christmas. It slaps you in the face when you walk in the door. Like I said, it's done extremely well, so it is more appealing versus repulsive. It's classy shit too, all very well themed. I literally walked up to a Christmas shelf, picked up four cute Christmas buy-me-downs and popped them up on various shelves, tables, and high speakers around the house. No regrets, it adds spirit, especially the little wreath I added on the door in the hallway.

So back to work has been a decent adjustment. It's always hard coming back from a vacation. I'm just exhausted. I worked way longer than anticipated today, but shit was just nuts. There was no avoiding getting out before 6. Or...7. I spent a ton of time with people-and boy did they have questions. I love it though. Initially, I hate the idea of going to the front to help someone, but I always am so glad I did. Some customers really stand out and I am so happy that they came in. But my favourite is when I give a first time shopper a really great experience. I know, that sentence sounds raunchy (or my mind is[forsure] always in the gutter) I feel like it locks them in, like I made someone visibly happier. That has to be the best thing. I know right away who the great people are. There is just a certain chemistry that happens, either you like the customer upon an ocular pat down* or you don't. Today a woman kind of scared me. She barked that she wanted these cookies...promptly. Eek Alert. Whatever. It is what it is. At the end of the day it will be a good paycheck. Or in two weeks it will be a good check. Damn.

On another note, while I decorated the house for Christmas, I feel extremely bad for Thanksgiving! I feel like it's a sad holiday because people tend to skip right over it. I plan on making a few hand turkeys tomorrow and taping them up around the house. I really hope I remember to get some construction paper. There will be purple turkeys.

I scored some really awesome leggings at Uni Qlo while I was in Japan. They were on sale for only $5 so I got three pairs. Check these out;

I love that and am again thankful that I was able to go back to Machida that last day to shop with my sister-in-law. My dad rejected shopping every chance he had and it was quite unfortunate. I'm glad that my last day was filled with some of my best purchases and a positive shopping experience. I actually am not a huge shopper. I like to be in and out and can generally spot whether or not I will have success in the first few minutes. I especially cannot stand a crowded shopping experience. It was hard in Harajuku in places like H&M and Forever 21 because there were just so many people there. I need room to think and mostly breathe when I shop. I prefer Good Will on a Monday afternoon around 1:00 pm.

But I wish Harajuku was a place I had access to all the time.

I finally uploaded my pictures.

*An 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' reference from season 5 episode 2. Hilarious episode.

November 14, 2010

Eleven hours in the air leaves behind the funk.

This is my last night in Japan.
The feeling is bittersweet to put it best ::que 'Bittersweet Symphony'::
I came to this country to see my niece for the first time, visit with my brother and sister in law, and to explore the wonderful territory that is a mere 13 hour plane ride West. I've had so much ocular excitement in the past week that falling asleep has been no trouble at all. I have fallen in love with Japanese fashion even more so than I thought was possible and I'm glad I was able to snag some fashion magazines from the area. I love the youth here, so unique and bubbly. The stores here are so bright and almost enough to make you dizzy, funky fashions adorn the walls and hangers. Harajuku is where my fashion mindset (and a piece of my heart) resides and I love the head to toe creativity that the people that fill Harajuku are able to pull off with such ease. I was so excited to capture a couple quick street shots of people. My suitcase is extremely packed, but I am so excited to dispense the souvenirs that I got for people. I literally cannot even believe that I was able to fit everything. I wanted to get everyone something, but it was so hard seeing that I had no time to save money or really prep at all before my trip. I did my best, but am anxious to see what everyones reactions are because I tried to get personal gifts for people. Those are the only gifts I can buy.

I feel like I can barely talk about Japan without the inclusion of pictures and I would prefer for those pictures to be my own. I am anxious to take snapshots of things that I bought while I was here once I get home. I am so excited to be in my house, see my kitty cat, and spend tons and tons of time with my best friend in the world. I will be so sad to leave such wonderful members of my family behind, but it will be reassuring to be reunited with the ones that I left behind for nine days. It is always so nice to get out of your own country for awhile. While I was gone, I realized how much bad mouthing I do about the U.S. of A. I really don't feel bad about it and I believe that it will take some sort of miracle for me to regain my patriotism.

I am anxious to be seated for 11 hours tomorrow on the journey home. The plane ride here was near abysmal, especially when I realized that the train cars here for a one hour journey allocate more room for your legs than a plane configured for international travel. How the hell is that even possible? Hopefully the ride home will be quicker in mindset (it usually is). I still think the biggest torture lays in the screens that have your little airplane moving at a snails pace across the screen and the miles you have left dwindling down slower than molasses. I just know that once the plane lands, I will have a smile from ear to ear, but perhaps a tear in my eye for the family that I won't see for some time to come.

I spent the last day in Machida shopping with my sister-in-law.
It was SO nice to ditch the boys so we could shop without hearing the "Okay we're ready." after three minutes of standing outside the stores. The malls here are amazing and it is floor after floor of great style and unique people and clothing. I wish I could come to Japan just to shop. It makes Forever 21 and H&M seem like a complete snooze.

On a completely different note; while I was here I indulged in buying a box of sour patch kids and I saw on the back that they have come out with a sour patch kids EXTREME?!

Trust me, I'm sure they are not sour at all, but I will remain optimistic until I try one.
It's hard to sour-ly satisfy the girl who has been eating lemons since three years of age.

I anticipate the wheels landing on American territory (as shocking as that may be), because I feel like I have a lot waiting for me back home! Hopefully I will be able to put some pictures up here soon! I am thankful that I got to spend some time here and see what exists on the other side of the time zone.

November 9, 2010

Rockin the big headband!


I want these tights desperately!

Love it! She should be a new character in the game "Candy Land".
Aw, now I want to play.

We are also going to the oriental bazaar today and I hope to scoop up some souvenirs for people!

Have a great day!

November 8, 2010

girls make passes in boys in pink dresses.

WOW. I feel like I have to post about this. Yes. Right now.

I turned on the TV and the Today Show was on and the caption was "Is it okay for little boys to wear dresses?" See here. First of all, this segment was awesome. I can only hope the link still has the same video.

The mother of this five-year-old Kansas City boy has defended his right to dress as the
Here is another article.

It was basically two moms that were sitting on this panel and talking about how their little boys like to dress up in princess dresses, tutus, etc. I think that this is awesome. They were trying to make a point of that this kind of thing happens, and that little boys are commonly attracted to these kinds of clothes but are steered away by worrisome parents who fear that their child might be the star of a Gay Pride float one year. L.A.M.E.

The controversy and questioning of whether this is okay has been going on for quite some time, but the topic of the show arose when a little boy wanted to dress up as Daphne from Scooby Doo for Halloween. When she allocated the costume and he showed up at pre-school, she found that parents, not children, were the ones giving off rather harsh responses. That is the problem. Our generation, well, those in the ages of 20-25, are rather tolerant of all the things that are present in our society. The problem stems from parents setting an awful example; basically parents these days are bat shit paranoid. I'm not saying all, I know a handful of super cool, easy going, open minded parents of young kids. Of course, there are those moms, the ones that try to protect their child from everything, try to force Jesus into their lives, and send them to school well fed on Grape Nuts. Put the image into your mind of a 35 year old woman driving a 2005 Honda Odyssey playing the wiggles soundtrack while singing along and making corresponding hand motions to amuse their child strapped in a car seat in the back.

At first, maybe an image of a little boy in a frilly yellow dress is jarring, but WHY? Questioning this seems obvious when you see girls that sport short hair, wear baggy pants (or hell even just pants, remember when pants was unacceptable for girls to wear--well, neither do I, but still), and have gym shoes on. This will never strike fear into parents. It is even completely acceptable for a woman to wear garments specifically made for men. I think the clothes on your back can definitely determine what kind of person you are, but it doesn't determine what your sexual preference will be. It is like the notion of straight men wearing womens panties and I'm sure it happens more than we think, it can just be easily concealed. Why should material and cut determine sexual preference? A woman would hear of this and think it was odd or say something like "wow, he must be extremely secure with his masculinity." Why do the clothes you wear on the outside matter? In the end, they don't.

If your son is dressing up as a princess, yes, he might be gay, but so what? Chances are it is pure expression. You'd rather have your son know it at a young age and be confident with what his preferences and outward style are than those boys who strive to be as straight looking as possible and play football while they hide anxiously in the closet. So what gives?

I thought it was extremely cool that these moms were so open with their little boys dressing up and expressing themselves. Of course, they admitted it took some time to get there, but the fact is that they didn't try to stop it or didn't act in some outrageous manner that made their sons feel like they were in the wrong for the clothes they chose to wear.

November 7, 2010

...and there were kimonos instead of robes!

Nothing like jet-setting to Japan on three days notice.
Yep. That's what happened. Let's just be grateful this all worked out to my advantage. The original intent of this trip was for my dad to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and niece by himself for 9 days. My mom "wouldn't be able to handle the flight" and I wasn't really asked to attend and figured I wouldn't be able to take the time off of work. To make a long story short, my brother and mom were able to convince me on Wednesday that I should go with my dad, and at this point he was regretful in booking the trip alone. I didn't want him to go alone, and felt it would be important to take the opportunity not only to travel with my dad, but to see Japan and my family before they planned on moving back in December of 2011.

I have a boyfriend who is itching to go to Japan and has been for years, telling him I would be taking this little venture on such short notice, brought out of the best of the stress in me. However, coming here when we have a direct connection to the country (my sister-in-law is Japanese) is such a treat. We are able to see the sights and have the advantage of having someone who speaks both English and Japanese. It will make it that much easier when Eric and I plan to come here again in the future with one another!

Ugh. I know that Dexter is on right now. I guess requesting that Eric didn't watch this while I was away might have been a little bit of a stretch, but I was hoping for the best! It is 11:03AM here and 8:03PM back home! I am anxious to get out and explore more of Japan today.

I am one of those people where new places really excite me, but I hate touring around all day long. There just comes a point where my brain shuts off and I can't retain anymore. I am glad that all of us are on the "take it easy and see Tokyo" page. We had some mishaps with our flight yesterday and we were delayed four hours because of apparent problems with the plane, they eventually had to put it back into service and snatch us another 777. Which, by the way, whoever configured the seating space for those planes has something comin to them. Nothing like 13 hours with just inches of legroom. Those in Business/First class are to be envied.

For now, we have not really left the base in which we are staying. Due to the fact that my brother works for the U.S. Army (he was stationed here four years prior to moving here) we are able to stay in the hotel on base which was just recently renovated and is quite accommodating! I thought I was going to have to tamper with converter plugs and minimal TV (not like it totally matters, but at night when you're trying to go to sleep, TV is a big plus) but luckily I was wrong and I even got to watch some Sunday football! What a treat! Today will be our first day out and about due to us getting in so late last night. I am already anticipating a good night's sleep tonight. Luckily, jet lag didn't SCREW me because the plane did. I slept for about 20 minutes and the night before the flight I thought it would just be divine to get three hours of sleep so I would be able to catch a few ZzZz's mid flight. Oh hey! I can't sleep sitting up. So that plan failed me, but that meant I was able to sleep like a baby all through the Japanese night. I got a solid nine hours of sleep, unfortunately my dad is suffering from heavy eyelids. Enough about sleep! More about miso soup and seaweed salad!

I am extremely excited to go to Harajuku and The Comme Des Garcons trading museum.

The Comme des Garcons Trading Museum, Tokyo

I'm also jonesin' to visit this shop

A few GREAT street shots from

I wish there was a common gathering place somewhere in Chicago where people interested in diverse fashion got together to talk about it and collaborate. I guess that would be called "Good Will" on a Saturday, but it's really not the same.

November 2, 2010

This is Halloween. That was Halloween.

I think maybe some sanity was restored this weekend.
I was glad I could be there to help out!-even though I was somewhere in the middle of a extremely large crowd with no view of the stage or any of the main happenings. While I was a tad bit disappointed that I'd miss an "official" Halloween (you know, hot dogs, cider, chili, tons of candy, T.V. specials....) I was glad that we took the ten hour drive to the nation's capital to join a crowd of about 200,000 and a slew of awesome guests to help prove a point.

It was fun being around so many people with an opinion that possessed both political intelligence and comical wit. One of the most accurate signs I saw was "It's a sad day when our politicians are comical and I have to take our comedians seriously." It was also a great reason to escape to D.C. for the weekend and enjoy the sights. We were there for less than 36 hours but it felt like three days with all the walking/picture taking/sight-seeing we did. No regrets, we had a great time. What a unique experience to be among a crowd that large and it being so widely publicized was neat to see. It got a good message out there, to those who were able to understand it. It was irritating to hear news correspondents say that it was not a political rally and that it was purely comical. I think if you were there, you definitely felt the political vibe.

First of all, being in D.C. you become patriotic in a whole new way, a way in which normally I am not. You feel proud of your country and its founding fathers. You want to believe that America is a great place and that we have our shit together. It must be something in the architecture. The rally that took place in such a patriotic/political atmosphere didn't have to be promoted as "political". It just felt that way as you marched your way to towards the capital, reading the onslaught of political posters aimed in all sorts of directions. You were able to get a feel for people via the signs they held in their hands. It was mostly comical in terms of presentation, except for a few parts that were spot on in terms of where American politics/media outlets stand to the common folk. But the performances were all perfect in reflecting the political spectrum and the relationship we have with one another when it comes to respecting everyones opinion and while educating ourselves about what is REALLY going on. I was glad to be a part of it.

I will really miss the ghoul-ery and overall spirit of Halloween. I loved decorating Halloween cookies at work. Unless they consist of this bouquet (COUNT ME OUT) I just never think my kool kids are good enough--yes kool with a K. I'll miss the spookiness and the chill that lingers in the air in just the right way (November air is too frigid), the way the leaves tumble down the streets... It just gives off such a spooky/spirited vibe. Also, it allocates eating a large amount of mini sized candy bars in a short period of time. I think my chance of diabetes just went up a good 10% after these past two days. We have just been devouring candy.

I wanted to be two things this year, which of course both fell through. I really wanted to be Margot Tenenbaum. I lacked the mink. Then I came up with the best idea way too late. I wanted to sport something with crazy, huge, funky ass sleeves and be "Sleavie Nicks!" as in...

Perhaps next year! Don't worry, I still dressed Halloween appropriate! Here are some pictures from the past few days/weeks as well as some Halloween inspired finds;

my Friday work ensamble

my pumpkin from this year

I love this cookie. I love the plumpy ghost!

Alas, November 2 has passed and I voted! Now we can rest assured that we will not see any redundant political ads for a long time. I guess I could mention the outrage that took over me when I was informed that they "don't have "I voted" stickers this year." WHAT?! That is one immediate perk of voting. You may vote and walk out of there knowing you will not get the outcome you want. But at the end of that voting day YOU GET that sticker. Instant gratification. Big YAY! to Laura, who gave me her "I voted" sticker when she was informed of my disappointment.