December 30, 2010

Almost 2011. What a title!

I'm afraid tears may be shed at the stroke of midnight this year.
2010 was so good to me. I spent most of the time being 22. Golden.
I saw all of my favourite artists (lacking David Byrne, of course).

1) Florence + The Machine (and I got the setlist!)
2) Natalie fucking Merchant (!!!!!!!!) (got a setlist here too! :D)
3) Spoon (twice)
4) Metric
5) Thom Yorke (Atoms For Peace)
6) Passion Pit &
7) Modest Mouse.

We will close out our year with The Black Keys in the city tomorrow. I'm so anxious. I have done so much this year. Eric and I took a wonderful vacation to Savannah and Hilton Head and we took a quick five day trip to Portland and a few getaways in the mix. I traveled to Japan and saw my niece for the first time and got to visit with my brother and sister-in-law for the first time in 4+ years. My Nephew, Jack was born and he was the first baby I've ever held (I'm baby weird for sure) and he rocks. I moved out of my house and I love living with my best friend, it's been such a great experience. So many great experiences this year!

As much as I like to dip around in the past, I sure do like to wipe that slate clean and settle complacently into a new year. Although, it will be more than complacent, because that seems like a dull state to be in. I will settle enthusiastically into 2011. How dreadful the age 23 sounds. I hope to make it a fun and beautiful year, I won't let the number get to me.

So in my last post I mentioned PJ Harvey. This is hardly something to skim over. The past few weeks have been profound in terms of musical adoration. I liked her before, but I now love her work. This song in particular; The Dancer. When I hear this song, I feel like she is scraping my soul, or it makes me feel like I'm home but I can't explain why. I can see it being on the list of songs I permanently love. Speaking of lists, Terri Hemmert (my favourite DJ ever) was talking about how the British Magazine, Q, posted a list of the top 30 albums released over the past 25 years.; see here. I can only imagine how hard the list was to compile, but it's fascinating to see the results (keep in mind, it's not an American source).

But alas, tomorrow is the last day of the year and again, like a broken record, I am sad to see it go. I anticipate 2011 because I believe that although 2010 was great, I believe that I will go into 2011 with more sense and perhaps more motivation. I learned a lot this past year, but I know that I will learn even more this year. I hope everyone has a beautiful new year. Spend it wisely!


December 27, 2010

He who creates the clothes....

annnddd scene.

Finally. Christmas is over. You know, I actually feel bad writing that. I love Christmas. I look forward to it for months. I long for that "Holiday spirit" that revs up right after Halloween (although, I miss many aspects of early fall by the time Thanksgiving hits). Unfortunately so much goes along with Christmas that make it extremely irritable and exhausting. In the end, it is always worth it, but it's hard telling yourself that along the way.

I got some great gifts this year. People were so generous. Eric got me subscriptions to W, V, Nylon, Bazaar, Vanity Fair, and Pop as one of my gifts. That should keep me busy for months to come. I am so amped for all of them to start coming in the mail, I will be feverishly reading about fashion aimed at all different targets. Unfortunately Pop only delivers twice a year :( I wish it were four, at least it'd be consistent with seasonal change.

I feel like I've been in a schlump lately, but only in certain aspects. In most ways I am extremely fulfilled. This is such a hard week on me emotionally year after year. I think I just feel the need to reflect and wrap it up as we move on to a new year. I'm so anxious. I am nervous about leaving the wonderful, wonderful age of 22. I never want it to end. I just have bad feelings about all the other ages, I knew 22 would be golden, but what will 23 hold? I guess I have three more months to battle my concerns and lay them to rest.

Now aside to something for the eye to gaze at as the pre-fall 2011 has been unveiled. Zac posen, as I remember, used to be one of Natalie Portman's favourites. She used to always wear things from his collections and I believe that she put him on the map. I seem to always go back to Natalie Portman. But it's just too easy. She resides in one of my favourite issues of Vogue ever. February 2004. I also am a fan of her work in films so it just seems like an obvious person to target. While I still have not seen Black Swan, some odd curiosity swept over me to see who she was going to wear to premieres. Which brought this whole new excitement over me(*TANGENT ALERT*); Tom Ford said in his recently published interview in Vogue, "I'll wait to see who is nominated for the Oscars. Then I offer to dress one person." I cannot wait to see who he selects! It might just be Natalie Portman, although pregnancy presents itself, but it's not like he can't add a few stitches and seams ;)

So back to what I was originally trying to do with this was....

Emerald green dress is by Stella McCartney and the center one is Zac Posen.
Unfortunately I couldn't separate these pictures.

and see, they're friends too, his "muse". How cute! Also another one of his designs.

But moving away from Natalie Portman, we can nicely transition into Zac Posen. Pre-Fall 2011 is out and about and it couldn't be any more different than the spring 2011. Not that it's supposed to-and that's exactly what I like about it. I have to respect an artist whose work moves so fluidly and can differ from project to project. Of course, there are designers have that "Oh that is so and so" kind of familiarity and I can admire and respect that. Zac Posen has always had a funk to his style; youthful and eclectic. His work seems to be maturing and nicely! I love artists that can transform themselves to match the project they are working on [see; PJ Harvey]. I'm not sure that necessarily happens with Zac Posen, but I just wanted to make a note of admiration among those that do. Pre-fall feels like a mood piece. a Dark one. It's like the Gashlycrumb girls go glam. I like it. I like it's rigid sense of "cold is coming". Maybe it is the stance and darkness of the models. Spring 2011RTW is full of flamboyancy, sex, and femininity. I love it.

and now here is a glimpse of his Pre-Fall 2011 Runway

Sorry for making this look rather broken.

December 17, 2010

This monday started with Daria.

Wow. Reckless abandon.

This month has dipped down to ridiculously low temperatures which leaves me scrambling for 50 layers of leggings each morning and my uggs. These aren't the most fulfilling clothing options, but I'll take it. I'm learning the art of the "bundle up". I'm staying warm, well, almost warm. It is nearly impossible for my body to retain heat for any period of time lately. Unfortunately, writing has to take a backseat to the Christmas run around. I always anticipate this time of year so much, but once it arrives, I always find myself stressed and less than whole. I anticipate the box to come of all the awesome gifts I ordered for people. Now I must go get ready, I still have 49 more leggings to find.