May 15, 2011

Normally, I try to keep abortions out of it.

Before I delve into anything, I feel like this video needs to be posted;

If I ever chose to re-produce, I can only hope that my child would be a little something like this kid.
Not to mention that it doubles as an ad for my phone, the glorious ThunderBolt.
Verizon isn't too bad either. Out of my three services in the past year, you seem to reign supreme, V.
I feel this is the best case scenario when you let your kid meddle with technology, but I feel the majority of youth uses technology in few ways that actually advance them. Please youth, PROVE ME WRONG!
Although, my counterpart is a kid that meddled with technology and it did him wonders :)

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I feel like I've been missing so much this week. Working long hours each day only allows me to see so much of my Tweet Deck (trust me, it's a worthy line-up). I find myself bookmarking numerous links each day hoping to get to it later. However, I always have time for my news, which seems to enrage me while informing me about what's going on around here. This segment was one that enraged me (in a good getting-to-know-the-facts kinda way);

**side note: March 22:  my birthday!/unfortunate bill signed.
Hopefully this segment makes you mad.

This particular segment aired on May 9th and I could not believe what I was hearing. The mere THOUGHT of a MALE in his upper 50's even trying to have any say or input when it comes to abortion (and not just abortion, remember) is just plain scary, but when the concept comes into play that they can actually make laws that make it much more difficult to have access to/prevent it, makes it that much more TERRIFYING. Now this isn't news, this has been politically debated for longer than my lifetime. This issue isn't even new to the news, it just keeps making appearances. Over and Over. I feel like when men debate this issue, it doesn't hold nearly the same conviction as it would if it were coming from a woman, and for obvious reasons. I just feel like they have no place in deciding this particular issue for a large population of this country. I know that there is a right to get involved if the situation affects them personally and I also understand it becomes a political issue when we fund it federally (Planned Parenthood services, not abortion), but there is obviously a reason why we have in the past. I just feel like a man cannot comprehend the choices or emotions that a woman goes through and experiences when she is pregnant. I cannot even imagine what it entails and I have the ability to carry a child. Until we have children (...or don't have children), I feel like we will never know the feelings that come along with a pregnancy. How can you give someone the right who will never be able to bear a child, the right to make decisions for women who can?? I cannot even believe that women who are pro-life give that much more power away. Choice is a beautiful thing, even if you don't embrace it, how can you be against it? That statement goes for more than just abortion. Republican politicians, in big and small government, are doing things to make it harder for women to get abortions is the last thing I want to start happening. Especially those in low income positions who already have difficulties in affording even decent health care. If people cannot afford decent health care each month, how will they ever be afford a child? Abortion isn't even the whole (point) here. It really all comes down to Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood was never allowed to use federal funding towards abortions in the first place, so that isn't the only issue here. The new proposal cuts other extremely important aspects of contraception and preventative care. So now it's going to be harder to have access to CONTRACEPTIVES?! The last thing this country needs is more children. The world is already grotesquely overpopulated. More abortion articles in the recent media are here; (Kansas, Nebraska, Indiana, Missouri)

I think there was anger smoke seeping from my ears in hearing about what was going on in South Dakota. It literally terrifies me to think that women get forced into having a baby because of a limited access to resources/funding/coverage to rid themselves of that pregnancy. Even then, access to cancer screenings and birth control become unavailable to women who have been depending on it. Things that are extraordinarily expensive even to those that have decent insurance coverage. THAT IS HUGE. This is where it doesn't just affect women, men will get affected by this too. To think that males put these laws into place sickens me more than anything, but if it were women, that might just be that much more sickening. Cutting off funding doesn't make abortions impossible, it just makes them that much harder to have access to, along with all those other vital aspects of women's care. Now, bills get put into place that make the the whole process much more selective. Here is one take on it from The New Republic. Of course, again, this is nothing new to the Republican agenda. My counterpart and I were talking more about the topic last night. He claims that I cannot make the statements such as "Men shouldn't be behind these bills and laws pushing them forward when they don't even understand the repercussions." Why can't I? I think the "Man Cave" video needs to make an appearance. So everyone, ladies too, lets get in the cave.

Please realize, these are just my opinions. I haven't been following abortion coverage for years or had any reason to step within the territory of a Planned Parenthood, but these things are important to me anyways, after all, I am a woman. The agenda really freaks me out. The articles posted supplement various views and occurrences happening in different states or going on nationally.  If there is something I missed, something you have to throw in, or something I'm completely wrong about, I'd love to hear about it. Generally, I'm not one to go around toting off my thoughts on abortion...why not start?! (heh) but I feel that I'm up to my waist in news coverage about it. I just thought I'd finally get my thoughts compiled. I just cannot believe what I hear in so much of the recent news...

Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi featuring Jack White:
Two Against One

Anywho, I've been really amped on this song lately.
It's been getting a decent amount of play on WXRT.

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Hi Tessa, I found your blog from your comment over at Rachel Maddow's Blog. I suggest you join us over at: to help keep informed of all the ridiculous legislation that's attempting to take away our rights as women all over the country. It's outrageous how obsessed the right is about the contents of our uterus.