December 11, 2012

November Wrap-Up // Lifestyle

I always enjoy some time on the swings, as any person should.

Yes, THAT'S RIGHT. That would be me in H&M. I'm not the only one here, kids.
Things like that make me smile for sure.

All of that was to kick off my costume for Halloween, which was Lana Del Rey.
Here was my dress I wore, which was originally purchased for my Senior year homecoming. I haven't
worn it since and had a feeling when I wore it on Halloween that it may not be worn by me again. Let's
hope I'm wrong. It's such a beautiful dress. Of course I had buy new earrings, a necklace, and a ring.
I had to have new accessories if I was going to kick this event off right.

The end result. OLIVE EYES! I felt like getting ready for this was a task,
very much like getting ready for homecoming or prom. I knew
I had to look perfect to even try to pull it off, and although I can't even touch
Lana when it comes to looks, I felt really beautiful that whole night.
Dan and I sporting our food themes. See, I was dead-set on going as Lana
but the party we were going to was food themed, so I was savvy and I crocheted
cinnamon sticks into the scarf I made for it so it would be "life is sweet like cinnamon".
He went as Heisenbuger, a play on Breaking Bad's Walter. He had ketchup, mustard, tongs,
and all the add-ons in his apron. Overall, we're awesome.

Ahh, yes, yes. We grabbed some grub at Lockdown & Zombie Dust
was on the menu, so of course I ordered that brew!
we got fried pickles to start and of course I'm a sucker for their "create your own" mac + cheese.
I always get Fuji Apples with Brie Cheese because, well,  it's awesome.

Halloween sunrise.
Halloween moonfall.
Mt. Kimbie performing at The Metro // Chicago // Opening act for Squarepusher.

I hadn't heard anything from this band until their show and I really enjoyed it.
Check this out
I love how they incorporated personal photos into a fast moving set of images. Very cool.

THE MAIN EVENT! Squarepusher. This was pretty rad for sure.

Challah french toast with fresh berries and whipped cream
from Feed. Needless to say, it was delicious. We make this
a brunch spot once a month or so. They have some great little specials,
and it has a real home-y feel to the place.
One day, we took a stroll to Star Lounge and on the way bopped into this awesome
little shoppe called Komoda. We ended up purchasing a few things, but as I was
checking out, the woman told me to try on the little cheetah ring that's here next to my zebra.
The double-finger ring cheetah on my left hand has green eyes and she said it reminded
her of it. It fit perfectly, so she gave it to me free of charge as a little lagniappe! Wahoo!

Our Komoda purchases. We put together these lil robots and it was a hoot for sure. Of course all in the presence
of RAINBOW FROGS! A Haribo favorite of mine!

Let's be honest, I was very tempted to do a write-in vote....

Me in a Starcraft hoodie that Dan ordered but was too small for him,
so fortunately, I got in on all the benefits of that. So...sure, yeah, I'll wear it.
COMMON, obviously!
HURRAH! I have never been to Navy Pier, let alone go on the Ferris wheel,
or any ferris wheel, ever. I know, I'm an odd Chicagoian, or maybe just odd
all together, but this was such a fun time. It was such a beautiful day that we
had to take full advantage of it before it gets down to the temperatures that
actually make sense for this time of year.

Us looking like happy little clams!
'TIS THE SEASON, MY FRIENDS! Time to get crafty and that
means some serious crochetin' business. It's my favourite thing
to gift. Some sort of crocheted gift made personally for each person.
It's such a fun time and means that much more both in giving it and
the person receiving it. I've been crochetin' like a fool for the past
several weeks and I have a lot of my gifts done, but time is slipping away
SO FAST. I made the cake for my Uncle Dave on Thanksgiving. He's a
pretty groovy guy and I figured he'd dig the paisley-esque print.

Just a few things I have in the mix or hats that I've already given out.
I love making people hats. They are quite simple and quick, so making
them does't feel as daunting, I suppose. I would love to post my scarves
I've been working on, but since they're gifts and my friends take a peek
at this every so often, I feel it's my place to keep them a secret ;)
I was so excited that I got to see this duo live. Their music hypes me in a way
that I'm not all too familiar with. I showed my ma, she was NOT a fan. I just
think that the beats and the way he spits his rap make this group that much more
unique. I just want to jump all over and dance like crazy when I listen to them.
Here's my favourite jam.


Dan suggested this lil place; I had never been there and something downright
tasty, yet small portioned was desired. This was our cheese plate and I was all about it.
It was a pretty decent spread of cheeses, but I absolutely love how they paired them.
The wine that we got along with the pate was tops. I have been craving this place
since I've dined there last. 
Charlie Brown- the star of the household
Caribou does this groovy little chalkboard with questions each week.
I always am there at the start of the week and deck out the board,
This particular question, I could have easily chocked this board up with my faves,
but I stuck with the essentials.

Me having all too much fun within The Dollar Tree. Obviously.

Decided to treat myself to a hat this year. Usually I'm so busy making stuff for
everyone else that I only sneak one thing in there for me, if that. I've actually been
getting a lot of use out of this bad boy. It's ulllttrraaaa warm!

*Actually, the other day, I was at brunch and the girl that was sitting next to me was
wearing a hat of a similar material and being a crocheter, I asked her if she had made it herself.
Thinking she would likely say yes and we'd chat about stiches, she replied "Oooo, that sucks you think
that, I got it at Saks." WHOOPS! The only reply here is "It's super cute, that's why I asked!" heh.

LUCKY ME! Finally came across one of these! CROCHET BOMB! This was a
bike rack on some street somewhere in the city. It was rather exciting and clearly picture worthy!
This was an awesome show. It was at Double Door last weekend and the weather was
gorgeous and good spirits were all around. This show was pretty unique because I hadn't
heard this particular artist before. I knew he was a turntable-ist, but it was definitely the jam that night.
I enjoy venues like Double Door, Bottom Lounge, Reggies, etc, so this was great.


Well wasn't this a BEAUTIFUL Sunday in Chicago? It was December 2.
The thermometer read somewhere between 60º and 70º. We took full
advantage by hitting up Wicker Park sans jackets. What a wonderful weekend.
A little trip to Reckless Records was also in the line-up, as it is any time we are near one.
I always find the Florence albums and display them all nice. I feel as a fan, I'm doing my part.
I found these sluggers in Buffalo Exchange, where I tend to find a lot
of my goodies these days. I needed a pair of boots that were practical,
not something with a heel, not something went extremely high on my leg,
not something I had to lace for days. These were it. They zip on the side
so I can avoid all the lace fanfare and they are a great colour, not grey, but
not BLACK. Wahoo!

I'm a part of the American Spirit fan club ordeal, which allocated me to get
2 packs of cigarettes for $2. HELL YEAH. So I signed up months ago, and then
the other day they sent me this nifty little package. It's actually an ashtray made
from cigarette butts. It's a promotion because they actually want you to send in
your cigarette butts in order to make more rad cig swag! BONUS! I'm around a lot
of cigarette smokers, I want to send them in, but am wondering if I will actually go
through with it. Who knows, I might get some more groovy perks!
DECEMBER 4TH, BABY! It was actually a rather interesting day,
but Florence was the only thing my ears listened to that day.

suburban walks in unseasonably warm temperatures.

.   .   .

How was your November?