May 31, 2016

Wandering New Streets [life + music + products]

It's been a minute and a lot has happened. I am no longer a Lakeview resident within the city, but I'm now living life in Ravenswood. The past month has consisted of me putting my life into boxes only to take them out weeks or days later, and so it goes. Needless to say, I'm loving the space and can get completely used to this location. Lakeview is the ultimate "starter-pack" neighborhood for when you move to the city, which is why is suited me so well over the past two and a half years. It's nice to explore new space and move into a place that allocates such a nice transition.

In the mean time, there has been a lot of music that I've been amped on that I feel needs some sharing. These have been in the rotation over the past two months or so, and in that period of time, there has been a lot of time to process certain aspects of my life and a lot of changes have come my way, and this music has served as a tasty soundtrack. Music always seems to fall into place at the right times, and I'm thankful for it.


'Riverby Bishop Briggs is a hard-hitter and it was love on first listen, and of course I had WXRT to thank for that. Those are the best kind of songs, the ones that don't take any time at all. I highly recommend this jam, she's a powerhouse and I'm seriously looking to catching her play live when she rolls through. (please tell me that didn't already happen). I'm currently listening to it now and it's worth your time.

Daedelus, oh, how I love him and his funky bow-ties; I fell in love with 'The Open Hand Avows' on a stroll home from work. It's a tune that has the ability to make you feel on a larger level. A feeling that's hard to explain, but could be easily felt.

'Able To See Me' by Hippie Sabotage was one that crept in on accident and I'm so glad it did. My roommate's Pandora radio was playing this jam about a week ago and I had to check in on what it was. It definitely caught my ear right away and there have already been freestyle moves thrown down to this one, which always gives a song that much more staying power.

AND OF COURSE; 'Burn The Witch', as well as the rest of the songs off of A Moon Shaped Pool, the latest by Radiohead, but that was a serious given. That single seems to get better and better each time I hear it. The album really comes together as a whole and I can listen to it over and over.

I have to highly recommend giving Bosnian Rainbows a listen. Now, I've mentioned them before, but perhaps years ago when I saw them at Bottom Lounge. That was a hell of a show and I absolutely love their sound. Here's the whole album; Bosnian Rainbows. You're welcome.

Elemental Fusions:

I mentioned this brand a few posts back, but they definitely need a stronger highlight. I was exposed to these products about 6 months ago by a co-worker, whose parents make the products that make up the brand Elemental Fusions. Their goal was to make all-natural products that are affordable, yet extremely effective. They sell them locally and spread the word among family and friends, however, their stuff is too good to keep secret. For Christmas I received a handful of items from their line, containing all natural oils and scents, along with the essentials; honey, aloe, olive oil, glycerin, etc. I couldn't even pick a favorite item of theirs; candles (which unfortunately are no longer part of their line, but the ones I do have left, are awesome), facial scrubs and soaps, linen sprays, and most importantly, the lotions! I am obsessed with them - and you've got options; the thicker lotion that's similar to a "butter" - loaded with oils and goodness. It's the perfect lotion to apply just before you put on a pair of mittens, and you let your hands soak up the glory. The other option is their lighter lotion; absorbs at a quicker rate and still does a wonderful job of getting your hands tip-top moisturized. The scents are glorious as well; honeysuckle and tuberose have been my go-to's thus far in terms of any requests I've made for additional products. And trust me, there have been requests. While I speak volumes for the lotions, I need to mention the facial scrub because I absolutely love it and believe it's what god intended when it comes to facial scrubs. The elements of the ingredients it's made from really come together to leave your skin feeling extremely soft and well scrubbed without the harshness. Needless to say, they are definitely part of my daily skincare game and I recommend making them a part of yours.

[get at them] :

While there is plenty more I can talk about and suggest right now, this seems like a nice place to wrap it up. I really do need to talk about that Le Butcherettes show though, which by now happened weeks ago. They opened for At The Drive-In on the 19th of May. It was some pretty rad shit and I'm beyond stoked I got to see them play live. Teri is a gem. I've always heard they put on a hell of a show, and thre is absolutely no doubt about that. For now, jam out to this; 'Witchless C Spot', a favorite off their latest album, A Raw YouthTG