March 21, 2010

birthday & candles (not on a cake)

I'm right on the brink of my Golden birthday.
This day means everything to me. I will be 22 years old on March 22.
21 never meant shit to me.
22 is what I've been waiting for.
All the 11 multiples really; 22, 33, 44, 55, 66....
I feel like it is going to be the best year yet.
2010 has already been very, very good to me.
I feel like 22 is a beautiful number to BE.
Eric has been too good to me this birthday and needless to say I have some AWESOME concerts coming up! (passion pit, modest mouse, & THOM YORKE!) and a new navigation/radio unit in my car which now allows the music to flow from the iPhone through the car speakers. What a nice contrast to burning 1000 CDS.

But in the midst of the "golden-ness" is the redecorating of Eric's casa. It was a mere 3 weeks ago when we decided that me moving in here was going to be a top notch idea. One we still share. In my excitement and madness to create something of our own, I've been running to Target and other "home-y" kind of stores and spending away my paychecks. I have learned that I'm a bit of a candle addict. Target has these awesome candles by Illume. They come in really funky tins and have that earthy sweet scent to them, really unique. I think its nice when a candle can be used as part of decor.

Also, a love/hate relationship has started to form between me and the wonderful store called Anthropologie. Talk about amazing everything in that store, but talk about amazingly overpriced. Its sad, but its a way to muster up ideas and then...go to Target or Ikea to get something close, heh.

Along with the random candles and wall decor we've been putting around everywhere, we have also got the paint up on the walls and the carpet has been ordered! Things have been really coming along and I'm so excited. The process of making it our "own" is going better than we expected. All in all it looks like Target, Menards, Ikea, & Home Goods will be getting/has gotten their fair share from us!

Let's mention my "cool girlfriend award" for being in love with the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. I have always loved video games since I first had an Atari in my room at the age of four. My brother was always bringing home game systems and new games and I always had free time to play them (in between a competitive skating career...) So now I've snagged my a guy who likes a little x-box here and there and he found a girl who loves to annihilate the assholes over live. Of course, I cannot toot my own horn-- I've only been at the game for a week, but I find myself staying up into the night to play.

I have to mention a fun little knick knack that Eric received from his boss;
They are called Bucky Balls. They are these crazy little magnetic balls and you can make all these different things out of them...

I hope you all are enjoying spring! The weather has been so wacky, but I look forward to the consistent 80 degree weather!

For now...I AM GOLDEN!

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