January 30, 2011

In cookie form.

of the weekend

I made this scarf last week and I couldn't wait to finish it.
I love the colours and I'm so glad I got it done quickly so I can wear it for the remainder of the cold months.

Casual Fridays rock my world. I wore this on Friday.
Sorry for this odd angle, it was all the effort I was willing to put in.
The leggings are from uniqlo; the best store with tons of funky leggings.
They are one of my favourite purchases from Japan.
The plaid blue/black shirt is from Target.

A cookie I made for Eric this weekend.
I make him a custom cookie or two every Saturday that I work.
Toby is our cat.

His second one. This one is our cat in cookie form.
I custom made the frosting to try and match his colour using brown, black, white, & yellow.
I used a #233 tip for his body.

See here;

Aw, Toby!

A custom order I did for someone who ordered a design I made up in the shoppe.

Just got done watching the SAGs. I will imput my opinion sometime tomorrow, but all I have to say right now is that Tina Fey rocked her Oscar de la Renta and Julianna Marguiles gave the best speech of the night. Take it easy; keep that Sunday groovin.



lady sélénite said...

What a great scarf you did ! And I agree with you : uniqlo is wonderful for tights and leggings !

Tessa G. said...

Thanks! I was exposed to UniQlo when I was in Japan and I miss it!