February 25, 2011

Tween trends turned into neckware.

Ladies and Gentlemen....

May I present

"The Necklace"

Ah, Finally. I've gotten around to posting a couple pictures of my beloved creation. I was first introduced to Silly Bandz by Natalie Merchant. She pulled a young boy fan on stage to read a limerick and they were also talking about Silly Bandz since he had given her a package of them. Then I saw them in stores and saw that they were $4.99- now this wasn't a trend I was looking to get into, but I did want to create something with it. I was going to need about 10 packs of these and wasn't really looking to spend $50. So I waited. & waited. & waited. Then one day I strolled into Hot Rags and saw they were selling them for 99cents a pack! So here was my chance; I snagged 10 packs, went home, dug around for a chain to throw these suckers on, and now have a silly bandz necklace that reminds me of coloured electricity on a string.

At first I thought this trend was exceptionally stupid, but now it totally makes sense. Whenever I wear it I hope a giddy 8 year old comes up to me hoping to trade a few. The necklace itself is HEAVY. I definitely know how Flavor Flav feels when he sports his clock now.

The resemblance is uncanny.


Jessica said...

Haha that's awesome! My niece is obsessed with those things. She happens to be 8! I heard they have Kardashian silly bands now. They are in the shape of their bodies. What will they create next?!?!

Tessa G. said...

HA ha that's funny! I think that is such an odd way to market yourself!

Trends are great. Remember Crazy Bones, LIPSMACKERS?! (we traded a few! you had chocolate milk and it was the first time I had ever seen that flavour!), Jelly Rolls, Pogs, Crave, Warheads, Jncos (the boys pants!), Beady critters-- Holy shit. So many odd trends. They were all supurb!

I actually saw these kids playing Crazy Bones last summer when my friend and I were walking, I had a stash of about 25 from the old days, so I went home and got like 10 of em and gave them to the kids so they can see what they were like 12 years ago, because they aer so different now!

So yeahhh.. heh