March 11, 2011

Heartbreak in Japan & disdain towards "the line"

Heartbreak and outrage would be two words that you could possibly use to sum up this day.
My alarm went off at 7:20. I have this habit of eating and breathing Tweetdeck on my phone, so in the morning when I have no desire to get out of bed, I'll catch up on news and any flashy fashion posts rollin' on in. Today was something of a more somber note; Tsunami and earthquake reports from Japan from every source possible that I follow. I freaked when I saw how high it was. 8.9. Shit. Where did this happen?! I went on Facebook, saw the people that I knew there had posted they were okay and relief hit me hard. My brother, sister-in-law(her mom,dad,brother,& sis-in-law), niece, and I know a girl that works and lives there from one of my old jobs. When I woke up with nothing planned out to wear (CASUAL FRIDAY!) Japan was on my mind and in my heart today. My clothes reflected that because it was all from Japan.

The pants are from UniQlo & the shirt was is from a shop called AC/DC Rag on the
main street in Harajuku.

I don't think any of my customers got my "Japan vibe"...that's fine...
I had to leave my phone behind today and I didn't really get too much of a chance to catch the news before I left. I had to go without any information about what was going on in Japan until I got home past 3pm-the pictures are truly heartbreaking. Especially for hit in Japan-where such beauty resides in all forms. The people are so respectful and gracious; a country that is so ornate and gorgeous. It is a country that stole my little heart. Those images are horrible to see. I'm grateful everyone that I know is okay. I know a handful of people there, so it makes it all the more saddening. I'm just glad that so far nothing I've seen there has been hit or destroyed in anyway.

It's amazing to see such force impact this country. It's completely mind boggling. The thought of destruction at the arms of nature, something completely beyond your control...woah. Tsunamis have got to be a completely terrifying experience. This meltdown around it all is terrifying too. I'm glad we have the ability to get so much help over there at such a rapid pace.

Japan, earthquake
photo from Time

Japan, earthquake
photo from Time

Japan, earthquake
photo from Time

Japan, earthquake
photo from Time

::insert awkward paragraph transition here::

Whilst watching the local Chicago news this evening, they showed the line of people, three blocks long to be precise, waiting in line- FOR A GOD DAMNED IPAD 2. YOU. HAVE. GOT. TO. BE. KIDDING. ME. It's called tomorrow, people. The reasons that people want this...are you ready?


I bet EVERY one of those people in line like cattle down Michigan Ave has a digital camera in their pockets or somewhere within 30 feet of your computer. Your phones have a camera-probably a better one than the IPad 2. (oh, if you hadn't noticed, I'm not acknowledging the "i") It shocks me of the minimal changes they can make that will still make people line up. Seriously?This got me heated for the latter part of the day. I got home and said "Seriously, tape the camera to the IPad." He fashioned something real fancy!

Ah. Perfect! "Hey, look babe! It's the IPad 2!"

hardy har har!

Oh and in case you were curious, the Friday Feature on XRT was The Who. Woohoo!


Sofi Stellar said...

The destruction is so devastating :(

Mckenzie Jean Lund said...

hahahha, I love your ipad 2. I agree, I've never been a huge mac person, their stuff is great of course, but Its turned in to such an image thing. The epitome of "keeping up with the jones'" and no one has any shame in it, haha.

The tsunami is devistating. My roommate last year is studying abroad here from Japan. I cant imagine how she feels. being so far from family and friends. Can't say enough prayers

Tessa G. said...

I can't even believe it. Such an exquisite and beautiful country. I wish I had a million dollars to give them. We will help rebuild them- again.

It takes a lot to impress me with phones/tablets/technology in general. Apple has a great minimalistic theme which is perfect. Apple products are fine but I just don't understand the waiting in line for three blocks for a feature you already have. I'm going to laugh my ass off at anyone who gets their picture taken or takes a picture with an iPad 2.