April 16, 2011

looks like I fell in the "no inspiration" tunnel.

i n s p i r a t i o n   sslllummmppp.

I have a little (a very little) desire to write up a few words. My mind has been going over a particular tidbit for the past week or so I thought I'd finally put it out there. Awhile back, my friend Laura and I were talking about Tron/Olivia Wilde. I know very little about both, but she went on to tell me more about the star and she said that she is actually a natural blonde but dyes her hair lighter so that people will think she is smarter. For the more direct quote;

"... I'm a natural blonde, but I feel like a brunette. I feel like people treat me now how I should be treated. People used to be shocked, when I was blond, that I wasn't stupid. I used to get these comments that I swear people thought were compliments. Like, 'Oh! You're smart!' - like they couldn't believe it."

Here are my thoughts on this. Did you ask? No. Do you care? Maybe.
Okay, Olivia so you're a natural blonde. You're in the low percentile when it comes to being born with what others vie over. Here you are dying it because you're concerned that people will treat you like you're stupid or think you are less intelligent upon meeting them? GOOD. LET THEM. The advantage is all yours here. I get it, I understand you need the darker hair to feel like you come off in a more intelligent light and I get that having dark hair maybe makes you feel more "sultry" and "jaded", but learn how to play the cards.

I would much rather have people constantly underestimating me while I turn around and refute what they have to say or strike up a more riveting conversation. I would love for people to think that I was inept while really I'm in a state of perpetual competence. This can only work to your benefit. I would love it to constantly blow people out of the water while they were teaching me how to swim along the shore. I'm not trying to say that my capacity for knowledge is "blowing you out of the water" worthy, I'm just trying to make a point. Blondes don't have to be desirable because of reasons that might dumb them down a bit, but hopefully they will become more desirable for the "secret wisdom" they've obtained and concealed.

So today, I met with Laura and had lunch. I have been wearing my thick rimmed glasses lately, sporting a change, and adding some character. Which to me, is just that; adding character. I have always loved wearing fake glasses and everyone has always thought they are real (obviously, who doubts poor vision?) I told her about what I was writing about and I said, can I refute this? She said, "Yes." So I did. Glasses have always given off that smart, nerdy vibe. I can dig that, but wearing them doesn't make me smarter. Neither does dying your hair. Although, sure I guess it's fun to pretend.

So on the topic of hair colour. I was watching something that was aired on CBS and during the commercial break, a commercial for the 10pm news came on. The words that came from his mouth were something along the lines of  "How more women are going grey and can you do it right?" WHAT? Oh, looks like the women of the suburbs have had a radical change in their view towards grey hair. Why does this have to be a trend? Why couldn't we embrace this like...forever ago? And who inspired this all of a sudden? Glenn Close? Helen Mirren? The Queen? Seriously. So I didn't have to watch the news story to muster up an opinion about this. So normally, when one dyes their hair, they do it to accomplish what nature could never and will never be able to give them. Like me for instance, I can dye my hair black (Oh, I'm never doing that again) because I know that a single black hair will never sprout from my little head. It make sense. However, I know that if I put in a good 25 more years of living (or find a career where I stress myself out immensely), I will sprout Grey hairs atop my cabeza (head in espanol, yo!). So why would you go about dying it instead of just letting the natural phenomenon streak on in naturally? I am so amped on the idea of grey hair. Although, this may view may change when I'm that age, but I can't see further damaging my hair for something that will come in due time. Wait it out ladies, let those silver fox strands grow in on their own.


Jessica said...

I can say about her comment about being blonde is really?! You are really saying this right now?! I am insulted by her comment. I am a natural brunette, so I am naturally more comfortable as a brunette. I have been blonde before and now one treated me like I was stupid, and I didn't feel dumb. I loved it, and it was fun for awhile.

I do have say I love thick framed glasses :) I have always worn them. I am currently looking for a new pair. Non of them have been thick enough, or "nerdy" enough for me though. I always remember you wearing fake glasses. haha! Mine are real, which is kind of a pain. But, I do love them so I guess it works out.

Tessa G. said...

Yeah. The comment was kind of lame; desperate stretch.

I love being a saucy blonde ;)

I love my thick rimmed glasses so much. My mom always tells me that I shouldn't wear them ha ha. I just really like the contrast. I am glad they are fake, I'm glad I have that option available to me, I always need a little change up.