May 4, 2011

Documented. The week in photos & songs.

Let's start this entry off right;

Every time I hear this song, my mood changes. Normally, it makes me more contemplative.
I generally hold a song in high regard if it has the ability to change my mood, it's a huge reason why I hold Radiohead near and dear to my heart. I kind of get sad when I hear this song.
I feel that's the emotion it is trying to convey. It's remembering a time when things were just different.
Sometimes change is for the general good. Some things change that you accept and adapt to them without even realizing it, and then when you take the time to reflect on those changes you've inadvertently picked up and adapted to, it makes you sad, because things just move in a whole new way now.
It is because you cannot get that way of life back.

A little bit of the past week or so is documented here in photos;

This is a cutter I saw and had immediately had the urge to decorate it.
So I baked it, popped some frosting on it, put it on a stick and sold it.
I loved this cookie, as did my counterpart.
The worst part? The customer was not even enthused upon purchase. 
I decorate a lot of cookies on a stick that sell very well.
I love it when people pick it out--especially kids, and they are genuinely excited about it.
The same feeling I had while decorated was definitely not the same one the buyer had.
No Tolstoy action here. Therefore, not efficient or effective "art". Bummer.

Don't dare forget your teachers or nurses! It's appreciation week celebrating both.
I've decorated tons of apples and schoolhouses this week, along with nurse bears & 'Thank You' messages.

 .    .    .

Let's not forget Frank
Our favourite custom orderer.
Not only are this man's request crazy, but they've become quite fun for me to conquer.
He's come up with yet another crazy design, and he is fond of celebrating only half birthdays.
I've done some really crazy things, this is almost normal compared to some of the others.
I can always dig a challenge;

The request was:
An upside down pterodactyl flying over two stick people holding signs.
One to say 7 and the other to say 1/2. Write Hannah upside down.
M&M cookie cake. Use red & green colors.

This is essentially what I do.
I never thought that I would be able to lay down frosting on these cookies like I can now.
I remember going in to apply and thinking "yeah...I don't think I can do this."
I've really developed myself in this line of work. My eye for things is different now.
I am thankful for many things I've learned and experienced here.

But let's be real. After 10 hours with minimal food, I go a little crazy.
I was so amped when I changed our dinner menu from porkchops/rice/salad/rolls to PORTILLO'S!
It was a simple text headed for my counterpart that entailed the sole question: "Portillo's?"
The response? "oooooo Portillo's"
Done & Done.
"I'll take a beef, dipped, hot peppers, two large fries, two plain hot dogs, and a medium root beer!"
I place my order like it's a military order.
I don't think I could have said Portillo's anymore in that sum up. NICE.

Oh tiffany shoes, I love you so.
I love this sock/shoe combo, one of my particular favourites.
I actually scored a pair in a similar style but they are plaid.
Obvious choice.

What an exciting day for Toby!
I scooped up some birdseed at the store the other day and got a window feeder.
I also laid down some seed in a pile by the window on the other side.
I love watching birds/animals and I love watching my cat get all sly while doing the same.
This little guy was at our window while his squirrel counterpart was at the other window.
Nothing could scare these guys away. They stuffed themselves for sure.

.    .    .

Here we have some Brett Dennen

This song has been making me move all week long.
When I say "move" I mean that it's making me full on rock out.
In my car, in the shoppe (don't think I didn't run out in the lobby & dance when customers were there),
in my kitchen this morning, etc, etc, etc.
This song takes me off guard, I don't usually like music like this, not often anyways.
Way to go, Mr. Dennen!

Hopefully it makes you get out of your chair!

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