August 12, 2011

730 day adventure!

A counterpart post. It seems necessary even though I'm not a huge advocate for plastering a relationship online. It's been a wonderful 730 days...or two years, and I feel really lucky. I've learned so much and we have grown so well together. It's always an adventure getting to know someone and getting to live with my counterpart has taught me so much about sharing space and about myself. Continually syncing with another person is such a delight. But most importantly, if you haven't learned to say "I'm sorry", "You're right", and "I was wrong" then you might as well not even be in a relationship. I mean, am I right? **

So enough said, here are a few of my favourite pictures over the course of the two years we've spent together;

In one of our favourite places-Portland, OR. Sporting his French Press from Public Domain.
I love this picture of him. Well...I guess I love all pictures of him.

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin seeing Spoon for New Years Eve. Ringing in 2010.
This was a crazy night, but the concert was a blast.
Picture got kind of messed up, but I adore it anyway.

Oh fabulous Hilton Head, one of our many awesome vacations taken in the summer of 2010.
Taken at Dolphin Head

At one of my best friend's houses for her birthday bash. I love this picture of us together hangin out in the city.

In Savannah in the summer of 2010 on our 18th story balcony to the hotel.

More from the Hilton Head trip. Eric came here continually throughout his life and it was important that we saw it and spent time here.

His birthday after dinner celebration that we had in Hilton Head.
We never mind taking time to break for pool.

I cannot forget to mention that he got me one fabulous gift! or two...

I knew that these were coming and I could not wait to open these bad boys this morning, let alone wear them out on our date this evening. Don't worry, I 'Daria'-ed them up with a mini skirt and flattering top. Needless to say, the reaction was very good. I'm very thankful! ::endless stream of smiley faces/exclamation points::
(that's much more convenient to read out...yeah?)

**So that string of sentences together with me ending it "am I right?" reminded me of an episode of 'The Simpson's' that Eric and I watched earlier. I thought it was funny because I only noticed it after I re-read it after it was posted and then remembered laughing about it earlier. TWO-FER! Here's the clip;


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