November 18, 2011

Pictures of then.

Forget saddle shoes. I took these bad boys swiftly out of the bowling alley a long time ago.
Oddly enough, last week was the first time I've decided to rock them...and I've had them for 6 years.

This is one of my favourite sweaters turned inside out.
I still cannot determine what I like better, but I realised it makes a HUGE difference.
The pattern on the other side is totally different. I think it's neat how much it can change an outfit, just by turning it inside out. Next time you see a gnarly sweater at the thrift, pop it inside out and see how it looks.

Staying up past 3am allocates some Full House watchin'.
On this particular night, I couldn't help but notice this awesome outfit D.J. was wearing.
Let's just say it's something that I would definitely sport myself.

I grabbed this pack of buns from Trader Joe's.
I love getting delicious yummies for Sunday mornings.
Unfortunately, I could only finish one of these dudes, but it was tasty to the max.

I came across this on my walk.
There is this awesome house on the street over that does this huge display in their yard and while I've never seen the show, I've walked past the display numerous times during the day on my walks.
This was left up the other day and I can only hope it continues to stay up all year round. Too rad.


.on my walk.


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bollykecks said...

Bowling shoes are rather brilliant, welldone you <3