April 2, 2016

Currently Taking The Cake;

Hello, Hello!

I hope everyone's been enjoying this week! Here's what's goin' down;

Follow-up Celebrations;

Each year I order a cake that really sets the tone for that age or that has some sort of meaning to me, yet something that's a bit humorous. This is even easier because I work in a bakery. For our birthdays, our gift is a cake on the casa. Keeping in theme, I had to go with a Bloody Mary/NOLA theme, because how was I to resist? It was between this or a dachshund eating a hot dog and the Bloody Mary (with the pizza garnish) kind of took the cake on this one. I ordered this to share with my parents last weekend. Needless to say, they were amused.

The Jams;

Now this will be my third time in a row mentioning Flume, but I simply just cannot help it. This album has different ways of hitting me and I fall for certain songs at particular times (I mean, isn't that sort of always how it goes?). Right now it's all about 'What You Need'. This song hit me full force on my walk home the other day and it's made it's way into my daily rotation of listening. It makes me even that much more exciting for my "gymnastics ribbon" to get here so I can crank some serious waves and grooves to this tune (yeah, I ordered one and yeah, Siri calls me Missus President.)

Oh, The Lumineers, they've done it again. They've released yet another song that sort of wrecks me. When I heard they were back with a new album, I said "Huh, Why haven't I ever really gotten into them?" and then I remembered that I dig their music, but it's a bit too cathartic for me, in the same way that Bon Iver is. I find when that happens, I avoid it more than choosing to embrace it. 'Stubborn Love' has me crying by the second verse and I couldn't even tell you why. That's happened the first time I ever heard it and has happened ever since. There are no associations, no memories that flood back, just raw emotion. The problem is, I really love the song, I just avoid it because of the reasons previously mentioned. When WXRT announced that they'd be playing their latest single, 'Ophelia' from their latest album Cleopatra, I was a bit nervous. Yes, I was actually nervous. (SIDENOTE: 'Ophelia' by Natalie Merchant is one of my all-time favorite songs) I liked it right away, but it was drenched in that emotional tone that gets me every time. I'm definitely looking to see what else this album churns out, but will not be attending their show when they roll through. Although, I would pay a pretty penny just to hear 'Ophelia' played live.

Fitz and The Tantrums are back with a new single, 'HandClap' that is not on their usual wavelength but one that works well for them. Normally, this is not a sound I would go for, as it has that ultra-pop vibe to it, but the first time I heard it, it was a Friday night (the day it dropped), I was just about to get out of work, and I had dancing on the brain; the right state of mind to hear this song. It made me feel something, and therefore, it wins me over. However, I do hope they have some songs on this album that ring true to their classic sound. Sometimes, there is no room for the old sound on a new album. I absolutely loved this band when they came around on their debut, Pickin' Up The Pieces and still think that those songs are incredibly solid and some of their best. I have a feeling there are good things to look forward to with this upcoming release.

Wolf Alice isn't new to the game, however, like Flume, and a million and one other artists and songs, music hits me at certain times. When it drops isn't necessarily the important factor here, it's when it makes you feel something is when you bring that song into your life as something more permanent. A memory stake in the music game. Thier single, 'Bros' dropped in 2013 for their EP Blush, however, was reworked for their debut album, My Love Is Cool. I love this song, and I think the music video does well for this. So many people miss the mark on their videos, making me regret watching them. However, it works well for the visual. Definitely a great tune for a long walk and a sunny day. I am guilty of not hearing this entire album yet, but no worries, it's on the to-do list and I'm sure there will be more songs to fall in love with.


Another one in the daily rotation? TURN IT UP. It's 'Heated Heavy' by Krayzie Bone. This song hits me so well - I heard it the other day and it was a glorious refresher. 


So this is a thing. These are on sale at my bakery that I work at. Yes, I decorated them. I really couldn't resist. What else would I do with the chick cookies after Easter time? You can most often find me saying #blessed after nothing at all significant and is a running joke at work (and among 1/3 of the world). Will people get it? I don't know. This one was for me (for all of us, really). It's like the time I Bowie-d everything; PURE SATISFACTION. If you've read this blog for awhile, you all know how much cookie decorating means to me. I am so jazzed that I get to decorate them once a week. It is a marvelous way to get out my creative side whilst getting paid. That's the real glory. #Blessed

The day after his death. Everything was going to get Aladdin Sane-d.

As usual, I've got more up my sleeve, but that's for next time. Have a great weekend, kids! TG

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