May 3, 2009

this post is not a spectacle.

this is only a test.

One day I hope to write something great. For now I'll keep excited about dinner  (which will definately involve sauteed mushrooms) and whatever else comes into my head. I love my random stops to Trader Joes (where I purchased the lil bellas). I've become a big fan of the place. I am also a fan of the chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels I snagged there today. Talk about delight! Speaking of chocolate; I have discovered a new love along the streets of downtown naperville (believe it or not). Le Chocolat is the name and they have fabulous gormet chocolates. Not too bad on the price if you don't go overboard. These are huge, however, I wouldn't be against getting two. 

What a relief it is that school is just about done. Just one class that couldn't bog anybody down--sociology. I guess that's not fair to say. Sociology might be really hard for some people, like math is for me. Jesus H I hate math with a huge passion, however, I long for the ability to be able to execute equations like it ain't no thang. After getting out of my weather class I learned there's a handful of things I'd like to execute without hassle, but all wishful thinking.

Gosh, what a let down. I thought my dad was going to make some yummay mac and cheese tonight, it would have paired nicely with the mushrooms. Oh well, perhaps ciabatta and salad will pair nicely. WITH A CLEMENTINE OF COURSE!

I am excited for what the night brings. Last sunday Matt and I saw Monsters V Aliens. Such a great movie! We saw it in Imax. I loved how the characters looked. We saw it in some sort of 3D? I'm not sure if our eyes got used to it, but let me tell you, half way through the movie we kept toying with our glasses figuring out if they made any difference. Anywho--I am excited to see what we decide to do for our entertainment for tonight (if we do hang out). We always have a good time. Except when we go to tiger direct--and don't even get me started. ha ha ha!

well. who knows when I will write next. Might be in 10 minutes, might be in 10 days. So go buy some chocolate and make yourselves a good dinner tonight, kids. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER! :) or tea if you please!


kle said...

Hi there and welcome to the blog world!

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog - I love hearing about people who've visited Malta and what they thought of it! It's a funny little place :)

love the way you ended this entry hehe :) xx

tea for tessa said...

Gosh, I loved it. We really delved into everything. Since it was a class sponsored trip we had the opportunity to learn so much about the land and the people. We visited temples, boated in the blue grotto, had a locals night, went to churches, museums, attended the festa, saw dwerja--so obviously Gozo too (my favorite!), and I had fenkata! ha ha. I loved it and cannot wait to go back! Where did you live there?

and..thank you :)