June 17, 2009

mesocyclone. alright.

Why, hello there.

So, originally I was not going to blog, but before I hung up with Matthew he asked "Are you going to blog tonight?" I replied, "Nah, I will tomororw, I do not have anything to write about." But low and behold, I have decided that tomorrow might just too busy to sit down and catch up on the week. Tomorrow is quite the day! These past two days have been nice.

Monday was monday. Opened--atleast it was with Ambre. I like working with her a lot and am so glad she got hired there a few months ago. I went on a long rollerblade after work, went home, showered, went to lunch with Matthew! (Butterfields) You cannot beat that! After I went on a walk with Ambre (funny seeing her twice in one day) and then the day just kind of went along from there. Dinner, hung out with Matthew, the usual. You know how it goes.

Today(Tuesday)--really yesterday: all I did was go on a long morning walk with Ambre and go to work. Work was very productive. Did a lot of glazing along with doing more detail and outlining. It feels much more satisfying to have completed more of a cookie than just filling it in. It seems to go faster if you're outlining and filling in, because you have the color in your hand and can just go from there. Work got out at 12:45ish tonight. Not too bad, although I will have to admit it was way later than I expected. I guess I cannot be too upset because I have the rest of the week off.

The rest of this week brings great things. Great things planned I should say. I cannot put too much into anything. I AM HAVING MY MALTA REUNION PARTY TOMORROW! Wow--you know I mean business when I do all caps. I am so excited. All the people (well, some of the people) I went to Malta with are coming over tomorrow night for a few hours to eat, drink, socialize and spill our memories of the fantastic little country. I love those people so it will be a really nice time tomorrow.

However, I have other big news! SEEING PHISH ON FRIDAY! This is a great crowd we have put together. Matthew, myself, My brother (John), My sister-in-law (Clarissa), Brian, and some people my brother knows. It is supposed to rain, but hopefully it will stay clear of us. I am really excited. I love Phish live, they are so great, so it will be great just to hear them and watch them play their music before our eyes. That's such a satisfying feeling. We are also going to camp at an onsite area. I've only been counting a handful of times, but I am expecting this to be the best. I really just hope weather is tolerable. It would be crummy to have some bad storms hit the area. We come back Saturday. It will be SO nice to get out of here. Sometimes I feel so trapped in suburbia. I hate that. Especially in the summer. I'm outdoors alot, but I'm always doing the same stuff. I want new terrain. ANNYYWAYSS. Matthew and I have to drive seperately down to the camp but we plan on stopping at Fair Oaks Farm on the way for an even settlement. I LOVE that place! GRILLED CHEESE LIKE WHATTTTT!?! My mouth is literally watering for a FOR grilled cheese sammer! It's a great place in Indiana. You all must go.

Well, I am very tired and have a longggg day ahead of me tomorrow. Getting my liscenced renewed tomorrow in the A.M. I hope you are all enjoying sleep right now! Don't forget to stretch and drink lots of water!


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