June 14, 2009

It's just a shot away.

We are wrapping up a weekend and I'm sad to see it go. It was jam-packed. Maybe too jam-packed. However, it was a good time. I just wish I wasn't so tired through the whole thing.

Like I said, I did a lot. On Friday, I slept in a little bit and took it easy. I didn't work out. Instead I headed over to my brothers house, dropped off his cookie bouquet (which he liked) , I went to Target, and then headed to Chipotle to get lunch for my bro and I. It was fantastic. When I crave Chipotle, I REALLY crave it, so it's always nice to satisfy that. I went off to work at 2 and got off at 12:30. I then went home where I got up at 6:25 am on Saturday and went to Jamba where it poured for the majority of my shift. I left there at 10:30 and ran an errand with Matthew. After I arrived home around 12, I met up with Danielle and we went to Quiznos for lunch. I NEVER eat at Subway or Quiznos, and I have eaten at both in the past week. Go figure. It always makes me feel like shit, but despite knowing this, it always goes down so nicely. I never actually get sick, but I mind as well with how crappy it makes me feel. I have sworn off awful fast food sandwich (and mostly all other fast food chains. For good.) Ick.

After I ate there, I hung out with my neighbor, Jordan for a bit. We don't hang out too often, but once in awhile we both sit down and just chat. Mostly about the old times and old neighbors and current neighbors. It's nice to have someone that you've known for a long time and knows your surroundings just as well. I love showing off my 3-D chalk too. It blows peoples minds. That is a great 15 minute amusement. But it is a great one. After I hung out with him, Julie came over. I met Julie at skating about a year and a 1/2 ago. She's fourteen, but we have gone through so many similiar things already (competitive skating world and all it goes along with). It's a oldersister/youngersister relationship for sure and I like that because learning goes both ways. She ended up going to dinner with Matthew and I. We went to Greek Islands. It was an incredible dinner--as always. Everyone enjoyed their meal. It was fun to take her out with us. We got all dressed up so that was fun. We dropped Julie off after dinner and headed over to pick Meredith up where we made s'mores and had a bit to drink. Later in the night Matthew and I hung out and watched a pretty good South Park (Make Love, Not Warcraft). We called it quits because I was beat for sure.

Sleep was pleasant. But landscapers at 9:30 on a Sunday? Really?? I was annoyed, but I layed with my eyes closed till 11:22 am. Danielle came by at 12 and we rollerbladed until 1:15. I'm glad I atleast got a workout because all I did was make s'more after s'more in the microwave ha ha. It's amusing and works quite well! I ate some healthy things today, but man did I indulge. THEY WERE EXCELLENT though. I haven't had s'mores (except for last night) in a long long time. It's always nice to have s'more of a s'more... right?

"CHEF ROSS, YOU'VE BEEN CHOPPED." sorry. I love when Ted Allen tells someone they are chopped. I am watching it now. I have been watching the Food Network almost all day today. I want to bake something really soon. It's been too long. I used to cook for my weather class. I miss them. I miss how emotional we all were about that class. I believe everyone had a good cry about that class. Ha ha. Man, oh man. I am so glad that is over.

I open Jamba tomorrow. Getting up early. That is okay though. I am going skating tomorrow and I hope like last Monday, that it is a great skate. I always do better at the start of the week because my body is more well rested. I have to nap tomorrow though. I need sleep. I want to be in bed by 11 tonight. I am glad I was actually able to incorporate my long, exhausting weekend into a few paragraphs, but I am glad that I did. So random tangent. You know what I was thinking today? I was watching a little bit of E! and they were talking about celebrity mothers who have had Post-Partum Depression and how they came public about it. Some of these women (including Brooke Shields & Gwyneth Paltrow) go really public saying things such as wanting to "throw her baby out the window." I understand the kind of depression that can follow, it just sucks that it is so public because when they [their children] get older, they (and everyone else) will know that they caused their mother great distress. Kind of a bummer, huh?

Off to bed. Thank goodness. I think I will read a few pages of Slaughterhouse-Five and get my 7 hours.


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Tasty said...

mmm. . . Greek Islands, Chipolte, smores . . . your posts always make me so HUNGRY! LOL

as far as celebrity mothers discussing their feelings of irrational anger towards their babies, I believe that is a crucial step to preventing PPD from being that nasty little secret no one talks about and ends up causing more emotional or physical damage than necessary. Their courage and willingness to place their own families under scrutiny has my utmost sympathy and support. I think that when people grow up, they realize that their moms ALL went through a phase of wanting to defenstrate them. Ask any mother of a colicky babe, PPD or not! LOL

and . . . OMG! 2 days til we go see PHISH!!!