June 12, 2009

laugh out loud.

My. God. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

The time now you ask? Why, it's 2:53 am. What time did I get off of work? 2:15am. A LONG DAY. I am not complaining, because the fact that the only thing I have left to remember the shift by is the phat cash I made while working the 12 hour and twenty minutes. There were many moments of frustration by everyone, but in the end, I have to say that everyone deals with it well. We all have our meltdown moments but in the long run we all care about each other and respect what the other person has to offer. Poor little girls (and one boy) in bakeries till the wee hours once again.

Earlier in the day I received a lesson. I was very, very inept. I didn't hit anything. I knew that having such a fantastic skate on Monday and pretty good ones Tuesday and Wednesday would have its repercussions. I am not going skating tomorrow. No way in hell. But I wasn't planning on it anyways, but the god awful skate today also is a big factor in that very decision. Tomorrow, you will find me in bed past 9:50 am. This is major sleeping in. I prefer to be up and about earlier to get more done, but I could lay in bed till the later part of the morning if allocated. It is, though, a late night tonight and I should get some rest because I know tomorrow will be another long night at the cookie shop. I hate not being able to have any physical activity planned for tomorrow. I suppose I burn sick amounts of what I like to call "mental calories"--you know, burning just from concentrating and studying. Also known as "Brain food". Sure, I'll go with that. I also do a bit of running around, especially near the end of the shift. But the longer I can go without a break [to get food/eat a big dinner], the more efficient things will be. Call me Frederick Taylor, but I love efficiency! Therefore, I have to sacrifice a workout because I don't want to be super hungry every three hours. More physical exertion = faster metabolism = more frequent hunger = no bueno!

I have a few errands to run in the morning and have work at two. I can tell you one thing for certain; Chipotle will be in my life tomorrow. IT WILL BE, PEOPLE! I neeeeeed a burrito accompanied by a side of chips! Man, oh, man! I need big meals before work. As you read, the shifts are long and I need my energy, damnit.

I am Tired. You know when I mean business when I go and start throwing capital letters in the middle of sentences. GOODNIGHT! Don't forget to bring your 50.7 water bottle to work/class/social gatherings!

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