June 10, 2009

Hello, my name is: Asset.

Good Afternoon!

I delayed blogging until today. I had a good day yesterday, but nothing really over the top. Therefore, I waited until I felt creative enough to start my blog endeavor. THAT TIME IS NOW!

Today I skated. It was a longer day to skate. I love Wednesdays for that reason. I was really happy with it. Axels, Sals, and EVEN DOUBLE TOES were landed. I even got bold and did some double loops. All which were landed only then to fall. I'm just glad that I tried them. The responsible side of me took over and I headed over to C.O.D to register for my fall term. My last term at the community college. For now. Maybe I'll do some culinary up that way later on. I went there with 3 classes that I wanted. They all go together so well. I got what I wanted and got lucky with the others. I could be like everyone else and take a few simple art classes and film classes to knock out these credits. Screw that. I'd rather do something more engrossing, something that provokes conversation and provides me with knowledge I'll use later on. This is kind of why I took that Severe & Unusual weather over there when I didn't need the science. I kind of got kicked in the ass with that one, but it was worth it. So needless to say, I'll be starting my M/W/F off at 9 am in the autumn months. Kicking it off with Cultural Geography, Business Math, History (starting from 1945), Nutrition for food professionals (only once a week), and Ethics! Best part?! M/W I am out by one! It's miraculous. Kind of sucks because I only get two days to skate, but that is okay. It will only be temp, and come Winter break I will get to skate every day.

I am releived that I got those classes scheduled and done with. To make my mom happy, I'm finally going to try and order my books online. She has been telling me to do this, but I never do. I will. My fingers hurt from decorating. They have been bothering me lately. I shall soak 'em in ice water later (best way!) Tonight I'm going out with matthew. I am looking forward to it, mostly because I do not know what we are doing. It's fun when we just go with it.

I have taken some random pictures over the past few days. I thought I'd share and explain:

This little fishy is my background on my phone. He is adorable. He looks so curious and puzzled. It's kind of the look I get on my face when someone asks me a math problem.

On this napkin you see a game of hangman, minus all the rules in hangman (aka you guess a letter and it's not there, it doesn't matter, you just keep guessing). Matthew and I like to do this when we are waiting for a meal or a drink. Most of the time, I'm the one coming up with the most off the wall phrases or sentences for him to guess. Like the one below. I mispelled poodles. Hangman is a tough one because you find yourself forgetting a space or adding one. It always ends up more funny that way though.

To some, this hair craze went out with they were 12 and no longer own scrunchies. BOY DO I FEEL BAD FOR YOU! I love these things. This is what was in my hair today to hold up my landmass of it. They make me feel like I was nine and competing and they are everything girly. Which I do enjoy.

My beloved frosting tower! How I love you so! So, at work we have saran wrap that we have next to us to get the first pump of frosting out. I go all out. I love gathering my frosting in odd ways or making large and tall towers sometimes even with bridges. I then like to boast to everyone else that my tower "trumps" theirs. It's always a good laugh. This one was a good one, but since this I have done better. I know--the whole thing is very odd.

Welp. I really have nothing else for you. I hope you have consumed atleast 60 oz of water today or more. I am off to shower! Enjoy the night!


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