June 9, 2009

singing what I'm saying.

WOW! I have to say, after the really good day I had today, I'm worried what tomorrow will bring. One good, one bad. It's all a balance. So, here goes the day!

This morning I got up at 6:15, got ready, and scooted off to work. A short shift, leaving even earlier than anticpated (10am). ha ha! What a joke. However, I am not complaining. I went skating directly after and I could not be happier that I did. It was one of the best skates of my life in the technical department. My jumps were so spot on. It scares me for tomorrow's skate (again with the balance of performance). I have been working a lot more on centering spins differently and am able to muster a different position in the air than usual. I landed my double toe today! Ugh, what a weak sauce accomplishment. I mean, a double toe is really nothing and I was aware of that when I had it consistantly a year ago. I lost the jump completely and have not landed A SINGLE ONE in about 5-7 months. It disappointed me beyond belief. Today I landed it like it was nothing and was able to do them one right after another coming down with a great ease. Wow, I just totally sounded like Dick Button. ha ha. That man is a commentary wizard for the sport. Sometimes his comments are so damned tacky. It's all good though, no hate. True fact about the man. My former coach and the former Doris Bodmer was actually friends with him. She was from Switzerland and always had such wise things to say that I couldn't fully understand because I was 8. It was like back in the day when my family used to watch "Roseanne" (such a hilarious show--white trash, but fabulous) and so many comments go over your head. When I watch it now, it's hilarious because you pick up on everything. Ah, advantage to growing older!

Talk about tangents. Really though, that was all that I did that was productive. Work and skate. When skating was over, I met up and I had lunch with Matthew at Butterfields. After that, I had to come home and grab a cat nap. When I say catnap I mean a solid 2 1/2 hour nap. It was delightful and necessary. I went out with Matthew at 7:45, we hit up Red Mango, the hookah bar for a bit, and then headed over to The Hilton so I could actually eat a dinner instead of real frozen yogurt. The mango brie quesadillas were quite delectable tonight! Speaking of tonight, let's talk about the unstable weather that we did not get. This really pisses me off. The fact that meteorologists have to go through all this bullshit (all math and science courses) to get their degree and they hold so much knowledge in their field and their accuracy is sometimes (mostly) so awful. It was supposed to Thunderstorm "all weekend". We barely got drops of rain when we were supposed to. Of course, weather is a constanly evolving chain of events and can change in the drop of a hat due to a simple front. It is just a let down when I'm looking forward to a grand storm. One funny thing about the weather channel, is that if you watch it past 11pm, the anchors seem loaded. It is hilarious to watch. They get so loopy. Alexandria Steele and Paul Goodloe are the hosts. So if you want to know your weather for tomorrow, watch channel 57 (for all you chicagoland comcast users) past 11pm.

Man, oh man. Last year this day I'd be heading back from Germany and my Malta field study would be complete. How sad to think about.

My goodness. Even though I got a little shut eye today, I'm so wiped out. I have felt thirsty all day today despite drinking quite a bit of water. Tomorrow I work at cookies. I like working there on Tuesday because it gives me Saturday, Sunday, and Monday to heal my hand. Also, by that time I really miss it and want to get some sort of creative edge going. I love developing a technique with decorating. Anywho, even though it is only 12:45, I can hear my bed serenading me to hop in and drift off to sleeFont sizep. So I shall.

Font sizeHave a fabulous night America. I hope you get your 8 hours of sleep!
Good morning Europe! Hope the day will go well for you! (6:45 am there)
Don't forget to stay hydrated! (stock up on TEA & water!)

; tessa

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Tasty said...

Congrats on the great skate!
I have heard so many good things about Red Mango. I might have to go try it out this weekend!