June 7, 2009

Weddings Albanian style

**see bottom** 
(since I posted this this morning, I have decided that this post is not complete. I forgot a picture and wanted to talk about something exciting!)

A lazy Sunday afternoon--good stuff. I just threw in the movie "Clerks" and I have fantastic plans for this afternoon. I'm going to my brother's later. I cannot believe that Phish is coming up so soon! The $150 shell out is a bit extreme, but it should be worth it and it's going to be quite excited to see such a talented band. 

Yesterday went well. Went to the farmers market in the morning with Clarissa. I got some strawberries, apricots, and some cheddar/raspberry cheese. Then we got the usual scones and got cinnamon buns from this awesome vendor there. We had quite the breakfast. Danielle came over around 12:30 and we went to the mall. I ended up finding a great outfit for the wedding. We hung out till about 5:30 when Matthew came to pick me up for The wedding. It was a big wedding. 500-600 people. The hotel was really nice! Mostly everyone except for our table of 9 (compared to the normal 10 table setting) was Albanian. It was really unique. I haven't been to something like that. I loved the music. Very ethnic and the dancing was different too. Every holds hands and goes around in a huge circle (I got this on video to share) and it was funny because almost everyone in the wedding was a part of it, so eventually we did it too. Our table was really fun. Everyone was different ages, but everyone really got along. What amused us the most was how they were throwing money around. It littered the floor by the time we left. We made some friends out of the night. Needless to say-- I am exhausted. We left the wedding around 1 I believe. I didn't get much sleep. I should prooobbbably take a cat nap!

Some videos and pictures from the wedding!

The videos audio is fuzzy. The music was great but it was just REALLY loud. You get the idea.


The money shot! ha ha!

So onto my exciting news! My mom purchased 3D chalk for me! I am so excited! Danielle and I used it yesterday and it is really just the coolest thing ever. Some of the colors stand out and some are supposed to accent the pop out colors. Hop scotch is crazy with this stuff! I HIGHLY recommend getting some ASAP!

Gosh I have an early morning tomorrow.  Really sucks, but it is only a few hours. I work a lot of hours during the week when it comes down to it, but it never feels like it. I open Jamba tomorrow. It should be okay. I am going skating right after. That will be good. Then it is always nice to have a weeknight off to just relax. I really am enjoying my summer work hours. They work well for me. I am trying to get my schedule for school into place. I like school but I hate it. When I get A's it makes me feel damn productive and worthy. I just hate the fact that I am still just at C.O.D and still have nothing to show for that mediocre....accomplishment? It is really irritating. I feel like I have dabbled in a lot here. I'm glad I stayed home, but I feel I get discredited when I tell people.."Yep...still at C.O.D.." I don't like it, but hey, whatever.




Tasty said...

love the black & white pics of you and Matt! No good shot of your dress, though. : ( I wanted to see it!
Hope you have a great Monday!
Oh, and I think you can follow my pic to my profile, where you can find my blogs if you are interested.

tea for tessa said...

YAY! Thank you! I will! :)