June 6, 2009

blackbird singing in the dead of night.

TOO FUNNY; watch this clip

What long days lately! Not a bad thing, just a fact. My lesson went very well on Thursday. New spin concept. I enjoyed it and got it down pretty well. Things are coming along. I'm happy. Work got out at 2 am that night! No one thinks that when they are ordering these cookies for friends and loved ones that there are girls in bakeries till the wee hours decorating them. We all love our jobs, it just gets to a point where your focus, hand strength, and motivation start to dwindle. It was good money though and we had some really good laughs. Boy, oh boy! Even though work got out so late, it was almost completely worth it for the fact that I saw this fantastic infomercial (they do exist!) It was about music videos--the best of our times. Mostly 80's smash hits and one hit wonders. Needless to say, it was phenomenal to hear amazing songs by great artists (Ah Ha, Gloria Estefan, Huey Lewis and The News, Phil Collins...etc) and you were able to see their music videos. It just kept showing clips of great videos and playing great music. What else is better when you're complacent in bed after a long night? NOTHING. Basically the commercial was pitching a set of DVDs with all these music videos that defined "our time" being the eighties and ninties I suppose. It is restored with interviews and behind the scenes making of. I totally want it. They call it "The Music Video Experience" ha ha. I think it's be the perfect thing to have on. Speaking of all this music video business, I must say that I am thoroughly disappointed that there is no channel devoted to music anymore. MTV, the former leader in bringing the artistry of music to the masses has taken America to the lives where pure stupidity resides. Shows like "The Hills" and whatever else shit they play is not enjoyable or enlightening. There was this channel that I watched every chance I got when I was a kid. Channel 107 "The Box". 24 hours of music videos. It was amazing. They cancelled it, moved it's accessability to the UK & Ireland. I still miss it even though that was about 12 years ago. Oh, how sad. Dear American cable companies; Please bring back the box.

Today, due to me drifting off so late, I wanted to get some extra shut eye. Woke up at 11, met Matthew for lunch at Butterfields and reluctantly headed to work. I say that because I just wanted a break. After having only hours off between shifts, it was hard to go back so soon. But I had a great time tonight :) I really like the people I work with. We have the right personalities for one another. Matthew came by after work and we just hung out and listened to Pandora. I am so tired. The weekend hold good things.

Tomorrow morning I'm meeting up with my sister and we are headed to the farmers market! I love going and I'm so glad her and I have similiar interests. She also is going to give me more information about a cookie contest! I'm excited. I'm not sure if I will participate, but I make a mean cookie! ;) Matthew and I are also going to a wedding tomorrow night. I am not sure about the wardrobe situation. I feel clothing is very hard to pick out because it has to go with your mood. They definately effect one another. Its hard to say who wins the battle. Does the outfit create the mood or does the mood create the outfit? Hm. Hopefully I meet up with Danielle tomorrow for a walk or some frisbee!

I must be off to bed! Bonne Nuit!

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