June 4, 2009

talkin only me and you.

Song of the moment: Young Folks

12:34 am! Good Thursday to you all. Thursday holds good things. Lessons and work. Both of which I enjoy very much. These past two days have been good. Nothing out of the ordinary or crazy. I have been very content with each day of summer so far. I hope good things continue to go well, but you just gotta go with the scheme of things. I skated on Tuesday, Wednesday, and I am going today. It's odd that I'm already talking about today as well..today. Because to me it's not the start of morning, it's the end of night. I remember when staying up till 12 seemed SO late to you as a kid. It's funny how that's an early time for me to go to bed these days. Anywho...

Speaking of skating, I had pretty decent skates the past two days. I hope my lesson goes well tomorrow. I just have to get some good rest and eat a fantastic breakfast (which always hapens anyway). Cookies tomorrow at two. I am very excited because on Tuesday I started writing and outlining a few things. I like my steady rate of progression. Big fan. I kind of miss Jamba though and the people and I really just mean the people that work there. I guess that is when it's the best.

Skating video from today. Not the best quality, but it will do.
(notice the fantastic music in the background -Airbag!)

Today was a good day. Very pleased. I woke up, went skating, went to Butterfields with Matthew, went with him to a showing in Westmont, and went to Old Navy and made some great purchases. Old Navy is really just OK. Nothing spectacular. They have simple clothes, safe bets; which is good if you want to look for cardigans or flipflops in every color. I got none other than caridgans and flip flops. Go figure. It was nice to hang out during the day. Normally we are both too busy to hang out during daylight hours, so it was a nice change of pace. We went our ways and I went on a long walk with Danielle and we played some frisbee. I went over to Matthews around 7:15 and hung out and we got Milkshakes at Steak N Shake. I have not have a milkshake in a long long time. It was FANTASTIC. We hung around the hookah bar for a bit before heading back to my house to hang out. I have been so tired these days. I got out of work Tuesday at midnight. I do not mind at all, it's just late and it pushes back my sleep. Oh well, gotta make that paper.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring good things. I found a heads up penny today! You know what that means!


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