June 2, 2009

objects of affection.


Ah, Monday. You can never expect too much, but today really wasn't that bad. In fact, even though I worked at 7:00 am this morning, I still feel like I had a day off. Monday is one of the only days I work at Jamba. I can deal with that. My other job is spoiling me because I don't have to deal with anyone. I had this phenom breakfast planned out only to get spoiled by me setting my alarm at the wrong time. I set it for open time if it were a Saturday (we open 30 mins later). Oh well, needless to say I made it to work on time and had a good shift.  So there are these duckies that come to Jamba (they are quite the couple) and they literally peck on the doors with their beaks.  They live a good life..a mystery life away from the other ducks where they are fed great food. I love these little guys.

Left work at 11 and headed to Trader Joes, got some necessities, and headed home. After my lunch (which was my planned breakfast) Danielle came over and we attempted a Rollerblade even though her wheels were shot to hell. Oh well. We made the adventure to Sports Authority to get her some new ones. I want to get new rollerblades too. I cannot decide between a new bike or new rollerblades... hmmm.

Awesome storm today! I thoroughly enjoyed the downpour. I got invited last night to go storm chasing in NE MO and I didn't go. I really wanted to but it was just too last minute. Some real good storms rolled through there today. It's unfortunate, but there will be other times to chase the unstable!

After Danielle and I hung out, it was a pretty mellow night. I ate dinner with the folks (hardly a common occurance these days) and went out with Matthew. We went to the hookah bar and then to the Hilton. I sent him an emergency text this morning around 10 informing him that the mango brie quesadillas needed to be in my life very soon. My wish was granted as I enjoyed every bite this evening. We met Caz there along with his friend Laura who we had never met. I sipped on water tonight. A good change of pace from the ever so tempting booze that makes conversation that much easier. It was fun though, good to see him again.

I am excited for a new purchase I made today. I was stumbling again today and I came across 100 Must Read Books. Keep in mind...it says this list is for males, however, I think everyone should read these books. I ordered Slaughterhouse Five today. I'm excited. Atlas Shrugged is my next purchase--both are on that list. They all have a brief synopsis :)

Tomorrow I am skating and I have cookies at 2! YAY! If anything, tomorrow will be my earliest night. Thursdays and Fridays usually run a bit later. Matthew and I are attending a wedding on saturday. Topshelflikewhat?! I'm looking forward to it. I always like to bust a move out on the ol' wedding dance floor. It's getting late!

Bonne Nuit!! Enjoy the rain tomorrow! Get crafty! :)

-Tesss uh.

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