June 22, 2009

"..race and never waste the day"

So. Today is Monday. In two minutes it will be Tuesday. Hm.

Today went well. I woke up at the grand hour of 6:15 (I actually woke up 1 second before my alarm went off) and I opened Jamba Juice. The good news here is that I worked with Ambre and we are pretty crazy so shifts are fun and very spontaneous. I only worked until eleven and after my shift I headed over to the rink. Today it was interesting because I did freestyle skates. I never ever do these. First off, they are most likely all competitive skaters who know what they are doing. So unlike public skates, I have the advantage of knowing my edges and I'm aware of others and other are aware of me. On freestyle, everyone has that skill, so everyone is just all over the place jumping and spinning and getting lessons. I don't really like it. Sometimes, it makes me nervous as hell to be on freestyle. Sometimes I look around and wonder what is happening to the sport. Quality seems to be barely there and the lack in emotions in their skating. Ay yay yay! However, it was a decent skate. I cannot be too disappointed. I have not been on the ice in a week and underwent a long weekend of camping and laziness. I cannot go in expecting to be my best, but it was satisfying overall.

I came home from skating and went to lunch with Ambre at Noodles. I was craving a greek salad and it was the only place I could think of in a 4 mile radius where I could get a cheap fix. I went home and just hung around and filled time until 7:30 where Matthew picked me up for dinner. We went to Stir Crazy. We go here every so often. Most of the staff knows who we are including the manager. I enjoy getting a good amount of food for a reasonable price. I also like choosing everything that goes into my meal (they have a market bar). A lot of people that live around here will tell you Mongolian BBQ is the way to go. By the way everyone, that place is god awful. Ugh. I'm not saying Stir Crazy is the best, but Mongo is the worst. Just saying.

After dinner we went to Le Chocolat so I could get my chocolate fix. Matthew tried out the new location for the Gelato place. MAN OH MAN! This place is so good! It's on Jefferson in downtown Naperville. We originally wanted to rent Transformers (I have not seen it yet) to end the night with but they were out so we lucked out with Weeds Season 4! We had no clue it was out yet! We only were able to watch 2 episodes, but I cannot wait to finish it!

I work tomorrow at 2. I havent worked in a week! How odd. I am looking forward to decorating again and getting out some creativity. So....speaking of the weather channel... I have to vent about the new little line up they have going on. For all you non-weather channel watchers, I'll give you the scoop. Stephanie Abrams and Mike Bettes are definately the best two on the channel. They both have high energy and wit. I like that. They were on at 6pm-8pm. Jen Carfagno and Nicole Mitchell were on in the mornings at 6-9am. Paul Goodloe and Alexandra Steele were on from 9pm-12pm. Something like that. I posted once before about the late team acting pretty loosey goosey while they were informing us about the latest conditions...WELL they changed all of this around and I don't really like it. They is, I'm not used to it. Stephanie Abrams and Mike Bettes are now the new morning tag team. The good news about this is that Atleast I will always get to catch them. They are a good energetic team too for wakin up the people. Paul Goodloe and Alexandra Steele are spilt up and Paul is still on late nights but now with Nicole Mitchell, which I do not enjoy, and Alexandra Steele is now on in the afternoon with Jim Cantore. BLAH. I liked to watch wasted weather! Now that the good ol tag team is split up, I'm not sure if 10 pm weather is as fun anymore. ha ha.

Also! I was sent some pics today of the Phish Concert!:

Matthew and I

Gosh! What a great weekend! I am off to bed. I am so tired. Have a wonderful night! Remember to drink tea and water tomorrow! (Atleast one or the other--do your body a favor)


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Tasty said...

FYI, I had Chipolte for dinner last night. And now I'm craving Stir Crazy. Your blog has been having a large culinary influence on my dinner decisions!
Now I know Weeds 4 is out, I'll have to Netflix it. Right now I'm watching Dexter. I'm hooked!
I still need to blog about Phish but I need to get all my pics off the camera and think about what I want to say. : )
Have a great day!!