June 24, 2009


YAY! It's Meredith's 22nd birthday!

Already to Wednesday. One of my days off from work. I guess you can say it was well spent. These past two days have been pretty good. Let's go!

Yesterday (Tuesday): This was my first day of ballet class in 13 years! How exciting! I've been so into it for the past two-three years. I just love the whole movement and the amount of strength it takes. I also like to dance to unconventional "ballet music". I like things that exude strength, beauty, and grace; so ballet and figure skating are where it's at. Anyways, the class went really well. It was at the rink I skate at so it's aimed at figure skating as well. I'm definately the oldest one in there...by quite a few years. That's okay. It's sort of funny.

After ballet class, I went straight to work at cookies. I loved it! We got out so early too (7:30!) I cannot believe I actually got to see the sun after getting off work. Normally it's time for the birds to start thinking about their morning chirps by the time we get out of there. So after work I headed over to Clarissa's house and we just hung around for a bit. Matthew met us there where I got a sudden, overwhelming craving for Chipotle. I swear to god they put cocaine in EVERYTHING there because it seems like everyone is addicted. I got three delicious little tacos and donated one to Matthews hungry stomach. We went back to my place and watched Weeds and called it a night.

Today (Wednesday): It has been going well. Got up today, layed around in bed watching Emeril and catching my forecasts for the day. I went to skating for an hour. I did a low freestyle for an hour, came home and got ready, and did a bunch of errands. The errands resulted in me purchasing a pack of large purple hangers (SCORE!), Transformers (I have not seen it yet), new sunglasses, a small notebook, and some eye cream. I am pretty excited about these things! I am looking forward to a nice Italian dinner tonight at home. Capellini! It is my favorite kind of pasta. My mom also is using the homemade gravy. When I say gravy, remember that I am Italian..ha ha. It's most offen called pasta "sauce". So no worries, I am not eating spaghetti with the same kind of gravy you would use on biscuits or the other kind you would put over dumplings and pork. However, my mom forgot to get the pasta so I am going to have to make a jewel run. I am not sure what is on the agenda for tonight; that is not a bad thing, I suppose! Enjoy the night!

Check out the band Phoenix on Pandora! They are great and it's a great station!

-Tessa Erin.

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Anonymous said...

Yay! Thank you!! I love being mentioned on blogs!