June 28, 2009

"review the press & tell it like it is, your life is hype, your love is hype."

I have no clue what this post is going to say or be about.

This weekend was a whirlwind. I had work on Thursday and Friday and got out at 7:45pm both nights. This huge change in schedule is still so unusual for me. I am really glad that I get to enjoy my summer nights though. Both Thursday and Friday I hung out with Meredith and her friend/roommate Stephanie. We had a really good time and it was fun hanging out with them because I never see Meredith that much anymore and it was good to meet someone new. Basically we just smoked hookah both nights and hung out.

Can I just note this amazing weather right now? 25-30 mph winds, blue sky, 82 degrees. Cannot beat that. I wish I could be enjoying it. What a great day for a long long walk :( The sad face is because I have been feeling sick all day. I'm not pushing it. I had the chills last night and felt sick then so I am glad I have nothing to do today and nothing for tomorrow except skating (If I go).

So a few random things to note about the weekend.

1) I starting outlining a week or two ago at my cookie job: I decorated this whole tray on my own! I'm proud because I was so nervous to start outlining orders. I guess I have really learned how much strength to use for what and how to be steady. I love outlining. My favorites are the turtles for SURE. ha ha. The lone turtle on the stick was one I just decorated for fun and ended up giving it to Josh at work. I decorated it and didn't know who to give it to. I called Jamba to see who was working and Josh was convincing me to come in and visit. So I decided he deserved the cookie. I wrote his name on it and dropped it off at work. I think he was pleasantly suprised :)

2) Other big exciting news!: I'm seeing PHISH again in August! I am so excited! I fell in love with this band even more after I saw them about a week ago at Deer Creek. Clarissa confirmed she got the tickets today :)
3) I have to go get more barrettes to bead!
4) I saw Transformers 1 on Wednesday...I know. I'm behind.
5) Did anyone else have Mrs. Grass soup when you were kids? I haven't had it in years..and now that I'm sick, I am thinking tonight might be the perfect night to have some.
6) I had Spaghetti-o's & Meatballs the other night in the shape of Disney princesses. No regrets.

Okay. Well that is all I've got in me. I am very tired, I have an un-read Vogue sitting next to me that wants to be read. Have a good day. Go outside and enjoy this sunny Sunday for me!


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