June 29, 2009

ten thousand maniacs.

Talk about the ultimate lazy day.

Gosh. Can I just say how much I LOVE laying around all day with nothing to do? Well, I love it a lot. It doesn't happen to me very often. I feel so sluggish today. Get this, people; I slept in until 10:30 am! That is like..amazing. I was knocked out. This morning I bummed around and played some hardcore drifties (fading in and out of sleep; basically avoiding waking up). I made a mediocre lunch around noon and decided that I needed to get out and enjoy this wonderful weather that we have been graced with. You wanted a steady breeze, folks, you got it! I took an hour long walk around my neighborhood and loved it. I felt so much more tired when I reached the homefront, but it was all good because I could go home and nap and do whatever I wanted. Plus, I need physical activity in my day and not having much these past days has been wearing me thin. So I went home after my walk and drifted off for two hours. Earlier in the day I had asked my mom to get me some tomato soup and all the fix-ins for Grilled Ham and cheese. I never have ham with the grilled cheese, but once in awhile I go a little nuts and add the ham.

I am now sitting watching shitty E! news specials and listening to Ray Lamontagne. If you haven't heard him, you should check him out. My grandpa told me about him years ago. I really like him and always go back to listening to him. My God. I would love to see him live. HEY NATALIE MERCHANT (that's technically 10,000 maniacs, but whatever), THOM YORKE, AND RAY LAMONTAGNE!? HELLO! I have just set up the dream tour '09!..or '10. I can be patient...

So-- A very cool thing happened today! I got a call from Melissa, my old manager at Jamba. I am so glad we have still kept in touch, but anywho she asked me my opinion for a musical selection for her wedding. I was so excited! I love putting music to occasion! I think of it as one big movie scene and what would be most appealing and what would hit what emotions. I sent her 22 songs that I thought would be good for her wedding music. Hopefully it will be something she likes.

I have a long night of nothing ahead of me. I think I will enjoy the pure laziness while it is here. I am kind of worried of how tired I am and how out of it that I am. Have a great night, drink lots of water, stretch, and sleep well.


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