July 4, 2009

"...like we did all summer long"

Happy Fourth of July.
I am noting now I am the least patriotic person, but I cannot fail to add at least a little bit of red, white, and blue.

Dear Week,

Where have you gone?

This week seemed to fly by even though each day was pretty filled up with things to do. So..looking back;

Tuesday: I had ballet! I loved it again, but it for sure kicked my ass. I still have bruises on my knees from having to hold the splits for what seems like forever. It was a great class and my soreness is just now subsiding. After ballet I headed straight to work. I was anticipating to get out early like we have been the past few shifts I have been working. However, unusual amounts of orders came through and we were there until 11:15. In retrospect, it wasn't that bad. I needed the hours.

Wednesday: I went skating and it was my day off! I got a double lesson with this other girl I skate and have ballet with. That was fun. Its always a little more motivation when you have someone else there too. After my lesson I went to lunch with Matthew and after that I went home, got ready and picked up Julie. We just hung out and went to target and took a long walk. We ended up getting picked up by Matt later in the night to go for milkshakes at Steak n Shake and to see Ice Age 3. I have never seen the other ice ages..but I really liked this. It was cute.

Thursday: Work. 12-7. A Great shift! We found XRT on our radio! I could not be happier. One of the best stations ever. Not having music over a long shift is AWFUL. I cannot go that long without it. After, I got a beloved beef sandwich that I was craving ALL during work from Buona Beef. It was so good. I havent had one in awhile either. After that I hung out with Danielle which was a nice change of pace. I really have not been seeing her that much lately--kind of a bummer. I'm glad we were able to catch up. Plus, she is going to school at ISU in the fall. BOO. That's sad. After she left, I called it a night.

Friday (last night): Worked 12-6:25pm! This is a miracle people! Ha Ha. I made 25 bowls of frosting. I was expecting to go in and decorate, but I had to make inserts. It's where you get a mixer, gather all the frosting in the bowls nearly up to the top, add ingredients for color, mix it, and then roll it in saran wrap. From there, it is ready to be put into a pastry bag. It was pretty instense. Took me 5.5 hours and that was getting it done "pretty fast". I liked doing something different. I got to listen to my headphones and just chill out and have my only focus be on doing inserts. So no big. After work, Matt came over and we got Chipotle. This was amazing. My newest thing is eating a light breakfast and going to work and not eating for my whole shift (6+ hours) and then getting what my little heart desires. It always varies though. Note: this is not a good habit! After we ate, we went to Brandons for a little get together with the usual crowd. We had some good laughs. We headed out early and just came home to chill. A good day overall.

I will look forward to tonight where everything is still up in the air. I hate that but I guess I like it at the same time. Whatever. Seeing HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS TOMORROW. BE JEALOUS!


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