July 5, 2009

feel good.

ok. I have to rant.

Ladies and Gentlemen; I have become a consumer whore. I am just straight up admitting it. I mean, I guess not in the sense of actually buying. I am not driving myself into debt or anything. But I always want something new. When I say this, I generally want new clothes. I ALWAYS want a new outfit. A common girl problem, I suppose. I guess because when I was in high school I often found myself driving to the mall atleast three times a week for a new outfit for the school week. Check out that bad habit. However, I was working since I was 16 and had the money. Then I got crafty and started thrifthing. That's where it's at. Lately it is not the mall or Goodwill. Who is to blame? TARGET! Target has done it to me. They have me longing to get anything from storage to clothing, to sunglasses to handbags. STOP BEING SO APPEALING! I do not necessarily feel alone in this. I'm sure a lot of people feel the draw from Target. They have so much and it is really hard to leave empty handed. I really have nothing to feel ashamed of. I mean with that dollar section?! Even if they don't have the shirt you went there for in your size, you are AT LEAST going to walk out with a 3-D shark bowl or a bag of potpourri from those few cheap aisles.Wow. I guess all in one paragraph of writing I justified it. Ha ha. I am super great at just saying no when it comes to buying stuff. Most of the time I have to have it on my mind for a week before I go back and buy something. So I guess I am responsible with my money. After reviewing my latest Debit card statement, I laughed at my purchases. Mostly Trader Joes (6 times), Chipotle (5 times) , Starbucks, Jewel, Whole Foods, etc. That's okay though. I feel that is all well spent. Maybe I should watch Into The Wild again. That movie always makes me feel like I should disdain possessions and nice things. I cannot win in this push-pull decision making anymore.

Lately I've been feeling this odd push and pull from all sides of my personality. I am not sure I alone in this one either; I always feel like I have so many sides to me. Not personalities, persay. Just sides you show. Everything is so situational. I always say my mood depends on my outfit. I guess there has just been more changes in my life lately. I am just growing into a new stage of life and way of thinking and finding other ways to execute my actions and emotions. Who knows. I will just stop here. No more rambling. I am just coming to realize a lot.

I am seeing Huey Lewis Tonight! Oh yeah! Enjoy the sunny skies we got a day too late!

I feel better now. Thanks for reading my rants ;)


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