July 6, 2009

Let the golden age begin...

Two posts in one day?! Outrageous!

So. I feel the other post wasn't really the only way I wanted to remember the day. Or the weekend for that matter. This weekend was nothing but a daze. It went by fast and seemed to be very very relaxed. No complaining on my end. Everything is fuzzy these days and that is why I love summer and the heat. Inhibitions are sure to go down. It's a great advantage to the weather. Today was extremely relaxing. I have been given fabulous, fabulous music that I've been enjoying all day. The weather was supurb; I took full advantage of that!

Danielle and I went on a long walk today through the preserve and through the neighborhoods. We ended up going back to her house afterwards to wash our cars. Let me tell you, I do not really like my car. I mean, I'm grateful, don't get me wrong. I just wish I were driving around something a little more my style; a Maserati or a Bentley or something. Oh Maserati. So anyways, I washed good ol' Silver Susan. I drive a silver Pontiac Grand Am. The other day my stereo lights went out entirely. So much for seeing what stations I'm listening to, track I'm on, or the time. Awesome! I cleaned my car SO well. I almost love it all over again. She is also running like new. I think she perked up after a good washin. I am DETERMINED to keep it spotless. It is my mission. I windex-ed, vaccumed, scrubbed, and made that car sparkle, damnit! I even got it an air freshner. Given, it smells awful, but nowhere carried the Yankee Candle fresheners. Those are the best!

I also made a homemade pizza today. It was faaaantastic. Fast forward a few hours and I saw Huey Lewis with Matthew! Oh hell yes I DID! I loved it. HELLO NAPERVILLE; wake up and dance! What a lame ass crowd. I'm pretty sure I was one of 20 people groovin' out of 20,000 people. Power of Love was where it was at, but he played the good ones. After we headed over to the hookah bar and paid my brother a visit (he owns the Domino's in the same strip mall) and we got all revved for Phish again in August. Cannot wait. I feel like I have been seeing a good amount of live music lately. Pretenders are here in September. TEMPTING!

Tomorrow will consist of skating, a long walk, a tasty dinner, and a good night. These are just expectations.

I was stumbling and came across these few links. I thought I'd share :) Good for if you're bored!

have a fabulous night! Get some sleep and drink lots of water! Europe! Look at you bright and shining at 7am!


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