July 6, 2009

"..everything- all the time"

No complaints about this day at ALL.

Let's see here. Woke up, ate a light breakfast and headed to skating. Skated for an hour and overall it wasn't bad. Spins were pretty good (there will be evidence of that later on in the post) and jumps were pretty decent, I suppose. After that it was Butterfields for lunch. Nova Lox--LOVE it! Matt and I made a trip over to Yankee Candle to get my air fresheners. Big score. My car now smells like sun and sand and I have no clue what that really smells like, but I'm going with it and love it.

I went on an hour + long walk when I got home from lunch to enjoy this dandy weather. I showered up, ate a delicious dinner where the main star was Stuffed peppers! Oh yeah! I went over to Matthew's later on in the night for a little frisbee and gelato (vanilla & bacio). We also made an appearance at the hookah bar and saw some friends. I was so set on driving because Silver Susan is goin great! I love getting a full tank of gas, which I did today, & peeling out of the gas station just burnin off those extra few drops you pumped in. Yesterday I mentioned that my stereo light went out, but today it came back on--yes, just magically. I'm telling you, wash your car and clean it inside! It will love you back. I also have great music accompaning me on the voyages lately--"the driving CD" :) Thank you, Eric.

I came home around 10 and now am just hangin around and stumbling online. I need a downloading program for la musica ASAP. I remember having all this music at my fingertips. I always used to rant about this in previous posts. I knew I had it too good for too long- ha ha. Tomorrow is ballet. I am excited, but I know my body will just by aching all over the place for the following days. Oh well--that is good, I suppose; getting stronger. I also work at cookies tomorrow! YAY! Have a fabulous night!

hopefully this doesn't trip up and make it look choppy/slow.
--eh. you get the idea anyways ha ha.
Spin= Layback (pledge of alligence spin), back sitspin, back scratch, forward scratch.

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