July 8, 2009

when your mind is driving you mad.

Wednesday is almost over and we are heading into the end of the week.
It seems to happen so fast in the summer.
I cannot even keep track of the days anymore.

HEY, YOU. scope this out.

Tuesday: My ballet day. It went okay. I enjoyed it, but barre exercises seem to throw me off more than usual. I had work after and it went really well. I got out around 8:45 and luckily was able to get ready in time to hang out with Caitlyn, her boyfriend, and two friends. It turned out to be a really fun night and I'm glad I changed up the usual routine.

Today I went skating and I did a freestyle. It was really nice because there weren't too many people on it today and I was actually able to play some music in between routines. My spins felt really good and I had fun with it. Afterwards came Butterfields for lunch followed by a Target run. Of course. I did good today and didn't buy anything outrageous. I went home, relaxed, washed my hair, and waited for my mom to get home. We have this Woodstock party we are going to in the upcoming months and there is a hippie costume contest. We are trying to out-do eachother and the other day she happened to be in Goodwill? VERY un-characteristic of my mother (direct quote: "That place is so divo") ha ha. Anywho, she saw these two purses (purple tie dye/beaded) that would have been perfect for it. So when we went back today to get them, there were gone, but I scored some good finds and walked out happy. Thrifting is fabulous. I came back home and ended up going out with Matthew. We went for dinner (House of Emprorer) and rented Season 4 disc 2 of Weeds. How bullshit it is that only four episodes on one disk? Whatever. I'm on the last episode now. I thoroughly enjoy this show.

I am craving something cinnamon! Ha ha. Sorry--random! I have been noticing lately that I am starting to speed more and more. This is usually bad. At this point, I get pulled over doing something like..15 over, I get a warning, and tell myself that I have to do the limit. I become super super concious of my speed and driving. Then..I become a little more reckless week by week. I also was talking about my new driving CD in my previous post. This does not help at all! I am nervous! I love speeding, but I fear the ticket! What to do?!

Cookies tomorrow--work 12-8? We shall see. Hopefully early. I love a good Thursday night to do as I please! Have a wonderful night! Sleep tight!


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