July 13, 2009

No one knew me.

Right now is the time to blog. Right now at 4:08 pm on a sunny Monday afternoon.
Settle in.

Song of the moment: . . . . listen.

Another blur of a weekend-

Friday- I had work, 12-whenever she decided to let me go home. This happened to be at 7:50 pm. Sometimes I feel like I'm never leaving ha ha. We have been unexpectedly busy these past few shifts. It's all good in retrospect. More business = more hours to be worked = bigger paychecks. Afterwards, Matthew and I headed to Steak N' Shake. Has anyone seen my healthy eating habits lying around!? I'm pretty sure they have run away! It's madness really. More of my meals include french fries these days, although there are fewer meals. Who knows how it all works out. Somehow between my long work hours of not eating, my excessive walking, ballet, and figure skating, it keeps it all in check. THANK GOODNESS.

Saturday- Who even knows. I woke up, took a walk, threw some money into the bank (STUPID BANK), made cookies that were nowhere near my best, and got ready to go to Eric's for the night. We made it home around 6:45am in the morning. Overall quite the night full of minimal activity. We caught up on our Weeds episodes, Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and watched Being John Malkovich. Talk about random. We had a good time though.

Sunday- The night before pretty much left me out of it (minimal-no sleep). However, Matthew and I did the whole Einstein's Bagels thing the next morning and they were FANTABULOUS. My god, they have the best bagels/butter ever. I am not a big butter person- but Einstein's has me hooked at the heart with a half buttered/half cream cheese everything bagel. Oh yes, Oh yes! Afterward, I took a long walk, got ready for the day, and then did nothing with it. I cat-napped and then woke up longing for Chipotle. AS USUAL. I'm telling you--it's all that cocaine mixed in with that guac everyone scarfs down :) I went with Danielle and we came back here and popped in some Ferris Bueller movie time! Good stuff and she had never seen it! HOW INSANE! It was enjoyed. I called it a night after she left.

Today I skated for an hour and fifteen and like usual headed over to Butterfields for lunch. Deliciousness. Afterward consisted of an hour long walk around the neighborhoods. The routes get boring. Long walks are good for my head--and my body. Here are some thoughts I've been harboring these past fewdays.

walking thoughts ;

1) I really, really hate your big stupid dogs that just sit outside waiting to bark at someone walking by. I'm sick of you telling me that your dogs "are just so sweet and wouldn't harm a fly." I don't believe you. I know I have a dog that barks at everyone, but he's actually pretty chill and won't jump on you when you walk by or make you worried because he's not very big. I think in the long run, I really like cats better. I love my dog though and will most likely get one of my own--some day. But I am definately starting with a cat. A white kitty with a brown spot.

2) I am interested in so many things, but when it comes to learning about it in a school/reading/textbook kind of sense, count me the hell out. I wish I had more motivation sometimes. I have all these great intentions of delving into different subjects, but most of the time the thought is only temporary and finds itself slipping between the cracks in my brain.

3) I saw Regina Spektor once and I really really liked her. She's coming to town again and even though I haven't heard any of her new album, I'd really like to see her again.

4) I have learned not to look forward to anything. I get excited the day before. I'm going to N. Carolina in two weeks, but haven't thought out ANY of the details. I know it will all work out and be very fun, but I just cant be bothered with the planning this early. Call me one of the biggest procrastinaters around. Again, I wish I had more motivation. I do--I swear, but only with some things that really don't matter in the long run.

5) 76% of the time, I have NO idea where I am going in life. EEK! But let me tell you--I have some GREAT ideas...

6) When i am walking and listening to music at the same time--I'm sure I look funny at times. I am either power walking like a mad woman or probably assuming the positions of dance I have in my head. I always think of skating/ballet routine or a scenario when I listen to any song so I'm sure my body naturally mimicks what is going on in my head.

7) But really--what is going on in my head?

Anywho; tonight brings good plans. I am hanging out with Meredith, a girl I met in meteorology class last semester. I was actually listening to the class recordings from that class today. Bittersweet- that's for sure. I am still so exhausted.

Have a wonderful night! Eat your vegetables and drink your water!

-TessaErin. (It goes--right?)

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