July 15, 2009

I'm getting pretty hungry...

4:29 pm. Looks like blog time!

An entry coming from a very exhausted being. My whole body is screaming how tired it is. Yesterday was ballet--hard. My legs are not letting me live this class down. However, I really enjoyed it overall. Afterwards was work; 2-9:15. Not bad. Matt came over around 10 to watch Back To The Future with me! I have been wanting to watch it for sometime now and I remember loving it so my recent order on Amazon came through and was totally worth it.

Today I woke up after a night of tossing and turning (due to this I was atleast able to catch the decent thunderstorm that rolled through here last night.) I went skating and felt like I put so much into the first 40 minutes that there was no way I could go on. I was already tired and sore and skating kind of took it out of me. Jumps were real good today. After skating I went to Butterfields! Nova Lox. I always get that and I love it everytime. Of course after lunch the workout maniac inside me decided it would be a great idea to take a walk. So I suffered through a 35 (lame) walk. Now I am really beat. I guess the extra exercise cannot hurt. I anticipate a nice pasta dinner tonight with mushrooms, spinach, white wine, etc. I'm helping my mom throw that together soon.

So lately I have been researching more and more into Astrology. I know this seems really lame. I'm not really into the whole horoscope thing or ideas like that, more into what sign you're born under and what it means for you. It just seems extremely accurate. What I was learning more about is being right on the "cusp" of a sign. I was born one day after Aries started (March 22, Aries starts March 21--vernal equinox as well). Since I am right on the brink, I possess most traits from both sides (Pisces-February 20-March 20 & Aries-March 21-April 20). This really explains a lot of the "push-pull" feeling I feel--wanting to go two ways with thoughts or ideas. I've also been looking into friends and their signs and what traits they possess and what not. It's really fascinating how spot on it is with everyone.

Again, I will dispense of my thoughts I have during my strolls;

1) I wonder how many people pay attention to the weather or the sky. I know, of course you pay attention to the weather because it effects so much (moods, plans!, etc.) But do you take note of how it evolves and changes so rapidly? How the clouds come together and take shape only to grow and float apart all so quick? It's beautiful. I always am looking up at the sky to see what is going on. I love watching systems rolls through and taking note of the weather and how it has changed through the day.

2) Does anyone else have the best ideas way too late? I guess hind sight IS 20/20

3) What sunshine can do for your mood! They say even small amounts of sun each day is really good for your overall mood/health. Take walks in the summer!

4) Since I do so much walking through all the neighborhoods that all flow together, I see a lot of homes over and over. It really allows me to see what a little effort in landscape can do for a home. I get the urge sometimes to ring on the doorbell just to tell people I love what they've done with the place. I get so many good ideas for what I'd want for a home and what I will do in landscaping.

Tonight holds an unplanned adventure! Tomorrow is work 12-? Hopefully it will not be toooo busy!

Talk to me people! :)


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