July 26, 2009

portions of foxes

One Sunny Sunday. How convenient.

This week was quite the week! I feel like I got a lot done and did quite a bit.

Before delving into my week I think I should tell you to check this band out
Florence + The Machine. Which song you ask? "Dog Days"!

Last week was a big jumble of a lot of time for skating (almost every day!), working decent hours, and just hangin out. First off, I am really glad I got a week where I was able to skate so much. It's definately a sport where a few days off could make a big difference. I hate going two days without skating--2 weeks kills me. I won't be able to skate very much these upcoming weeks so I took every chance I got this week.

I worked M/T/F/S. I am also thankful for this because they were great shifts and I need the money! I am going to North Carolina soon with Meredith and it is reassuring to know that after I spend a good amount of money there that I am going to come home looking forward to a nice paycheck. The drive to NC is the best. I absolutely love going from flat farmlands to a mountainous terrain. I would LOVE to live by mountains one day--either the mountains or the ocean/sea.

Saturday was really the main focus of the week. First off, I worked on Saturday which I do not normally do. It's required that each person has to work one Saturday a month. If you don't know already, I work at Cookies By Design, so it's a bakery setting. I decorate cookies as well as do other things, like bake, make frosting inserts, etc. On Saturdays normally we make bowls of frosting for inserts, we bake/decorate any orders that come in for same day pick up or Monday's orders. Since Matt knew I was working on this day he made reservations for a restaurant in the city (it was unknown at the time) for 9pm.

Since we were so slow at work, we got out almost immediately after close which was 4pm. Due to the sheer luck of recieving a lack of orders, this meant Matthew and I could go to Trump International Hotel in the City so we could grab a drink at REBAR. I ordered the Hibiscus Bliss and it was exactly that- bliss. It was delicious and so well mixed and needless to say it did the trick--I felt GREAT afterwards! I really enjoyed the setting and the people around us--I would definately go back. After asking where we were going for the 1,000th time, I found out we were going to Prosecco for dinner (it was kept a suprise). What a treat! It was delicious! HERE is the menu. For our appetizer we ordered BURRATA E PROSCIUTTO CON POMODORI SECCHI, and for my main course I ordered PETTO DI POLLO GRATINATO and Matthew got a RISOTTO that was featured as a special. It was very reasonably priced for the quality of the food and the service was great. Our server was actually the somalie so he was able to really sit and talk with us (we were his last table) and recommend some really great wines. After dinner we ended up walking back to the hotel and headed home. It was a really good night all in all. I would go to both destinations again for drinks and dinner.

Today turned out to be good as well. Danielle wanted to go to the mall, so her and I went. I ended up getting a few things. I got some accessories at Forever 21 and got some stuff from Victoria's Secret;

MMM I love both of these things and have for years. The lipgloss flavor is Piece of cake.
Let me tell you, anyone within a 10 ft radius will start wanting cake.
The perfume actually really really brings me back to my freshman year of college.
That's okay though, they were some good times.

I hope you all have had a great weekend! Do anything fun?


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