July 21, 2009

steady as she goes....being awkward.

"A Totally Awkward Tuesday" Story

So each Tuesday I look forward to reading one of Tova's embarrassing/awkward moments. It's always a little reassuring to read something funny about someone else and it feels good to let other people know that you are a bit of an oddball at times. Luckily, for me, I don't have to write a blog entry relaying an awkward moment to tell you that I'm an oddball because it's pretty apparent--buuttttt I cannot resist; I have been wanting to write an awkward moment for a while. So here goes!

I am a big fan of taking long walks. I think it is one of the best things you can do for your body and it is a great way to exercise and lose weight. Anywhooo- on this one particular day I was walking along a street I have walked along many, many times. I could see ahead in the distance on the sidewalk there was some sort of animal. From afar I couldn't tell if it was a small dog, bunny, cat, squirrel--who the hell knew, but it was about that size. As I got closer I realized it was a small dog. This dog was so small, it limping around, its toungue was flopping out the side of it's mouth (it was disgusting), it was panting, and it's fur looked all mangled and dirty. Of course, being the animal lover I am, I was so worried about this thing. Looking around I couldn't see whose house it could have been. It was just on the sidewalk between houses. I was tempted to call animal control. I was nervously pouring some water on the sidewalk to try and create some sort of puddle for this dog to take a sip from--it looked parched.

My worries continued on for about a minute more until I saw this woman walking around the corner with her dog. As she got closer I asked "Excuse me, do you know whose dog this is?...I mean, this poor little thing, I feel so bad, I mean..this CAN'T be someones dog..look at it..." and the woman gives me this look and goes "Umm...this is my dog, I was just walking this one and I knew this one wouldn't go far so I just let it outside...it just hasn't been to the groomer lately."

I could not even believe it. LATELY?! Good god, I just totally insulted this woman by inferring that the dog that was currently living in her home looked like it had been roaming the streets for a little over a month. I just got the hell out of there. I felt really bad, but REALLY. It concerned me that's how bad it was. Ay yay yay. I just remember thinking what she was going to do to fix that dog up--Atleast I hope she did something!

Got any embarrasing moments of your own?! :)

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Kayleen Bonilla said...

Hah... Way to go! You probably made that lady really embarrassed also!
I found out about your blog on The Secret Life of Tova Darling and I like it. hah

Check out mine but it still needs work hah.

Please&Thank you.