September 30, 2009

Vogue. Absolutely Positively.

The other day my friend Meredith and I were hanging out.
She said to me "You need to update your blog more!"
Meredith; this one is for you.

Things have been great since the last time I posted;

Work has been going well. I feel really lucky that the environment is so great. I feel that that the people that I work with have just the right personalities to all mesh together to compliment. I love how it's not all customer interaction so there is time for silliness between the decorating. The things we talk about, laugh about, and complain about are just hilarious. I think the fact that we rock out to 93.1 (XRT) is just fantastic. I really don't have any complaints.

School School School! I am shocked! Well not really, but let me explain. When it comes to school there are two sides of me. There are the high school Tessa days where I did nothing and got the grades to prove it. Then there is College Tessa. College Tessa works hard for A's, most of the time gets them, and is always putting in at least 80% effort. WOAH. Talk about a huge change. So anywho; it's the last semester. I am excited for it to be done but I have a feeling I will go back in time and get a degree in something for baking or perhaps Broadcast Journalism (for meteorology). So since it's the last semester, I took fairly easy courses; variations of courses I had taken other times and did well in. So here I am in classes that are loaded with first year students. Gag me with a spoon! This makes class drag with stupid comments/questions or people that take forever to say what they are trying to say. It's easy; compose an answer, raise your hand, say it. Not hard--learn it. Besides the annoyance in the classroom, these classes are short and sweet but sometimes I find that even just a 50 minute class can drag. However, since this IS the last semester, I'm half in half out. Of course I'm going for good grades, but I'm just there for the paper at this point. Shockingly enough, I've been doing way better than I thought. I did well on a history exam, got an A on a math quiz, a B on a nutrition exam, and composed a 4 page essay very quickly and feel confident about it. THANK GOODNESS. So I'm shocked that I'm not doing so bad at all and I think I've got this college thing/what to study for all in working order. What a relief!

Eric and I spent another great weekend together. Kind of a low key weekend, but we did eat at some fantastic places and we went to the gym together. That was a fun experience! I haven't been to the gym since and perhaps before I wrote this very entry. It was good though. I always like a good workout and to do anything active. Again, after another great weekend it was time to snap back to reality and face the world of the upcoming week which so far has been good. Classes, work, skating, nothing outstanding. Although something out of the norm was that on Tuesday I decided to go skating at 7:45 a.m. I have not done a morning skate since I was about 10 years old. I used to go before school in the days of being a competitive skater. I got a good hour + 15 minute skate in. I am really glad I decided to go. Originally I was going to skip out because I had a dentist appt. at the normal time I skate. I needed to skate more than once a wee k though and it's such a good workout that it is a bummer to skip. But alas! Ballet was tonight. I had to miss last week due to the AMAZING Phoenix/Chairlift show Eric and I attended last Wednesday! The class went well this week. I really, really like it and feel like I have progressed. Unfortunately my lower back has been really hurting me these past few days :( It shall get better soon.

AHH! Fall temperatures are approaching! It is almost here people! I am nervous for it's arrival. Every year I am in TOTAL denial that it is going to get as cold as it gets every year. EVERY winter I say many, many times that "I HATE THIS PLACE! I AM MOVING OUT OF HERE!" Normally it's when I'm running to the car to avoid the frigid weather. I admire those warmer winter nights. Where it doesn't seem as cold and the sky appears to be and orange shade. I love walking around on those nights. Especially real late at night. I also adore that extra hour that creeps into our lives--the one that we welcome with open arms. I love to see the leaves change and fall from their beloved branches--where they hung out at all hours during the late spring and summer months, and just letting go so easily. I love wearing boots and some select fall pieces from the trusty wardrobe. I love the spirit of the holidays. It's already starting; Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are starting to be talked and thought about and I love the pre-holiday excitement, but when it's going on it just seems like too much. I don't have definite plans for Thanksgiving, but I hope I can get a few days off work :)

Wow; the night is young. Not even 11pm, but let me tell you, I am thinking about going to bed in about 15 minutes! How glorious that would be :)

These upcoming days are simple; skating and work tomorrow followed by a little studying hopefully, and Friday is class, straight to work, and then I'm being swept away again :) A new CURB is on Sunday! YAY!

Have a great rest of the week and weekend!

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