September 24, 2009

it's a meal in itself!

Anyone who watches CSI knows that you have to see it from the very start.
CSI is my current background noise/main focus when commercials aren't on.
I love this show, but ONLY Vegas. Miami does not do it for me, but I don't loathe it.
However, I disdain New York. I will never watch a CSI New York. Although I love this show, I will most likely never be watching SVU, NCIS, or any other thing that is like CSI. I just love it.

I naturally find myself going against mainstream. Music is really the only exception (some clothes/shoes of course). But most of the time if it's popular, then I immediately do not like it. Let's give a few examples of things that are just way to overdone for me to even bother to start to trying liking them now.

1) Twilight. Forget it. I don't care HOW good you tell me it is, I just have no desire to be a part of it. I am willing to pass it up for the sake of everyone being obsessed.

2) Harry Potter: Yeah, sorry. I hear these books are amazing, but lets get real, I'm not about to start settling in for a 6+ book series just because everybody else tells me "I just have to".

3) Peace Signs: This USED to be great--when no one wore them. Now you can't go anywhere without seeing peace signs all over it. They are all over every girls shirt, pants, jewelery. I'm just done with it. It doesn't work out to my advantage because I used to wear a ton of peace sign stuff. Now it's hyped up like crazy.

The list goes on, but you get the idea.

This week has been pretty good. There were a few (+) & (-) things.


1) Seeing Phoenix and Chairlift and front row last night! Eric and I saw them at the Aragon and it was such a GREAT show. It has been awhile since I've seen a show that great!

2) Having a good skate on Tuesday. It's important to me that I skate at least once a week, even though thats not nearly enough. I would like to be skating 3-4 days a week for at least 2 hours a day. Unfortunately, it's not possible at all with my schedule. My jumps are getting more height and spins are pretty good.

3) I purchased my favorite bread from the bakery today. It is scrumptious even though it's just normal white bread. They have such a variety though that I'm always tempted to get something like Apple Cinnamon or Strawberry Banana. Next time I will :)

4) Curb Your Enthusiasm premiere was on Sunday night. Eric and I went to his parents house to watch it. I love that show and I'm glad I have a new season to tune into every Sunday!

5) GOING TO HENRY'S HOTDOGS! So good. I've been going here for years and I love it. Eric and I went on a Sunday on a daytrip :)


1) I had to miss ballet. I love ballet and only have it one day a week. However, it was skipped to go to the Phoenix/Chairlift show. In retrospect, missing ballet was totally worth it. I will just have to practice more to try and makeup for it.

2) Classes. Enough said.

3) Only have one day of skating. Like I said, the more the better. The lack of working out kills me. I'm pretty active and eat pretty healthy, but still, I like a workout here and there to make me feel better. Especially skating.

4) Already having spent a lot of my paycheck. Of course $180 went to a bill and other things (food, unfortunately!) Oh well. I worked some good hours last week so that will make up for it!

Overall, the week was pretty good. Complaints are small and were overridden by better.
Classes, work, and weekend bliss starts tomorrow!

Cannot wait! Have a great one!


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meredith said...

haha! I've given up on trying to get you to read Twilight, but I couldn't see you reading Harry Potter...that'd make me laugh!