September 16, 2009

the best times happen while wearing red.

a neat music vid I found this morning ; enjoy!

Ballet starts in one hour.
Actually less than that--it starts in 57 minutes.
Here is me starting a blog post.

I've been caught up in habit. I do the same things over and over without intending to.
I try to do a lot all at once. My brain is scattered. It's okay--I'm happy as a person,
it's just my brain that's all over the place.

If I were able to get into my car, start it, get out of the driveway, pick out a CD, and put on sunglasses all at once we would be getting somewhere. Unfortunately that is not the case. I am so picky about my music that I will sacrifice promptness in order to have great tunes for the road.

Classes consumed my day today. They were kind of a snooze. I am glad I do not have work tonight because I need to get crackin on some readings. My classes are JUST starting to pick up. Unfortunately I've gotten in this nice little groove where I don't have a ton of work to do and can mostly just get by with little to no effort. I knew that would change soon. I just need to really start focusing and things should be fine.

On a completely different note; I am DREADING winter yet somewhere in me wants to welcome it with open arms. I think it will be a cheery winter. I am looking forward to Christmas and everything looking gorgeous outside after everything has been sprinkled with snow. I also am excited for my winter wardrobe. Not that it's anything snazzy, it's just a change of pace and I love pullin out the boots and sweaters. However, I will REALLY miss opening my windows to let the breeze pour in or taking long walks. That is what I will miss the most is my long walks. Maybe I will find the desire to bundle up and trudge in the cold, but probably not.

I don't really know why I posted. But yeah. YAY! Ballet soon!

check this out: kinda cool

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