September 15, 2009

"...with club sauce."

Another great weekend was had along with a good week.

Last week was pretty much the usual. Nothing too exciting happened.
The week ended with me having class all morning on Friday, going straight to work, and then going out afterwards. Eric and I grabbed a bite to eat and headed back to his place Friday night.

Saturday was great! I convinced him to go to Greek Islands with me. He had gotten really sick at the downtown location and I was so worried that I would talk it up to much and something would happen to make it a bad experience for him--(don't you just hate it when that happens?). However, instead of the bad happening, it was a great experience. I love that place and just knew that everyone that goes there just loves it. I haven't been going there since I was months old for nothing! After lunch, we decided to get some walk action in at Oakbrook Mall. We bopped around--not really shopping for anything in particular but of course we bought things--I must admit, some very wise purchases were made! No regrets on that end. After we left the mall 2 or so hours later, I had an odd desire to both play some mini golf and get some batting cage time in. So luckily we were able to find a place close to Oakbrook and did that for awhile. I guess you would be able to say we were the front runners in the Acura Championship for golf. It was rivals with the BMW Championship that goes on the same weekend... It was a good game for sure and it has been forever since I have done batting cages. I was glad we were able to get out and enjoy the sunshine on Saturday. Not too many gorgeous days left this summer! Gotta utilize!

Sunday was fantastic because we had all day plans in the city. Rodan--our new found breakfast place in the city would be our first stop. It was more like a brunch because we arrived in the city around 12:30. After breakfast we cruised over to the beach and had a few drinks at the restaurant there. There were so many sailboats on the lake and everything was so blue. I know it's silly, but everytime I'm on the lakefront, I can't help but think of it as a sea. It's really enjoyable and I love spending time down there. After our drinks we just walked along the lake and we had the idea to rent some bikes and see lakeshore that way. I had so much fun with that! I have never ridden a bike in such nice scenery! Normally I'm just going around my neighborhood which is always a snooze. It was such a great day out too. We got lucky with a beautiful weekend! It's funny how the mundane becomes so exciting when you are in a new and unfamiliar place. I ride my bike all the time, but change the background and it makes all the difference. After our bikeride we went across the street to make our 6:00 pm reservation forCafe Spiaggia. A few weeks ago we went to Spiaggia. The cafe is much more laid back, quicker, and very affordable. Spiaggia on the other hand is a 3+ hour meal, very classy, and not what you would call cheap. It was a nice change of pace. I am ABSOLUTELY in LOVE with the gnocchi they have with the wild boar ragu. I love everything about that dish. We both enjoyed dinner, spent a little more time together, and then it was time to head back to Naperville.

I didn't have to much going for today. I had classes in the morning and I knew the only big thing I had to do was get some laundry done and clean up my room a bit. I HATE doing laundry. I don't think anyone really likes it. I get irritated with myself when I see the stack just getting higher and higher and I just keep putting it off. It's not a good habit, but in the end, I get it all done. I like maintainence and efficiency. I also get irritated when these two things are not always going on. Oh well--it got done today!

Tomorrow is work--yay! When I have a few days off, I really enjoy going back. I also get to skate tomorrow which will be good! I am exhausted right now . It's been a busy weekend. I'll leave you with a picture from Sunday :) See what I mean about how blue it is?!

Have a good week!

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