September 8, 2009

"I think of having tea everytime I see the shoes too."

Hello there!

I am starting to forget what the weekends look like in Naperville. Trust me, I'm not complaining!
I spent this weekend in Indianapolis. Eric and I stayed at the Westin downtown.
For dinner was Capital Grille.
We were both expecting it to be better for its reputation it has of being a great place.
It was a good night overall though.
In the end we'll probably blame it all on Indianapolis and it's cluster of chain restaurants.
Ha ha. Poor Indianapolis--It hasn't been doing too well on the score card...

However, Greenfield, Indiana was quite the pleasant suburban area. Pretty Indiana. There we go! There was a suprise party for his cousin and that was a good time. It was nice to meet family, mingle, and see different faces. It was nice to spend a weekend away somewhere new too. Last weekend was Chicago, this weekend was Indianapolis, and we're still trying to muster up something for this weekend! I'm determined to pick out something fun to do because it's my turn to pick. EEK! Pressure, pressure! :)

So I've been dying to talk more about my adoration for tea. It has been increasing more and more. It's most likely because that visit I had to Tea Gschwendner got me all crazy hooked on seeing it and smelling it before I buy. It's also a huge perk not to have to pay shipping like I was when I was ordering offline. I've tried about 4 new teas in the past two weeks.

Anna's (a raspberry yogurt flavor)

I love getting people on the "tea train" too, as I like to call it. I think it's much easier to drink than water most of the time and with all the unique flavors I've been getting my hands on, I'm practically boiling a new pot of water every hour when I'm home. I think I should wait awhile before I head over to Teavana or Tea Gschwendner anytime soon considering I have about 6 tins of tea in my cabinet...not a bad thing!

I am also an official member of the American Meteorology Society; the student chapter. Today was our first meeting. There is a symposium coming up in November--a 3 day event. I really want to go but I just am not sure if I could get work off and it's kind of pricy. However, it's all related to severe weather so I think I would really dig it. We will have to see. If I request off now, i might be a lucky duck and get the time off. I bought a new radar (RADAR SCOPE) application for my phone. That makes 6 weather apps. It's making life a little easier. I was always wanting radar on my phone, especially with base velocity. Good stuff!

This week brings the usual; classes, ballet, skating, and work.
Ballet and skating are both going pretty well. I'm happy with ballet especially. I have really fallen in love with it. I love the movement and how tough it is and how much strength it requires, but how beautiful it looks. I am going to start going to a school for it and take longer classes. I have ballet tomorrow night. I skated this morning though for an hour and a half. I guess it went pretty well. My jumps were really good today and my spins were just okay today. I'm focusing a lot more on edge work these days. I feel that if I rely more on my edge and learn how to use them more efficiently then I would be able to make things more sharp and consise with elements. I want to get into ice dancing. Take a look at some good ice dancing HERE. Impressive stuff, folks!

I'll anticipate the weekend for a nice break from the usual! Have a great night!


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Anonymous said...

Hey girl! Sounds like you guys are having fun getting away from the IL suburbs. . . I'm jealous! And of course I'd love to spend some time in Gschwendner smelling all those yummy teas.
Loved the ice dancing. I could totally picture you doing that! And, of course, the couple on the clip chose an awesome song, but I just can't help seeing The Wizard of Oz in my mind when I hear it, LOL.
Talk to you soon!