August 31, 2009

"That was plums!"

Where to even start?!
It has been quite awhile since I have blogged.
Last week at this time I would have been (well, working) but looking forward to seeing
Modest Mouse.

It seems like one thousand things have happened since then. I suppose that is pretty accurate.

The highlight would have to be the wonderful weekend I spent in the city.
I got whisked away to the W on Lake Shore Drive!
What a unique and fun experience.
I have never done anything like that.

The weekend included some of my favorites!

1) Spiaggia. Two words. Damn Delicious.
3) Lake Shore walking. Especially because on Sunday the waters were quite rough!
4) Room service!
5) A lot of good laughs
6) Fantastic room view (31'st floor overlooking the lake)


It was something to gush about that is for sure! It was hard to snap back to reality today and drag myself to classes at 9am this morning. My classes really do seem like a joke.

I say this because they are 50 minutes long. If there is any form of discussion, what we actually need to learn gets pushed off. I also hate that I ordered my books online because I really need them and feel mentally unprepared for a class unless they are in my possession.

You know what I do not get? Why people buy books aware of the fact they are not going to read them. I also do not get why people sign up for classes if they are just going to sit and text or walk in 20 minutes late to class. I try and make the most out of it. I feel good about that atleast. Anywho, I just hope my books get here soon!

I am exhausted! Hopefully I can squeeze in a quick skate tomorrow and head to work at two. I am excited to get back to decorating :) It seems like it has been forever!

Have a wonderful week! Hope you have something exciting planned!

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