August 26, 2009

You should be more Modest, Mouse!

A good amount has already happened to me this week.
This is not a bad thing I suppose. I like having a set schedule and something to do each day.
Note; I will regret saying this I'm sure at some point during the semester.

Let's delve into the early part of the week:

Monday: I started classes. I normally am really excited for school to start, but I was just not really in that mode of thinking. I will get acclimated and things will work out fine. I am taking five classes this semester, but only have four classes on Mondays and Fridays and five on Wednesdays. They are short and sweet so that is a huge perk, plus they all mildly fascinate me--the subjects that is. I can dig history, especially stuff I can remember or things I know a good deal about already. Nutrition? Of course, that's right up my alley. Ethics, business math, geography--all applicable things. I also am glad that I am out early. After school, I headed to work where I unexpectadly got out at twelve twenty a.m. That turned into a late night, but I'm glad I worked the long hours. I need the dough.

Tuesday: A day off. A day to really do nothing, except Modest Mouse at night. So I slept in a little bit, headed to the mall, scoped out an outfit, and headed back home to get ready for the show. I did so, got scooped up, and headed to the city. We arrived midway through the opening band which was a smart move. I never feel compelled to see first act unless I know it's going to be really worth it. We had a few drinks and found a good spot on the floor. The show was REALLY good. I was really happy with it. I was not a huge Modest Mouse fan a few weeks ago, I will be honest. I was asked to go to the show and I really wanted to check it out. I am really glad I did. I also am glad that I listened to a good deal of Modest Mouse a few days before the show to prepare myself. I like to atleast be exposed to an album or two than going and not knowing what to expect. It was a wonderful night and I would see them again if they came around :)

Today: Goodness. Up at 7:10, classes from 9-1, Whole Foods lunch, nutrition class, home, ballet, home, long walk. Ballet takes it out of me. I practically releve'd for forty five minutes. Poor legs. Oh well, it's worth it in the end. I am exhausted. I am pretty determined to get some good stuff done for classes. So hopefully I can utilize tonight.

I have an odd desire/craving right now for cheesecake-a good solid cheesecake. YUM! I haven't had good cheesecake in awhile--maybe years! Or a orange vanilla smoothie kind of thing. Good thing we have oranges and Vanilla ice cream! Bonus! Because it's just the worst when you want it and it's not readily available. I guess that will be the easiest craving of the two to cure.

OOOO! Tropical Storm Danny? A little tropical action and the weather channel is on that and only that until it disapates. This seems to be a quick one though. It might not even organize properly, but if it does it will definately affect the states. It might either way. I love tracking these things, seeing the impacts along the way. It's just interesting how weather moves in such large systems and how one system can cause so much destruction. Storms are beautiful and devestating. Anywho!

I should get some work done. Have a great night and enjoy the week!!


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