August 21, 2009

Tropical meteorology;You're great!

Looks like it's that time again.
Yep. That time.
The time where I start kind of freaking out about school.
Summer is over.
School starts the twenty fourth.
I am normally a really relaxed person, but school stresses me out.
I really want to get A's.
Math alone. Scares me senseless.
Good God. Who are they kidding?!

I will admit I am mathematically INEPT. I cannot comprehend math. I like geometry, but that's shapes and shapes are everything we see. Geometry is way easier for me to conceptualize. Algebra? x-y? WHAT? When counting, my fingers are a necessity. How sad. I wish I were a math phenomenon.

However, I'm right brained. Give me an open stage, a spotlight, and some music or lines.
I'm too energetic for things like math. It's just how it goes. BUT I WILL TRY!

I have some other courses I am anticipating besides my Business math (which really should be a snap).
1) Ethics. BONUS. Bring on the debates.
2) History in depth from 1945 to present.
3) Cultural Geography
4) Nutrition for food professionals.

I'm looking forward to it I guess. I have to get some notebooks and pens/pencils. I am a little disappointed. See, I really wanted 2009 to be the year of the pencil. I came across these AWESOME glitter pencils (see here)

So I buy these pencils and I declare "Hey, everyone! It's the year of the pencil!". I ditched the notion of my previous mechanical pencil adoration and love for ink and moved on to the trusty pencil. Yeah, so NONE of the pencil sharpeners at C.O.D. work. Really?! The toilets flush on their own but you cannot install adequate sharpeners?! Weak Sauce. New pens and pencils are to be bought very soon.

So I have completely ignored my Phish concert experience.
IT WAS PHENOMENAL. This was a great show. It was Tuesday Aug. 11.
I know awhile ago, but I feel it definately deserves a little recognition.


I: Kill Devil Falls, Sample in a Jar, Ocelot, Paul and Silas, Windy City, The Curtain With, Train Song, Gumbo, Heavy Things, Time Turns Elastic
II: Backwards Down The Number Line> Carini, Gotta Jibboo, Theme from the Bottom, Wilson, Also Sprach Zarathustra> Chalkdust Torture, Harry Hood, The Squirming Coil
E: Loving Cup

This show was packed full of great songs and the crowd was a great one. They were in a jammin mood for sure and they played some great songs. WILSON! I cannot even believe they played it! Loving Cup too, WOW! Harry Hood! GOTTA JIBBOO! HEAVY THINGS! AH! I get so excited just thinking about it (I am sure you noticed). We were in Toyota Park and since it's a soccer field, we opted to buy seats because the floor would all be level, we wanted to really see the show. This was a GREAT move. We were able to have an angle view down onto the field and see all the activity. The whole field was covered and all the seats were filled and it was a perfect night. We were really lucky! During a piano solo everyone had the lighter flick goin and to look down at the crowd and see all the lighters and glowsticks in the air, I love seeing music bring people together and how it makes you feel so powerful and part of something. It was such a wonderful evening.

Wow. What an all over the place post. Sorry about the un-organized thoughts. But if our thoughts were all organized then what's the point of blogging? So all in all' I love Phish, I am nervous/anxious about school starting again, and I thought I loved glitter pencils but sharpeners hate me.

Enjoy the weekend!
Hope classes don't start just yet for you & you can still enjoy more summer freedom!


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